41 Trendy Fall Nails That Will Make You Stand Out

It’s fall time so it will be so nice to wear nails that match the feeling of the fall time with its trees fallen leaves and mature plants. So, definitely, there are stunning fall nails with autumnal colors that will be a good match with the fall scenes like red, gold, purple, burnt orange, and blue. So, we have cherry-picked the best autumn nails with perfect fall nail colors to act as inspiration for you!

Here is a list of fall nails between gel nails, acrylic nails, and color street nail ideas that will fit any autumn occasion.

1. Maroon or Deep Red Fall Nails

Of course, this nail polish is the best for fall manicures with its stunning matte finish. Also, you can try the super dark red fall color and it will feel so sexy on your nails. Also, the Maroon Jelly base which has more life and interest. And it has golden holographic glitters but it appears as red glitters due to the red jelly base. Additionally, it will make you feel autumnal vibes.

I really love the combination of matte black, leopard print, and lips nail art. Of course, this design is so beautiful and will give you a perfect look.

Stylish Maroon fall nails with Accent black Matte Nail with rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@moonchild_beauty_services
Amazing Maroon fall nails with Accent Glitter Nail and some rhinestones on another accent nail
Amazing Coffin Shaped Matte Maroon Fall Nails for awesome look in autumn season
Credit: Instagram@nyonbywhitney

2. Medium to Deep Purple Fall Nails

Purple the intermediate color between blue and red is one of the good nail colors to wear in the fall season. In addition, this color represents more feminine energy. So, you don’t go wrong with a medium or deeper purple shade. Also, glitter purple is stunning and worth trying.

Beautiful Long Coffin Shaped Dark Purple Fall Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailzbystacig

These long glossy stiletto purple nails with rhinestones are so gorgeous. Of course, the sparkling effects of the rhinestones make this design awesome.

Stunning Dark Purple Stiletto Fall Nails with Crystals

This purple nail design with accent black nails is stunning and worth giving a try, especially with the shimmer effect.

Amazing Almond Medium Purple Fall Nails with Accent Black Nail
Credit: Instagram@jolene_b_mccormick

3. Blue Fall Nails

Blue shades are stunning nail trends. So, you will definitely love medium-toned blue with flakes nails. Also, you can try a dark blue shade with glitter it’s so amazing! Also, the navy shade is stunning especially the dark navy blue with a jelly base which, has silver glitter and will make your nails look like the night sky. Additionally, these blue shades can work great with any nail shape and any nail length.

Amazing Coffin Shaped Medium Blue Fall Nails
Credit: Instagram@lauren_marshmallow

If you are one of the long nail fans then this nail art design is perfect for you. Indeed, you will love glossy nails and the glamorous rhinestones that make this design a masterpiece for the fall season.

Beautiful Dark Blue Stiletto Fall Nails with rhinestones

I really love shimmer nails especially when it gives a galaxy scene as you see. Also, the accent black almond nail adds more beauty and uniqueness to the design.

Stunning Shimmer Navy Fall Nails with Accent glossy Black Nail
Credit: Instagram@nathcohen

4. Olive Green Fall Manicure

These amazing olive green nails with their different shades definitely have amazing nail colors for a fall manicure. Especially, the olive army green is so gorgeous. Additionally, you can try also the matte olive green nails with gold it’s so beautiful and worth trying.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the gold glitter olive green polish it will really look so stylish on your nails. Furthermore, the dark olive green nails are amazing fall nails to try. Just check out the gorgeous fall nail designs that we have cherry-picked for inspiration!

So Beautiful Olive Green Fall Nails With Micro Gold Glitters
Credit: Instagram@champagnehasbubbles
Beautiful Matte Olive Green Fall Nails with Accent Gold Glitter Nail Design

Wow, these long coffin nail design is really a perfect fit for the fall season. Of course, the matte olive green when blended with the matte nude pink the result will be great as you see below.

Stunning Matte Coffin Shaped Olive Green Fall Nails Design
Credit: Instagram@vincentnails
Amazing Dark Olive Green Fall Nails
Credit: Instagram@tippedbyteee

I really love this nail art design the blended matte olive green nails with sparkling glitter accents. This design fits any fall outfit.

Gorgeous Light Matte Olive Green Stiletto Fall Nails Design with Diamonds & Gold Glitter Nails

5. Veteran’s Day Nail Art Designs

The official USA public holiday that celebrated on 11 November annually to honor veterans who served in the armed forces and lost their lives in battles. So, we have collected some amazing patriotic nail art designs for Veterans day that comes in the fall.

Stunning Red & Glitter, Blue & Glitter and White & Silver Patriotic Nail Art Design
Cute Patriotic Nail Art Design
Stunning Patriotic Nails
Great Red and Blue Matte Patriotic Nails with Glitters on Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@yournaildiva
Amazing White, Blue and Red Patriotic Nails
French Patriotic Nails

6. Color Street Nail Ideas – Fall Manicure Collection

If you want easy and adorable fall nail designs it’s recommended to use color street nail strips. So, we have collected an amazing collection that suits the fall season. Additionally, if you need more information about color street nails. Such as how to apply them then check out my previous post: Everything About Color Street Nails!

Amazing Underground Magic Color Street Nails for Fall season
Credit: Instagram@nailcandybyjessied
Stunning Style District Nails -Color Street Nails for Fall
Beautiful Chateau Marble Nails -Color Street Nails for Fall
Credit: Instagram@mbtrama
Gorgeous Bordeaux Glitz Nails -Color Street Nails for Fall
I love those Chateau Marble, Bordeaux Glitz and Style District Nails - Color Street Nails for Fall
Credit: Instagram@nailbarrista

These Honolulu Haze color street nail ideas will inspire you to wear these nail strips. Also, you can blend this design with other fall strips to create awesome fall color street combos.

Amazing Honolulu Haze Nails Collection - Color Street Nails for Fall!
Amazing Honolulu Haze Nails Collection – Color Street Nails for Fall!

7. Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Indeed, Thanksgiving is an amazing time to celebrate with our families in November every year. When we are eating different delicious foods such as turkeys and pies. So, it will so exciting to paint your nails with these yummy foods in addition to the fall leaves scenes. In order to give your nails a lovely festive look. So, it’s time to check out the amazing thanksgiving nail ideas that suit fall manicures.

Stunning Thanksgiving Nails Colors with Glitter and Accent Fall Leaf Nail
Credit: Instagram@vancejacksonregalnails

Of course, Thanksgiving color street nails are the perfect and easiest way to wear a stunning manicure on this occasion. So, choose the nail strip design that suits you and apply it by yourself.

Amazing Turkey Thanksgiving Nails - Color Street Nails for Fall
Beautiful Thanksgiving Nails Design Mixing between Turkey Trot & Sahara Jewel - Color Street Nails for Fall
Color street Thanksgiving Nails

Still, not convinced yet! So, the Thanksgiving nail art below will inspire you. Furthermore, these autumnal color shades will attract you to use them in your next manicure.

Lovely Thanksgiving Nails Colors Design
Gorgeous coffin shaped Thanksgiving Nails design
Credit: Instagram@analu8a
So Beautiful Turkey Thanksgiving Nails Design coffin shaped
So Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Design
So Cute Thanksgiving Nails with Red Bird on accent nail
Credit: Instagram@great_nails_bastrop

Indeed, I love this brown shade, especially when blended with gold glitter. Also, the design of the accent leaf nail is really perfect. Moreover, this nail art design will suit everyone!

Cute Short Thanksgiving Nails with Gold Glitter and Leaf Accent nail design

Of course, burnt orange shade is one of the best fall shades you can try. So, wearing plain matte burnt orange nails like the one below is really a perfect choice.

Amazing Matte Burnt Orange Almond Thanksgiving Nails
Credit: Instagram@lvglamnails
Gorgeous Smokey Marble Thanksgiving Nails with Gold Glitter

Wow, of course, this nail art design is a perfect Thanksgiving nail idea to try every year. So, try this yummy nail art and you will never regret it.

Amazing Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving Nails with Gold Glitter Design
Credit: Instagram@home_of_deva
Gorgeous Long Coffin Shaped Thanksgiving Nails Color Design
Long Thanksgiving Nails
Amazing Short Thanksgiving Nails Color Design with Accent Gold Glitter Nail

This white almond nail design is so gorgeous. As you see the accent turkey shape is perfect. Besides the accent sugar glitter nail and the gold glitter art are amazing.

Love Me, Don't Eat Me Thanksgiving Nails Design Almond Shaped
Credit: Instagram@home_of_deva
Amazing Brown and Glitter Turkey Thanksgiving Nails Design
Gorgeous Thanksgiving Nail Color Design that Worth Trying
Credit: Instagram@amby_shrinks

To Conclude

At last, you have multiple choices above to wear a stunning fall manicure. So, you can recreate some of them easily but sophisticated ones, of course, need a manicurist. Furthermore, the color street nail ideas will make it easy for you to wear amazing manicures.