The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Color Street Nails

Color street nails are 100% real nail polish strips that have a high-quality base color and top coat. Also, it’s so easy to be applied with instant dry. Besides, these nail strips are long-lasting for two weeks without too much time-wasting or high costs. So, you can now apply your manicure in minutes without smudges or streaks. Furthermore, for removing the “color street nails” you can easily use a nail polish remover. But, first, you should learn how to apply it!

100% Real Nail Polish Strips
100% Real Nail Polish Strips

How To Apply Color Street Nails Strips

You can use a soft nail cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles then use a nail file buffer polishing block to file. Then, buff your nails to allow the nail strips to grip tightly. It’s time to open the color street nail package which contains a small nail file, two prep pods, and 16 long-lasting double-ended strips in a variety of sizes.

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Color Street "LA Dreams" Nail Polish Strips
Color Street “LA Dreams” Nail Polish Strips

First, you must clean your nails using a prep cloth to get rid of oils before applying them. Next, choose the strip size that works best for your nails. Then, remove the top cover film. Next, peel the polish strip and gently tear the tab. Next, apply the strip in the nail middle above the cuticle line and press gently from the bottom to the top of the nail. Then, remove the excess gently by file or remove with a fingernail.

Color Street Nails Strips

Have you ever thought of trying nail polish strips? No worry, you’re at the right spot. This nail salon that is fun has a wide selection of nail designs to pick from, including nails that are artistic. The fun nail designs are perfect for little girls, too, since mommy’s leftovers can be used for theirs! Not to mention that these nail polish strips are affordable and convenient. So, if you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, you can even buy a set for yourself or a loved one.

It Offers Pedicure Strips

Color Street Nails makes nail polish strips for every budget. These self-applied strips last approximately two weeks and are very easy to apply. Each strip costs about $11, and one strip will provide you with two manicures, conservatively speaking. These nail polish strips are available in countless colors, including ombre and fun patterns. There are also festive holiday collections available. You can even use them to create a manicure and pedicure at home.

How to apply color street nails
How to apply color street nails
How to apply French Manicure by color street nails
How to apply French Manicure by color street nails

Common Problems

The main problem with Color Street nails is that they tend to pull back once they’ve dried. Applying the nail polish at night, without exposing it to heat or water, will help it stay on your nails. Color Street also tends to shrink after a while, especially where the strip meets the nail bed. To avoid this, use cuticle oil to protect your hands from this problem. Also. you can find one or more of these problems:

  1. Bubbling: Sometimes, air bubbles can form between the nail and the strip during application, resulting in an uneven and bumpy finish.
  2. Peeling: The nail polish strips may start to peel off prematurely, especially if they were not applied properly or if the nails were not properly prepped before application.
  3. Wrinkling: If the strips are not smoothed out properly during application, they may wrinkle or crease, leading to an unsightly appearance.
  4. Difficulty in sizing: It can be challenging to find the perfect strip size that fits each nail correctly, especially if the nail shape is unique or if the strips are not cut accurately.
  5. Uneven application: Achieving an even application across all nails can be tricky, especially for those who are new to using nail polish strips. This can result in some nails looking different from others.
  6. Removal issues: Removing the nail polish strips can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially if they have been on for an extended period. This can lead to leftover adhesive residue on the nails.
  7. Sensitivity or irritation: Some individuals may experience sensitivity or irritation from the adhesive used in the nail polish strips. It’s important to check the ingredients and perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Color Street Varieties

Color street nails offer different strip shapes such as French, Solids, Glitter, Glitter designs, and nail art designs. So, you have the freedom to create the nails of your dreams that are suitable for all occasions. With an affordable price not exceeding ($14). For more information you can visit the color street website, just tap HERE!

Saloon Girl - Nail art design by color street
Saloon Girl – Nail art design by color street
Amazing color street nail polish strips
Stunning color street nail polish strips
Gorgeous color street nail polish strips
shade of gray “Capitol Hill” color street nail polish strips
Rio Red, Charleston Blush & Southern Belle color street nail polish strips
Glitter Manicure by color street
Glitter Manicure by color street
Purple color street nail polish strips
Pink Glitter Nail Strips by Color Street
Pink Glitter Nail Strips by Color Street
Blue Lagoon over Miami Beach with Atlantis - Color Street Nails
Amazing Purple color street nails strips - Color Street Nails
Purple color street nails strips with Glitter
Miami Beach ($11) with Tokyo Lights ($12) overlay - Color Street Nails
Beautiful color street nails strips!
Wonderful color street nails strips!
Amazing Fall colors for Color Street Nails Strips!
Amazing mixing patterns for Color Street Nails Strips!
Mixed Patterns Color Street Nails Strips

Color Street Nails Don’t Contain Toluene

Many people wonder if Color Street Nails are safe for acrylic nails. The answer is yes, they are safe for acrylic, but some are wary of using them on top of their nails. Color Street nails are not made with vinyl, so you can remove them with nail polish remover. They won’t damage your nails in the same way as acrylics do.

Color Street Nails are a Great Gift!

At last, if you’re looking for a great gift for a girlfriend, mom, or a friend, consider giving a set of Color Street Nails. Of course, these fun nail polish stripes are easy to apply and can be long lasted up to 3 weeks. Also, they are affordable and easy to order. A bonus is that Color Street nails are reusable!

In addition, the brand was founded in 1984 in NYC by Fa Park. She wanted to create a better way to apply nail polish, so she created Color Street in order to provide her clients with a professional-looking nail treatment. The company started with direct sales but later evolved into a multilevel marketing opportunity. In order to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, Color Street Nails are manufactured in the United States.

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