How to Choose the Best Nail Shape That Suits You?

What’s the best shape for your nails? There are several types of shapes, including Oval, Squoval, and Ballerina. Let’s have a closer look at each nail shape. You’ll be able to choose the best one for you after reading this article. What do the different nail shapes have in common? Which one would look better on you? Fortunately, this article will help you choose the perfect nail shape.

How to Choose the Best Nail Shape That Suits You


The squoval nail shape combines the best aspects of a square and oval nail shape: a flat top and rounded corners. In addition, this shape is quite popular among nail professionals, office girls, and college students. Also, this nail shape makes great use of acrylic nail polish, as its short, thin shape makes it practical and pretty, without being flashy. Additionally, it can be an amazing way for stay-at-home moms.


Indeed, a square-shaped nail is one of the most popular. These nails are strong and flat on the sides, with rounded or sharp tips. Besides, they look best on people with larger nail beds while making smaller nails look wider and longer. Furthermore, the best way to maintain a square nail shape is to file them regularly. But, square edges require a straight nail file with a perpendicular side wall. And you must file them regularly to keep them smooth.

Oval Nail Shape

The oval nail shape is a timeless style that works well with both wide and narrow nail beds. Also, oval shapes add length and a graceful tip to your nails. So, to create the perfect oval shape, the side walls should be straight and the angle on each side should be equal. Whether your nails are short or long, the oval will look great with any color and length. Besides, its beauty has made celebrities and everyday people fond of wearing it.


If you’d like your fingernails to resemble a ballet shoe, the Ballerina nail shape is for you. Its square end and thin sides make this nail shape a popular choice. So, it will definitely give you a unique nail set.


When deciding what type of nail shape to go for, consider the different options available. A square-shaped nail with tapered ends is often referred to as a coffin. Filing off the tips can create a dramatic effect. Coffin nails are not the most practical shape, but they are less prone to breaks.

The Difference Between Ballerina and Coffin Nail Shapes

The Difference Between Ballerina and Coffin Nail Shapes
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If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering about the difference between Ballerina and Coffin nail shapes. These two nail shapes are similar in appearance but have different styles. If you’re still a beginner, you should look for the nail sides to help you recognize each one. simply, a ballerina nail shape has curved sides but a coffin nail shape has straight sides.

Round Nail Shape

If you have large hands and long fingers, you should try out the round nail shape. It is the easiest to keep up, flattering all finger types. Start with a square-shaped nail and curve it round to follow the curve of your finger. Then, trim the corners of the nail so it resembles a round ball. Also, it is easier to maintain.

Almond Nail Shape

The almond nail shape is feminine and perfect for going out or on a date. The shape also represents loyalty, honesty, and kindness. Taking the traditional rounded shape and elongating it slightly, the almond design shows creativity and a ready attitude to life. It is the perfect nail shape for a female who has an artistic flair. You will look good with an almond nail shape!


The Stiletto nail shape and personality go hand in hand. The bold and daring look of stiletto nails is the perfect choice for the creative, passionate, and determined personality. If you want to wear stiletto style, you’ll need some patience, time, and effort to achieve your manicure.

At last, it’s fun to experiment with new fashion styles and look for new ways to show off your nails, so you’ll want to pick a style that suits your personality.

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