3 Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs for Spring Time

Spring is coming, the season of fresh, lovely, and bright colors which are reflected on a woman’s dress and nails to keep up with the spring changes around her. So, we introduce you to three easy nail art designs to do at home step by step. Besides, they are perfect for the spring season to keep you looking awesome all spring!

Spring Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial 1

Indeed, this is an adorable spring nail art design you can make easily with a small detailing brush and four nail polish colors, just follow these easy illustrated steps:

Spring Easy Nail Art Design on almond nails uses light blue polish, mint green polish, and black polish for defining the tips with diamond shape
Spring Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial 1
  • 1: Paint your thumb, middle and pinky finger with light blue.
  • 2: Paint your index and ring finger with a mint green color.
  • 3: Be sure you applied two coats on each finger and let them dry completely.
  • 4 to 7: Apply a freehand pointy V French tip on each finger using white nail polish.
  • 9: apply X that traces the pointy V French tip using a fine detail brush dipped in black nail polish.
  • 10 to 15: Paint a little black V on the fingertip to form a diamond shape.
  • 16, 17: Apply the top coat for long-lasting and shining.
Pastel Spring Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial in 17 steps for Beginners
Pastels Spring Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial

Spring Floral Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial 2

Another adorable spring nail art design, you can call it negative space floral design. Also, it’s an easy flower nail design you can apply easily only by using a dotting tool and several nail color polishes as you like. Just follow these illustrated steps:

Short Spring Floral nails design
2 – Spring Nail Art Design 2
  • 1 to 4: Start painting the flower using hot pink nail polish and let it dry.
  • 5: Start adding more and more flowers using the second nail polish color and also let it dry.
  • 6: Paint more flowers using the third nail polish color.
  • 7: Paint more flowers using the fourth nail polish color until it looks full to your liking.
  • 8: Add more flowers using the fifth nail polish color until it looks completely full.
  • 9: Use a small dotting tool dipped in a metallic polish and add a small center to each flower.
  • 10, 11: Apply the topcoat.
Floral spring easy nail art design tutorial
Spring Nail Art 2 – Tutorial

Still, floral designs are perennial favorites, and you can do them yourself or use a stamping kit. Also, these designs are relatively easy to create and always look lovely. So, you can pick your favorites from various spring colors and styles to celebrate the current season, the latest trends, or your mood. Flowers also make great additions to your nail art. Try these easy spring nail art designs for your next manicure. You’ll be surprised when noticing how easy they are!

Spring Nail Art Design 3

Of course, this is a magnificent floral nail art design, its pronged pink flowers give you the spring feel, which is coming after cold dark days. Just follow these illustrated easy steps:

Floral Spring Nail Art Design
3 – Spring Nail Art Design 3
  • 1: first apply this great grey French manicure.
  • 2: Apply a coat of silver nail polish to the middle of your nail.
  • 3 to 5: start painting the branches using black nail polish, by pushing and pulling up your nail brush for each branch.
  • 6 to 9: paint the black leaves by pushing many times then pull up.
  • 10 to 14: start painting three-pronged flowers for each nail using light pink nail polish.
  • 15: mix some topcoat with a holo glitter nail polish then start painting a little bit of it, at each flower’s bottom.
  • 16: add a little bit of white dots around each pink flower.
  • 17: Apply the top coat.
Floral Spring Nail Art Design tutorial
Spring Nail Art 3 – Tutorial
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At last, just remember to pick a pastel nail polish to match your skin tone and accessories. Of course, these spring manicures are sure to boost your look and feel! Enjoy! Let your creativity flow and make this spring nail design an unforgettable experience.

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