The Cutest and Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

It’s October month which means the Halloween celebration is coming up. So, I think you should be decided on the scary Halloween face makeup you will wear this year. Whether it will be a monster, skeleton, or even Halloween clown makeup. Of course, you can do it with some little patience, and all you need to know is to bring your Cosmetic palette and choose one of these awesome and scary Halloween makeup ideas which, will act as an inspiration for you!

1. Clown Halloween Makeup Ideas

One of the cutest Halloween makeup looks you can try. But first, apply the foundation and concealer then start with your eyes and apply the eyeshadow color that you love. Next cover your crease, the inner corner of your eyes, and under the lower lash line. Then apply on your eyelids a darker shade of the same color to add a more dramatic eye look.

Then it’s time for eyeliner and the winged liner is preferred, then it’s time for painting the clown smile then start defining the clown lines to be blended with the smile or only to be above the brows and under your eyes, and here are some amazing Halloween makeup ideas for creepy clowns to serve you as an inspiration!

Spooky Halloween clown makeup Look with crying rainbow tears, one of the best Halloween makeup ideas to wear
Amazing Halloween pennywise makeup Look - Best Halloween makeup ideas
Creepy Halloween clown makeup Look - Cute and Creepy Halloween makeup ideas

Easy Clown Makeup

Violet clown makeup easy look for a Halloween occasion

Whether you’re planning to strut your stuff in a clown costume this Halloween, or just want to add some glam to your holiday look, this easy clown makeup is for you. But, you just need a few essentials and a little bit of imagination.

2. Half Halloween Skull Makeup Look

Amazing scary face makeup look and is so attractive, so you can use these easy skull makeup tips for applying, and all you need is a Halloween white cream makeup and absolutely it’s available in Halloween stores, and you should start defining the outline of the half skull at under eye area.

Then fill your entire face even your lips with this white cream, then start painting the teeth, nose, cracks, and cheeks with black cream makeup. We have collected some amazing half skull Halloween makeup looks to serve you as an inspiration!

Amazing Halloween Half Skull Makeup Look, gorgeous Halloween makeup ideas
Creepy Halloween Half Skull Makeup Look - Best Halloween makeup ideas to try
Spooky Half & Half Halloween Skull Makeup Look, cute Halloween makeup ideas

Half Skull Makeup and Contact Lenses

Half Skull Makeup and Contact Lenses

Having a half skull makeup look is a very interesting look. It is one of the most common Halloween makeup ideas. Besides, it is a glam look, but can be worn with any other makeup look. It also looks very scary.

To Conclude

At last, I think you are ready to decide on wearing one of these creepy and cute Halloween makeup ideas above and enjoy this creepy night. Also, if you need to complete your spooky look then check out these creepy Halloween nail designs to get more inspiration.