4 New Wella Color Charm Paints for Cool Hair Colors

In fact, with so many different hair color brands on the market, it’s hard to figure out which is best for your hair. But finding a permanent brand should be a lot easier thanks to New Wella Color Charm Paints, an exciting new line of hair paints that give you the freedom to choose cool hair colors and customize your color palette.

Since the dawn of time, hair color has been an integral part of human existence. Whether it be to signify status, show dedication to one’s cause, or stand out from the crowd, hair color has been there. Throughout history, the ability to color one’s hair has been dependent on what was available to the average person.

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4 new wella color charm paints are cool hair colors: Wild Orchid, Sunkissed, Mai Tai, and Blue Lagoon shades

In ancient Rome, for example, women bleached their hair using a solution made from boiled nettles. However, the most popular hair color of the ancient Romans was blonde, which they achieved by dying their hair with a mixture of lime and water. Now, dying hair becomes an easy process with Wella Color Charm Paints.

4 New Vibrant & Cool Hair Colors

The four new Wella Color Charm Paints are Blue Lagoon, Mai Tai, Sunkissed, and the Wild Orchid shades. Fortunately, wella color charm paints are free of ammonia, peroxide and parabens, so it’s safe.

So you want to dye your hair a new color? That’s awesome! Hair dye is one of those things that’s often a girl’s first cosmetic purchase, but it’s also a habit that can be tricky to break. But now, you can create your custom hair color with these new four shades separately, or you can blend with the rest of wella cool hair colors.

Wella Color Charm Paints are Long Lasted

Today, however, pastel is the trend to look cool. The good news is, no matter what type of hair you have or what color you want to dye it, there’s a hair color out there for you. Besides, Wella color charm paints can last for 20 washes.

They’re also easy to apply, with the same low-heat, high-gloss formula of the original line. You will surely love the cool hair colors that they have, especially the pastel hair colors. Enjoy hair coloring now with this product.

To Conclude

Finally, you can express yourself as you dreamed with Wella Color Charm Paints at an affordable price. The new colors are just as cheap as the old ones. Start create your custom hair with 22 semi-permanent intermixable colors and enjoy the four new ones. Check out these hair color ideas for inspiration!

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