23 Cute Bob Hairstyles Ideas to Inspire your Next Cut

The time of waist-length hairstyles is really officially over and now it’s the time for short hairstyles, to stand out on the red carpet. So, we talk about the Bob hairstyles; the old short hairstyles it’s date back to 1909 in France by a polish hairdresser name Antoine de Paris, and it’s continued in fashion as one of the hottest hairstyles ever since.

So it’s time to be brave and tries the awesome Bob hairstyle despite your hair type being straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. And to help you to be sure and comfortable before figuring out what to do! We introduce you to some little steps to fake it until you make it, to act as a test and short hair guide for you also we’ve chosen a wonderful collection of Bob hairstyles, especially for celebrities.

21 Cute Bob Hairstyles Ideas
21 Cute Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Check our collection as an inspiring example to remove your fears about medium and short bob haircuts, but first fake it! There’s nothing to lose!

How to fake Bob’s hairstyle until you make it?

Start cutting your hair maybe makes you scared, so start trying these simple steps to be convinced, especially if you’ve got face-framing layers or long bangs.

How to fake Bob hairstyles until you make it?
How to fake Bob’s hairstyle until you make it?
  1. Spray a good amount of dry shampoo powder all over your hair to dry it, then brush it through.
  2. Gather hair as if you make a ponytail then let the front heavier section out of the pony.
  3. Use an elastic hair tie to fasten the length part of your hair back.
  4. Roll up your hair ends and hide them at your nape and fasten them with the rest of your hair using bobby pins.
  5. Tease the top section of your hair using a tail comb then brush it smoothly.
  6. Use a curling iron to roll your bang section counterclockwise then release to brush it lightly away from your face.
  7. Use Hairspray for hold.

Bob Hairstyles Inspiration

Are you ready to cut your hair? Bob hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles in Hollywood. Famous faces all the way from Taylor Swift to Emma Stone have shed their long locks in favor of the shorter lob cut. Find out what length you prefer and how you can fashion your new haircut.

You may be searching for a shortcut or a blunt lob or an extended layered lob These celebrity hairstyles will provide you with plenty of salon ideas. Now it’s time for inspiration from these Bob hairstyles collections that really are worth trying!

1. Emma Stone Bob Hairstyle

The Emma Stone bob hairstyle has been making the rounds on the red carpets. The star has sported many different hairstyles, colors, and lengths. But. it’s worth noting that the photo shoot for her magazine cover was done months in advance. Of course, the actress has a history of wearing many different hairstyles, and it seems that a half-inch can really make all the difference.

Bob hairstyle idea 1 - Emma Stone one of the bob hairstyle people with soft blended bob
Emma Stone one of the bob hairstyle people with a soft blended bob

2. Sunrise Orange Concave Bob Hairstyle

Indeed, a bob cut with a concave shape is a stylish, flattering look for people with warm skin and oblong or oval faces. Additionally, it is versatile enough to flatter many types of face shapes. Also, this trendy style is especially suited for people with warm skin and can also be worn by women of all ages and races. However, people with darker skin may need to consult a colorist if they want to make this style look more vibrant.

One of the cutest Sunrise orange Bob hairstyles to try
Sunrise orange Bob hairstyle

3. Amanda Brugel Blunt Bob Hairstyle

A cute blunt bob haircut with bangs for the star who is listed among Hello! Canada’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Of course, actress Amanda Brugel is no stranger to the spotlight. Also, this summer, she stars in the hit box office film Becky. Earlier this year, she won a Black Canadian Award for Best Actress for her role in Orphan Black. She’s also starring in USA Network’s Dare Me and TNT’s Snowpiercer.

Bob hairstyle idea 3 - Amanda Brugel with a blunt bob haircut and bangs
Amanda Brugel with a blunt bob haircut and bangs

4. Alexa Chung’s Bob Hairstyle

لإhe fashion designer Alexa Chung appears with a cute shoulder-length bob haircut. You’ve likely heard about the fashion designer Alexa Chung or her brand, but did you know that she’s also a T4 presenter? After all, she replaced Simon Amstell on Popworld and made waves in the fashion world. Further, you can start by checking out her line of clothing, which is composed of mostly dresses, miniskirts, and even women’s sleepwear.

Bob hairstyle idea 4 - Alexa Chung with awesome bob haircut
Alexa Chung with an awesome bob haircut

5. Beveled Bob Haircut

Despite its simplicity, the Beveled Bob Haircut still carries an element of edgy flair. The sharp, angled lines and soft lines of this haircut are perfect for all types of women. Also, it works well for a variety of face shapes, making it an excellent choice for an on-the-go style. Below is a cute idea for a beveled Bob haircut.

Beveled ends short bob haircut that you will love to try
Beveled ends bob haircut

6. Bebe Rexha Bob Hairstyle

Indeed, Bebe Rexha’s bob hairstyle is not for everyone, but it’s one of the most fashionable looks of 2017. Bebe Rexha has 2.5 million Instagram followers, and her wavy hairstyle perfectly complements her rounded face. She keeps her hair elongated above her cheeks and ears and keeps the minimal volume at the temples. Bebe Rexha’s bob hairstyle is flattering for most face shapes, so try one of these styles today!

Bob hairstyle idea 6 - Bebe Rexha with a choppy bob haircut
Bebe Rexha with a choppy bob haircut

7. Cate Blanchett Bob Haircut

The Cate Blanchett Bob haircut is a classic and versatile hairstyle. Furthermore, Blanchett’s hairstyle is perfect for her slim frame, and the short, jaw-skimming length makes it the ideal choice. Besides, the deep side part and long cascading fringe give her a great face shape and add an appealing angle over her forehead. Also, it’s versatile enough to be worn by women with a wide variety of hairstyles and face shapes.

Bob hairstyle idea 7 - Cate Blanchett with a short, sleek and curled bob haircut
Cate Blanchett with a short, sleek, and curled bob haircut

8. Sleek and Curled Bob Haircut

If you’re thinking about getting a bob haircut, there are different ways to style it. Besides, no matter what your hair type or face shape is, a bob is a versatile and chic choice. So, you can opt for this sleek and curled under bob haircut.

Sleek and curled under bob haircut
Sleek and curled under bob haircut

9. Elizabeth Debicki Bob Haircut

If you’re thinking of getting a short bob hairstyle like Elizabeth Debicki, you’ve come to the right place. In addition, short hairstyles like the Elizabeth Debicki Bob Haircut are back in fashion, and this actress has revived a classic style. Also, this cut is easy to style and features uniform layers. And, once you have it, you’ll love how it looks on you!

Elizabeth Debicki with a sleek, deep part short bob haircut with lightly smooth curled ends
Elizabeth Debicki with a sleek, deep part bob haircut with lightly smooth curled ends

10. Emma Watson Side-Parted Bob Haircut

If you’re thinking about changing up your hairstyle, you’ve probably considered an Emma Watson side-parted bob haircut. Also, the actress is no stranger to dramatic chops. After all, she wore a pixie cut in 2010 that quickly became one of the most iconic movie hairstyles.

Bob hairstyle idea 10 - Emma Watson with a side parted bob haircut
Emma Watson with a side-parted bob haircut

11. Asymmetrical Blunt Bob Haircut

The asymmetrical blunt bob haircut isn’t for the faint of heart. Where Its sharp angles and bold lines are a great way to show off your personality and confidence.

Stylish blunt short bob haircut
Stylish blunt bob haircut

12. Kacy Hill Bob Haircut

A Kacy Hill Bob Haircut is just the thing for the young hip-hop artist. Hill, a Phoenix native, first became famous after being discovered on Kanye West’s Yeezus tour. Also, the singer resembles an electronic version of Florence Welch, and she even has an anthemic voice. Additionally, Hill’s signature short bob is sure to land her editorial spots in magazines.

Bob hairstyle idea 12 – Kacy Hill with curly bob haircut and bangs
Kacy Hill with curly bob haircut and bangs

13. Lena Dunham Short Bob Haircut

The actress Lena Dunham revealed her short bob to her fans. Of course, this short bob is a cute and easy-maintain hairstyle that suits everyday life for any girl.

Bob hairstyle idea 13 – Lena Dunham with length bob haircut
Lena Dunham with a short bob haircut

14. Choppy Bob With Bangs

A choppy bob with heavy bangs is a great short haircut for today’s modern woman. It’s short, stylish, and offers more texture, layers, and jagged ends than a standard bob. Also, choppy bobs are also easy to style and can be done in a short time quickly and effortlessly.

Heavy bangs short bob haircut
Heavy bangs bob haircut

15. Sibley Scoles Bob Haircut

If you want to achieve a similar look, you can try the Sibley Scoles bob haircut. The singer, actress, and television host has a unique sense of fashion and is known for her outstanding record hits. The ’90s hairstyle is in vogue these days, and Scoles has been rocking it since then. So, try to get a copy of the look, and enjoy your hairstyle look.

Bob hairstyle idea 15 – Sibley Scoles with a pin-straight, blunt bob haircut
Sibley Scoles with a pin-straight, blunt bob haircut

16. Sienna Miller Bob Haircut

The Layer Cake actress has gone for a sultry bob haircut. The actress looks five years younger than she does, thanks to the new bob haircut. This a gorgeous haircut that you will love to wear.

Bob hairstyle idea 16 – Sienna Miller with a bob haircut
Sienna Miller with a bob haircut

17. Concave Bob Haircut With Highlights

If you are looking for a fresh look this summer, try the Concave bob haircut with Highlights. This versatile style is flattering for most face shapes and styles and works well on all types of hair. Also, any age can achieve it. You can also add a side-swept fringe to add an extra flair to your look. This hairstyle looks best on women with naturally textured hair. Wear natural-looking makeup to finish the look.

Elegant short bob haircut
Elegant short bob haircut

18. Lucy Hale With Straight Bob Haircut

Known for her short, blunt choppy ends, Lucy Hale has been sporting a bob hairstyle since February 2017. Fans of the actress are clearly digging the look as well. The actress’s recent Instagram post shows the new cut, which is nearly a million likes long! Here’s what’s good about Hale’s bob:

Lucy Hale with a sleek and straight elegant short bob haircut
Lucy Hale with a sleek and straight elegant bob haircut

19. Taylor Swift Tousled Bob Haircut

Taylor Swift’s chin-length bob hairstyle is a great example of a contemporary look for both men and women. Also, it creates an elegant, round silhouette with full bangs, and it will never go out of style, thanks to Swift’s versatility. Furthermore, the chin-length bob is best for men, but it’s equally flattering on women of all body types.

Bob hairstyle idea 19 – Taylor Swift with a tousled bob haircut
Taylor Swift with a tousled bob haircut

20. Medium Length Straight Bob Haircut

Whether you’re looking for a medium-length bob haircut or are considering getting a new crop, here is a cute look you can achieve. Indeed, a medium-length straight bob is a versatile style that works for all hair types.

Sleek and straight short bob haircut
Sleek and straight bob haircut

21. Christina Hendricks Lob Bob Haircut

If you want a sultry night look, consider a lob bob cut, as seen on the Oscar-winning actress. Many celebrities have gotten this style, including Julianne Hough, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nikki Reed. It’s easy to see why, as it can look both retro and modern. It’s also a versatile style that can go from day to night with ease.

Bob hairstyle idea 21 – Christina Hendricks with a dramatic lob bob haircut
Christina Hendricks with a dramatic lob bob haircut

22. Short Voluminous Deep Side Part Wavy Bob

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your look, the short voluminous deep-side part wavy bob is the ideal choice. This haircut exudes a classic and timeless charm while keeping a modern edge. Indeed, the beauty of this bob lies in its voluminous waves and the deep side part, which adds a touch of elegance.

Short Voluminous Deep Side Part Wavy Bob
Credit: Instagram@latesthair – Short Voluminous Deep Side Part Wavy Bob

23. Sleek Bob Hairstyle with Fringe

For those who prefer sleek and polished bob hairstyles, the sleek bob hairstyle with fringe is an excellent choice. This hairstyle is all about straight lines and clean edges, showing off an air of refinement and elegance. Besides, the addition of a fringe adds a touch of playfulness and frames the face beautifully.

Sleek Bob Hairstyle with Fringe
Credit: Instagram@boblvrs – Sleek Bob Hairstyle with Fringe

To Conclude

Bob hairstyles have stood the test of time, captivating generations with their timeless elegance and versatility. From their rebellious beginnings in the 1920s to their modern-day adaptations, bob hairstyles have empowered individuals to express their unique sense of style and embrace their confidence.

Whether you opt for a sleek and chic bob or a playful and textured variation, this iconic hairstyle is bound to leave a lasting impression. So, if you’re ready to make a bold statement and embrace your individuality, why not consider joining the ranks of bob enthusiasts and embark on a transformative hair journey?

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