Essie Gel Couture Museum Muse Collection

There is something about gel nail polish that made it a beauty mainstay of the new millennia: it is impossibly glossy, stunningly beautiful, and almost indestructible. On the other hand, the most thrilling factor of gel nail polish is zero risks in chipping the time you dig in your bag to get your wallet, not to mention for many weeks to come. Fortunately, this is possible with Essie Gel Couture Museum Muse Collection.

Essie gel couture comprises more robust components that grasp nails tighter than conventional lacquer and are sufficiently strong to survive the wear and tear every day without chipping. They are flexible and less prone to chips. Of course, you must cure Essie gel couture under LED or UV lamp. Here is some of the newest collection of Essie gel couture.

3 new longwear exhibit-worthy shades of Essie Gel Couture Museum Muse Collection that best of Essie gel nail polish
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Gallery Glam Gel Nail Polish

Pink gel nails with Essie gel couture Gallery Glam that is a stunning shade from Essie Gel Nail Polish
Credit: Instagram@livwithbiv

This tantalizing talon looks good to eat. Be enticed by these stunning colors, and you will be transported back to the old days when this color was at its peak. Everybody loves the revitalization of the trend as a nail color this time around. A comeback shade that is not just sweet but a tad luxurious and puts in a definite bite when coordinating with lighter neutrals.

Essie Gel Couture Museum Muse

Purple gel nails use Essie Gel Couture Museum Muse shade that is best of Essie gel nail polish
Credit: Instagram@livwithbiv

Indeed, you can consider this gel nail polish as the epitome of glamour. Of course, you will feel like a Blooming with attractive allure with this gorgeous color. Also, it will surely remind you of an orchid corsage, presenting a flash of hothouse flair to fall.

The vibrancy of this shade not just enlivens the nails but also eases and elevates your mood. This gel nail polish is ideal for almond or coffin-shaped nails. The museum muse is set to be the new classic this autumn in this remarkable and super shiny finish. You will feel like you have just escaped to the tropics.

Behind the Glass Gel Nail Polish

Dusty blue gel nails use Essie Gel Couture behind the glass shade of awesome Essie gel nail polish
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This gel nail polish is one of the most refined shades of nail. Many people are gaga about it in a matter finish that reveals this graceful shade to a virtually whitey and silvery perfection. Your nails will look equally stunning at the wedding or business meeting.

This manicure looks divinely feminine in a coffin or almond design that is finely squared at the tips. Partner this with solid black tailoring to boost the sense of drama, or you can amp up the class by combining it with cool white for a timeless appeal.

Essie Gel Couture Top Coat

Essie Gel Couture Top Coat

Gel couture topcoat is so vital to use for maximum results. After cleaning the nails with nail polish remover, apply one layer of the gel couture shade which suits your preference. Put in a second coat for a saturated color.

Apply this formulated platinum Essie gel couture top coat to the manicure. Indeed, it will seal the color and gives an instant gel-like shine.

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