The Coolest Christmas and Holiday Makeup Looks to Celebrate

Christmas is nearly there. So, this means that many of your friends and relatives will invite you to come over to their house for a simple dinner, get-together, party, and more. You may also plan a party in your house and invite your friends. But there is an essential thing that you might forget: which is the ideal Christmas and Holiday makeup looks you need to pick up and recreate for attending all these invitations.

We can help you with that case. In this post, we have prepared the most fantastic holiday, and Christmas makeup looks. Don’t worry since all of them are easy to recreate. So, even if you are a beginner in makeup, you can nail each look we listed below.

1. Cat Eyeliner Holiday Makeup Looks

Do you want to create a bold holiday makeup look? If so, adding cat eyeliner could be a great way to achieve a bold eye look. Besides if you want to recreate the lady’s makeup on the photo, you will need liquid eyeliner and some shimmering purple eyeshadow. Indeed, cat eyeliner is quite tricky to do, but even beginners can nail this look with a bit of practice.

Simple and Gorgeous Cat Eyeliner Christmas Makeup Look for Holiday 2021
Credit: Instagram@kikomilano

2. Golden Green Christmas Eye Makeup

Many ladies love adding some sparkle to their faces using a highlighter. But did you know that you can also achieve a shimmery look by using glittery eyeshadow? A combination of a simple winged liner and glitter eyeshadow is enough to create a dazzling and stunning makeup look for any holiday party.

Golden Green Christmas Eye Makeup for Christmas 2021
Credit: Instagram@glowinmebeauty

3. Easy Holiday Makeup Looks

If you have ever experienced joining a holiday party, you have probably seen someone wearing this classic Christmas makeup look. Although classic, bright makeup coupled with bold, red lipstick can still take your overall look to the next level. To complete the look, you may put your hair in an elegant bun and wear a pair of dazzling red earrings.

Easy and Classic Christmas Makeup Look that coupled with bold, red lipstick for Holiday 2021
Credit: Instagram@galgoczyvanda_makeupartist

4. Festive Christmas Smokey Eye Looks

If you are one of those makeup enthusiasts who will never complete her look without wearing lip gloss, then this holiday makeup look is for you. Red, glossy lips paired with smoky eyes are gorgeous. Among all Christmas makeup looks that are probably running through your mind, this one may not be the first thing you would though. But when you finish this look, you will be more likely to recreate it multiple times.

Festive Holiday Smokey Eye Look with Green Eyeshadow, and Red Lips
Credit: Instagram@nicolerances

5. Simple Christmas Makeup Looks

A simple, glowy look is one of the famous makeup ideas among ladies. Recreating this look requires a simple gold highlighter and your favorite eyeshadow hue. One good thing about this makeup is that you can customize it according to your preference.

Bold and Brilliant Christmas Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram@myfairmakeupartistry

6. Beautiful Reindeer Christmas Makeup

If you are a more experienced makeup artist, you might be thinking of recreating this look. Of course, this holiday makeup look is ideal for those who want to draw someone’s attention to their eyes. Also, you can pair this makeup with matte, red lipstick. Do not forget to add subtle blush to your cheeks!

Beautiful Reindeer's Christmas Makeup Look you will love to try in 2021

7. Christmas Makeup Looks with Jewels

Although this look seems complicated, amateur makeup artists can recreate it seamlessly. All you have to do is use a smooth makeup brush and add red to pinkish eyeshadow on your eyes. Then, make a simple winged liner and start adding the eye jewels of your choice.

One of the best Christmas Makeup Looks with Jewels and winged liner for Christmas 2021
Credit: Instagram@kristajylha

8. Festive Christmas Lights Makeup Look

Why not try wearing something cool like Christmas lights makeup? Of course, this festive makeup look can make you feel a lot of joy once you wear it. Also, you can add more fun with beautiful red and green eye makeup.


Festive Christmas Lights Makeup Look with Red and Green Eye Makeup
Credit: Instagram@sandrabeverlyart

9. Stunning Green and Red Elf Christmas Makeup

Indeed, green and red Christmas makeup looks are so festive. I really like the eyeliner style, red and green eyeshadows, and the bold red lips, but to wear this makeup look you need professional hands.

Stunning Green and Red Elf Christmas Makeup Look with Red lips
Credit: Instagram@angelixcorner

10. Metallic Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eye looks are always on-trend especially when combined with a metallic eyeshadow. So, it’s easy to try this eye look with your favorite lip color on holidays.

Metallic Smokey Eye Look you can try as a holiday makeup look
Credit: Instagram@victoriabeckhambeauty

11. Metallic Minty Holiday Makeup

Metallic Minty Eyeshadow with Smoky Eye Look For Holidays 2021
Credit: Instagram@halloweenkween

12. Neon Christmas Lights Makeup Look

Here is a neon Christmas Lights Makeup Look with Matte Brown Lips and Shimmer Lilac Eyeshadow. Indeed, this is a unique makeup look for the Christmas celebration.

Neon Christmas Lights Makeup Look with Matte Brown Lips and Shimmer Lilac Eyeshadow
Credit: Instagram@annamakeup_artist

13. Festive Santa’s Little Helper Christmas Makeup Looks

Festive Red and Green Santa’s Little Helper Christmas Makeup Look 2021
Credit: Instagram@makeupbypaige_xx

14. Outstanding Holiday Makeup Look

Outstanding Holiday Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram@blackstarrmu

15. Perfect Classic Holiday Makeup Look

Perfect Classic Holiday Look consists of red lips and glitter eyeshadow, and precise brow in taupe
Credit: Instagram@allthingskae

16. EASY Holiday Glam with Gold Glitter

EASY Glam Holiday Makeup Look with Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@evelinmakeup1

17. Gold, Red, and Green Christmas Makeup Look

Gold, Red, and Green Christmas Makeup Looks
Credit: Instagram@bytriciamarie

18. Green Christmas Makeup Look with Metallic Matte Red Lips

Green Christmas Makeup Look with Metallic Matte Red Lips
Credit: Instagram@joannabajo

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