How to Take Care of Curly Hair?

Curly hair is a rebellious hairstyle and harder to care for than it might seem at first glance. So, curly hairs always need care products that are necessary for styling and drying after washing. If you want to be recognized with eye-catching hair styling. Just apply these tips and tricks below that hairstylists do!

How to take care of curly hair at home
How to take care of curly hair at home

Curly hair is coarser and drier than the other types. Moreover, it needs moisture for storage elasticity loops. So, it is easily broken. But without overdoing the humidity because the hair becomes too soft for making curls.

How Long Can You Go Without Washing Your Hair?

The perfect washing is to wash your head every three days, using a shampoo that does not contain sodium sulfate. So, you can apply shampoo twice per week for having good moisturizing.

Unraveled hair in the shower, with the strips, from the peaks, taking every loop part. After you remove the conditioner and wrap it with a towel for a few minutes, drying you will not rub your hair with a towel because any friction may damage hair and cause frizz.

How to Style Curly Hair After Shower

Apply a styling product to hair still wet – either an especially curly elasticity oil or a foam volume with a mounting medium. Each product has a number from 1 to 5, which represents the degree of fixation.

So, we recommend 3, which strengthens the hair so much and maintains elasticity. Also, we recommend drying upside down using a diffuser dryer at the minimum and average temperature”.

How to Style Curly Hair After Shower
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How to Make Curly Hair Look Good

You start to dry the root first, putting the hair diffuser on the scalp and turning it slightly up to the hair roots. You can help with your fingers and start drying strands from the bottom up to form a loop.

Even comb is the only thing banned from bath chalks. He stretches hair, explodes, and breaks loops. Curly hair is doing just fingers, wash, and that’s it. The next day, if you want to arrange just before leaving the house, slightly wet with wet hands, the root length, and resume the drying, the hairdryer with a diffuser, upside down, lifting the root.

Masks for Curly Hair

Three masks good curls once a week, prepare your house a mask moisturizing ingredients Nature. So, a simple recipe is two tablespoons of hops and a few tablespoons of olive oil (depending on hair length). Furthermore, you should apply it after washing with shampoo and conditioner while the hair is still wet. Now let it for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

Also, you can prepare another mask type from different types of oil (coconut, olive, rich Argan). And this applies to the lengths and allows it to act as much as possible. May prepare a moisturizing coconut oil, and avocado dynamic ripe lemon.