Cute Color Street Nail Combo Ideas

Color street nail polish is a new way of expressing one’s art. Nowadays, most girls are enjoying and love it when they see different colors and beautiful nail designs on their nails. Also, it is pretty amazing when you turn your boring nails into great nail art. So, it just does not add colors to their lives but also gives them a lot of confidence to show what they got.

You will see it in different and multiple hues of colors, all shades in the rainbow, blue, yellow, red, and other natural colors. So, every girl is saying that it is one of their “must-haves”. Are you excited to try new designs and aesthetically pleasing cute color street nail combos? Here they are! Check out below you, which suits your best interest from these cute color street combinations.

The Best Color Street Mixed Mani Ideas

1. One of the Cutest Swiss and Tell ColorStreet Combos: Swiss and Tell + Dripping in Diamonds + Less Bitter, More Glitter

Swiss and tell color street combo consists of Swiss and Tell, Dripping in Diamonds, Less Bitter, and More Glitter!

Are you fond of going to parties? Or a night jam in a club? Then, this one is pretty amazing as it can give your nail sparks when you are on a night out. Don’t get bitter with a boring nail or with a plain one.

Try this awesome design with dripping diamonds. A nail artist can tell that diamonds are freaking hype today. Of course, the additional glitters will suit your taste in sparkling diamonds.

2. Gold Glittery Color Street Nails Combo: Total Celt-down + Golden Girly + Clover and Out

Gold Glittery Color Street Nails Combo consists of total celt-down, golden girly, and clover and out

Give your life a bit of luck with this new pretty design. With the touch of colors green and gold, you’re amazing as you are getting bolder that suits your dress. Show up and be the one that stands in the crowd. More luck to more gold. Share this with your friends and together slay and give these pretty nails a shot.

3. Midnight in Manhattan ColorStreet Combo: Clover Takeover + Midnight in Manhattan

Midnight in Manhattan Color Street Combo consists of clover takeover, and midnight in manhattan nail strips!

Traveling is one of the things that excites ladies. Yet, it will be more exciting with these cute rainbow color street nails. Just like the colors of rainbows painted on your nails, look at that, pretty amazing, right? It is not just for ladies but for all genders too. Signature of pride, show up the real you with these art nails and walk with pride.

4. Cute Seattle Royale Color Street Combos: Between The Lines + Seattle Royale + Midnight in Manhattan

One of the best Seattle Royale Color Street Combos that consists of between the lines, seattle royale, and midnight in manhattan

Long nails are fun with this Seattle royale truly inspired by midnight in Manhattan. Wear it with fun and enjoy every moment as you go along with your next adventures. The simple nail art design, just like what you are. The between the lines can speak for your emotions and the color too. Try this one as it looks good on your nails.

5. Oslo and Steady ColorStreet Nails Combo: Oslo and Steady + Moscow or Never + Palm Before the Storm + Clear As Day

Color street oslo and steady combo that consists of oslo and steady, moscow or never, palm before the storm, and clear as day!

Are you looking for an aesthetical design for your nails? This one is for you. Going out with this on a summer day makes your heart melt as it makes you proud of the color and design. The nature being painted on your nail is a great idea for a minimalist photo on your Instagram feed. Try this one when summer comes or when you have to attend a Hawian theme party.

6. Light Purple Fashion Prague-Er Color Street Combo: Fashion Prague-Er + Berlin It To Win It + Aberdeen Aubergine + Mount Crushmore + Between The Lines

One of the best color street combos 2020 that consists of fashion prague-er, berlin it to win it, aberdeen aubergine, mount crushmore, and between the lines!

You cannot go wrong applying this creative yet dramatic color street nails combo that will surely uplift your mood throughout this summer. The geometric designs of your nails will display your playful and always on-the-go character. Its color combination compliments your readiness to bring out your elegance.

Light Purple Fashion Prague-Er Color Street Combo consists of fashion prague-er, berlin it to win it, aberdeen aubergine, mount crushmore, and between the lines!

7. Trend Spotted ColorStreet Nails Combo: Trend Spotted + Oslo And Steady + Midnight In Manhattan + Coming Up Rose Gold

Trend Spotted Color Street Nails Combo that consists of Trend Spotted, Oslo and Steady, Midnight in Manhattan, and Comming Up Rose Gold!

Stunning fresh blue color along with the animal print and glittery midnight vibe? Why not! This elegant, eye-catching color street nails combo is perfect for all-day activities this summer season. From the office to nightlife hang out, you will express what elegance in summer is all about. Just don’t forget your creamy, luscious lipstick for a mysterious touch.

8. Mermaid Brigade Mixed Mani: Greeking Out + Aspen Sky + Chilladelphia + Mermaid Brigade + Less Bitter, More Glitter

One of the best mermaid brigade color street combos that consists of Greeking Out, Aspen Sky, Chilladelphia, Mermaid Brigade, and Less Bitter, More Glitter nail strips!

For a woman with fairytale-like beauty and a mysterious aura like you, this summer color street combo idea will highlight your stunning character. The different shades of blue reflect the nostalgic yet mystic color of the ocean. The scale design gives an enchanting vibe while the dark blue color with glittery magic offers an elegant look. Express your mystic aura this summer!

9. Holographic Fort Worth It Color Street Nails Combo: Fort Worth It + Star For The Course + Between The Lines

One of the best fort worth it color street combos that consists of Fort Worth It, Star For the Course, and Between the Lines!

Do you want to bring out your outgoing and strong personality with playfulness on the side? Well, this color street nails combo is perfect for you this summer. The black star design reflects how you are going to stand out, while the black horizontal lines best describe your simplicity and sophistication.

10. Less Bitter More Glitter Combo: Coral Bay + Less Bitter + More Glitter + Palm Before the Storm

Amazing Less Bitter More Glitter Combo that consists of Coral Bay, Less Bitter, More Glitter, and Palm Before the Storm!

Do you want to put your tropical-inspired nail with a twist? Then, this color street nails combo will give you a perfect mix of tropical mystery and a touch of city chic. The glitters seem like the dreamy sands waiting for your caress. These nails best describe your mysterious yet girly personality.

11. One Of The Simplest Color Street Oslo And Steady Combos: Oslo And Steady + Safari Chic

Color street combos 2020 idea consists of Oslo and Steady, and Safari Chic!

If you want to portray a classy yet cool chic personality through your nails, this color street combo is what you need this water. The eye-catching blue color of your nails invites you to dive into the cool, deep ocean. Then, let’s not forget the safari details that best describe your elegant yet adventurous spirit.

12. The Best of Glamsterdam ColorStreet Combos: Glamsterdam + Home Sleet Home + Mardi Gras

The Best of Glamsterdam Color Street Combos that consists of Glamsterdam, Home Sleet Home, and Mardi Gras Nail Strips!

For a delicate touch twisted by a glittery charm look, you will love this color street combo while exploring different tropical destinations. Its girly and sophisticated expressions are perfect for summer escapades. As it reflects a festive together with a subtle spell on the nails, you will achieve a party-ready look.

13. One of the Cutest Giza Sands Color Street Combos: Giza Sands + “Tiny + Shiny” + Polka Dot-Com

One of the Cutest Giza Sands Color Street Combos that consists of Giza Sands, Tiny + Shiny, and Polka Dot-Com nail strips!

Do you wish to express your feminine and innocent look this summer season with a splash of freshness? If yes, this color street combo should be part of your collection. Its simplicity with a hint of energized and bubbly aura suits your girly summer dress. Besides, you can also portray a chic rocker look!

14. One Of The Perfect ColorStreet Summer Combos: Frond Of You + Gloss Angeles + Palm Before The Storm

One Of The Perfect color street summer 2020 Combos that consists of Frond Of You, Gloss Angeles, and Palm Before The Storm nail strips!

The summer heat should not stop you from giving more life to your nails. The pink and yellow color vibes with a hint of orange will really make me more excited to attend summer day and night parties. The palm leaves design will always remind you of the tropical vibe. You can find all these amazing nail strips in the color street summer splash collection. Don’t forget to wear your summer outfit!

15. Mermaid Color Street Mixed Mani – Gossip and Glitter + Let’s Meet in Crete + Tweenie Weenie Santorini + Mermaid You Look

Mermaid Color Street Mixed Mani - Gossip and Glitter + Let's Meet in Crete + Tweenie Weenie Santorini + Mermaid You Look
Credit: Instagram@thetipsynail

If you want to add a fun touch to summer vacation, a mermaid color street mani might be a perfect choice. Indeed, the unique combination of this glitter and blue color street nail strips will suit any summer outfit. Besides, this unique nail design will make you look like the most stylish lady at the beach!

More Inspiration!

To check the different colore street nail strips and choose your favorite colors and designs that suit your personality, you can visit And Keep scrolling for more inspiration!

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At last, wonderful designs have an endless number! So with color street nail strips, you can make many wonderful designs in different colors. So, from the above-cherry-picked color street nail combo ideas choose what will suit you! To know more about color street nails check out this post “Everything About Color Street Nails“. Indeed, color street nails are must-haves for women’s beauty.

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