17 Stunning Spring/Summer Butterfly Nails Designs for 2024

Spring fashion always feels fresh and invigorating, and the spring collections are no different. Whatever the new trends are this season, you can bet the butterfly nail art look won’t be left out. Indeed, butterfly nail art is a delicate, elegant look that you can easily duplicate yourself at home. And when it comes to spring butterfly nails, you can pick from several attractive options, from pastel colors to bold metallics, pale shades to blues.

Spring is here, and it’s time to bring out your butterfly nail art! Spring is nature’s season of birth, and butterflies symbolize new life and rebirth. So, why not incorporate those meanings into your nail art? You’ll have butterflies fluttering around your wrist all season long! Here are some of the options that you can consider if you are thinking about having your very own trendy spring nails design:

15 Stunning Spring/Summer Butterfly Nails Designs for 2022
15 Stunning Spring/Summer Butterfly Nails Designs for 2023

1. Pastel Butterfly Nails Design

Suppose you were hoping for a fun, flirty, feminine nail design for the spring and summer seasons. In that case, you’ll love everything about this pastel butterfly and flower manicure. Also, it’s perfect for your spring and summer wardrobe, and it’s loaded with fun nail embellishments. Whatever it takes the results are adorable.

Long stiletto butterfly nails with two accent ombre nails for spring and summer seasons
Credit: Instagram@beautiful_in_light

2. Dainty Flowers and Butterfly Nails Design

It’s Spring! Of course, this means it’s time to show everyone your style. Whether you want to stay casual or look super sophisticated, this dainty flowers and butterflies nail design is perfect. This nail art design boasts accent beautiful floral nails on clear acrylic. This look is fun, feminine, and straightforward.

Long matte mint green coffin nails with floral accent nail on clear acrylic and two ombre mint green butterfly nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyvickyt

3. Blue and Butterfly Spring Nail Art

Spring is coming, which means it’s the perfect time to break out those bright nail colors. Besides, this blue and butterfly nail art is a fun, feminine look for spring, especially if you like glitter.

Long round pink blue ombre nails with glitter and butterfly nails for spring and summer seasons
Credit: Instagram@agata_hojka

4. Long and Square Butterfly Nails Design

If you’re looking for an alternative design for your long nails, you might want to try the butterfly look. Additionally, this nail design has been trendy lately, mainly because it is versatile and doesn’t look too complicated.

Long square matte nude nails with different coloring butterfly nails shapes for spring and summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@hongnhungnails

5. Glitter White French Tip Nails with Colorful Butterflies

Indeed, These French nails are gorgeous; however, the finishing details are so perfect that they make such a statement. White nails are a must-have nail look for summer, and their beauty is that they’re so simple. So, you need a nude base color, white nail polish for the French tips, a matte topcoat, a coat of iridescent or silver glitter, and some butterfly decals.

Long Coffin Glitter White French Tip Nails with Colorful Butterflies for Spring and Summer Seasons
Credit: Instagram@maison_mks

6. Long Ombre with Cloud Butterfly Nails Design

Butterfly nail art with gemstones is one of the most trending and popular nail art. So, you can add these gemstones to your nail surface. Besides, these gemstones are popular in nail art these days. This nail art trend suits every woman. Also, you can find some nail art with colorful gemstones; Some have just one gemstone, while some with both gems stones and stones.

Long Matte Ombre Nails with Rhinestones and Two Accent Cloud Butterfly Nails Design
Credit: Instagram@trinity_naillife

7. Short Nails with Small Butterflies Nail Art

Short nails with small butterflies nail art will make you look chic and modern. Of course, butterfly nail art has become popular this year. So, the butterfly nails short designs with cute small butterflies on nails are perfect for girls in the spring and summer.

Cute blue butterfly nails short over nude square nails for spring and summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@saja_husian

8. Double French with Butterfly Nails Design

Nails are simple yet such an intricate part of our appearance. Still, many people underestimate them, but nails are a reflection of our sense of fashion. So, the nail colors you choose, the shape of the nails, and even the style of the cuticles can say a lot about your personality. With spring around the corner, nails should be looking their best. But if you want to shake things up, try out some nail art like this below.

Long coffin double french tip nails with two accent ombre butterfly nails for spring and summer seasons
Credit: Instagram@trinity_naillife

9. White and Blue Butterfly Nail Art Design

A butterfly symbolizes transformation, and it symbolizes thoughts of growth and rebirth. Therefore, the butterfly is an excellent symbol for those making positive changes in their lives. In addition, this elegant yet straightforward butterfly nail art design brings together these positive traits in a subtle yet lovely way.

Long square shaped white French tip nails with big blue butterfly nail on two accents
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyni_wa

10. Golden Butterflies on Your Fingertips

The butterfly is a beloved symbol in many cultures. And it’s not hard to see why. Butterfly wings are beautiful, delicate, and graceful, and they are a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Cute black and gold butterflies on short round white nails design for spring and summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@yagala

Still, the butterfly is a mythological creature with a wealth of symbolic meaning, and it’s the emblem of transformation. For many, it represents a transformation of the soul. The butterfly also symbolizes feelings of freedom, joy, happiness, and romance. So, it’s time to try these Golden Butterflies at your fingertips now.

11. Pink and Black Butterflies on Your French Square Nails

A clean, geometric look comes to mind when an image of a square nail pops into your head. But think about it, a square nail can be more than just a clean, geometric look, and you can accentuate it with some shades of pink and a butterfly design.

Long square shaped matte pink French tip nails with white marble effects and black butterflies on two accents
Credit: Instagram@nailz.krystal

12. Elegant Golden Butterfly on White French Nails

Butterfly nail art is so pretty, and it’s also pretty easy to do. You need to use different shades and colors of nude pink, white, and gold nail polish to create this nail art look. This nail art is simple yet looks so elegant and classy. Indeed, this is a beautiful design that every lady should have a must-try.

Long coffin shimmer white French tip nails with 4d gold butterflies for spring and summer 2022 seasons
Credit: Instagram@philglamournails

13. Fabulous Butterflies with Some Touch of Gold Nail Art

My love for butterflies has always been so great that I couldn’t help but fall for butterflies’ beauty, delicacy, and innocence. And butterflies have come to symbolize love, freedom, and rebirth. You can never really imagine the beauty of the butterflies until you see them, especially at your fingertips. So, this design is perfect because you can wear it in whatever outfit or dress color you have.

Long coffin matte black French tip nails with butterflies on clear accents and adorned with gold glitter
Credit: Instagram@hnnailsbyhoney

14. Simple Butterfly Nail Art with Multicolored Tips

Every woman loves butterflies. And, this nail art design gives you those pretty butterflies on your nails. Although this nail art looks quite intricate, it’s simple to do. So, you can achieve this quickly as long as you have the proper nail supply and colors.

Matte multicolored butterfly nails on medium coffin shaped design for spring and summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@nailsbykierraskye

15. Chic and Dainty Nail Art with Butterflies

These outstanding butterflies are strategically placed on the nails, drawing attention as a pretty accent. Use this same design to create any pattern you want, including colors, to create beautiful nail art.

Light purple, pink, and glitter coffin shaped flower and butterfly nails design
Credit: Instagram@cheyennesnails_

16. Butterfly Nails with Glitter on Tips

If you want to wear sparkling butterfly nails, these cute glitter long French purple coffin-shaped nails with butterfly nail art designs over two accent nails are an awesome choice this spring.

Long square-shaped butterfly nails 2023 with glitter, ombre, and French tip accent nails
Credit: Instagram@artbystephanny

17. Stunning Black Butterfly Wing Nails

Indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of black butterfly wing nails adorned with delicate white dots, gracefully fluttering over a sparkling pearl nail base color.

Stunning Black Butterfly Wing Nails
Credit: Instagram@gandziuchaa

At last, these are just some good options for nail art for you this spring to summer. There are still a lot of designs that you can check out and explore. You will surely love adorning your nails with butterflies and flowers for the spring season. The designs are very intricate, lovely, and classy at the same time. Enjoy decorating your nails and feel the season. Have fun, have nice nails, and celebrate the wonders of spring and all the good things that come along with it.

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