Essie Nail Polish Collection for Winter – Wrapped in Luxury

While the holiday season, Essie nail polish gives a luxurious finish to your nails. With an exclusive easy glide brush and salon-quality formula, you can apply each coat with ease and flawless coverage. These polishes have long-lasting formulas and chip-resistant finishes.

This year, Essie is bringing you the Wrapped in Luxury collection. The collection features six alluring shades that are awesome for the holiday season. Also, this collection is perfect for a holiday party or an evening of glitz and glamour.

Essie Nail Polish Collection - Wrapped in Luxury
Credit: Instagram@essie

When applying Essie nail polish, you’ll need to prepare your nails by cleaning them with nail polish remover and allowing them to dry thoroughly. Then, apply just two layers of your chosen Essie nail polish. Once the layers have dried, apply a top coat to seal in the look and protect your nails. Now it’s time to check out these stunning Essie winter 2022 nail color shades!

Essie Winter 2022 Collection - Wrapped in Luxury - available on eBay!

1. Head to Mistletoe

Essie Nail Polish Head to Mistletoe Features shimmery metallic sage green nail color
Credit: Instagram@essieyall

Whether you are looking to add some color to your look, or you are simply looking for a cool neutral shade, this shimmery metallic sage green nail color is a perfect addition. The color is suitable for any occasion, especially for the Holiday season. Besides, the metallic finish adds an extra layer of warmth to your look.

2. Essie Nail Polish – Sleigh It

Essie Nail Polish - sleigh it that features gray nail color with brown undertones
Credit: Instagram@chezdaye

If you’re going to the office, a party, or a wedding, warm gray nail polish with brown undertones can be the perfect neutral nail color. Additionally, it’s the color of autumn and winter, and it looks good on all skin tones. Indeed, “Essie sleigh it” can give you unique brown nails.

3. Wrapped in Luxury

Essie nail polish wrapped in luxury that features rich burgundy color with blue undertones
Credit: Instagram@gingerlypolished

Indeed, Essie wrapped in luxury is a classic shade with an edgy twist. Also, it is a rich burgundy color with blue undertones that goes well with many skin tones and is perfect for the Holiday season.

4. Essie Nail Polish – Not So Silent Night

Essie bronze metallic nail polish that features shimmery metallic bronze nail color
Credit: Instagram@essieyall

Whether you’re going for a chic look or want to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe, this shimmery metallic bronze nail polish is the perfect way to add some style. Of course, Essie not so silent night can give you festive manicures for the Holiday.

5. Carols and Caviar

Essie Carols and Caviar features a blackened gray nail color with blue undertones
Credit: Instagram@emmaheartssnails

Indeed, Essie Carols and Caviar is a subtle and chic color that you can wear in winter, especially in the Holiday season. Also, this Essie nail polish features a blackened gray nail color with blue undertones. So, this new Essie nail polish can give you a unique winter manicure.

6. Essie Nail Polish – Midnight Delight

Essie nail polish midnight delight
Credit: Instagram@essieyall

If you are looking to add some spice to your wardrobe or want to keep it simple, this warm cognac nail polish is an easy choice. In addition, it looks great on both light and dark skin tones and is the perfect color for the winter months.

To Conclude

At last, these Essie new shades are reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the holiday season. So, it’s time to get your bottle and start painting your nails. (Available on eBay)!

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