What are Face Serum Benefits—And How to Apply Serum On Face

Of course, face serum offers a more effective and powerful impact on your skin because of its active ingredients. Therefore, face serum more efficient than other skincare routine products such as cleansers or moisturizers.

Indeed, hundreds of skincare products are available online and over retailer shelves, making it difficult to choose. Also, one of these important products is the face serum. Of course, you will find one released for each brand. But we will concentrate on what does serum do for your face besides how to use face serum.

What are Face Serum Benefits—And How to Apply Serum On Face, what does serum do for your face
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First, What Is Face Serum?

A face serum is a lightweight product its consistency between gel and liquid. Also, can penetrate the skin surface layers to treat specific skin concerns. Such as improving wrinkles and fine lines appear on a deeper level.

Because of its delicate texture that does not thick make this lightweight product works great for people who have oily skin. Fortunately, many brands offer many face serums to suit the needs of any skin type.

Do Facial Serum and A Moisturizer Are Different—And Should I Use Them Together?

As we above that face serums are lightweight products to address specific skin concerns. On the other hand, moisturizers tend to be heavy and are used mainly for hydrating the skin daily.

So, for ideal skincare, you need to use a face serum and moisturizer together. Start with splurging the serum for deeper treatment, then end with the moisturizer.

Important exception for oily skin type to use serum alone. Especially in summer days where humidity is at a higher level that forces the moisturizer to be very thick.

How to Use Face Serum?

This product you should apply gently into your face to avoid irritation, especially on delicate facial areas such as the eyes area. Put a few drops of the face serum all over your face and neck, then gently patting it in an upward motion until covering all facial skin.

It would be best if you used face serum twice a day. In addition, one of our favorite face serums is “L’oreal 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum” that have plenty of benefits to address your skin problems.

Image credit: Instagram@vanilla_and_jasmine

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