5 of the Cutest Hair Color Ideas That You’ll Love to Try

Hair is said to be the crowning glory, especially for girls, and of course, we want to have cool hair at any time, especially in the summer. Trends of new styles and shades of hair color can be found and seen today. Do you want to know which are hair color ideas in and which are not?

Here are 5 of the cutest hair colors that you can try this summer.

1. Strawberry Blond Hair Color

Stunning strawberry blond hair color for summer 2020!
Gorgeous strawberry blond hair color for summer 2020!

Strawberry Blond color is just the perfect hybrid of bleach blond with a milder shade of red. Also, this hair color is proven perfect for those with light eyes and fairer rosy skin tones. Additionally, a strawberry blonde became a trend because of its light shimmer of blonde and quite intriguing touch of sparkly red. Because of quite an interesting combination, this hair color can truly mark a statement. Indeed, with this hair color, you can truly feel like a star.

2. Brown Hair Color

Stunning brown hair color with highlights for summer 2020!
Stunning golden brown hair color idea!

If you think of brown hair color as old news, well, you’re wrong. Also, there are a lot of brown shades of hair color that look stunning. Furthermore, this hair color is so much more than the medium, dark, and plain brown that you are thinking of. There are at least 30 different shades of brown that you can try. And some would be golden brown hair color, golden honey brown hair color, caramel brown hair color, toffee brown hair color, even neutral brown hair color, and many more. Of course, there will be a shade of brown hair color that can fit any complexion or skin tone.

3. Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas

Stunning pastel blue color hair idea for summer 2020!
Cute medium pastel blue hair dye for summer 2020!

Now here is one striking new hair color that you can rock for the summer. Also, pastel blue hair color is what you can describe as a lighter, muted shade of blue. Pastel shades for hair have been on trend since last season with shades of lilac and eye candy taking the spotlight. But, this year the spotlight is on baby blue shades and hues! The shade of pastel blue is a calm shade that imitates the colors of seafoam. So, rocking this hair color is all about personal style and confidence.

4. Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Stunning dark red hair color idea for summer 2020!
Gorgeous dark red hair colour idea!

Indeed, the dark red color of the hair is an extremely dramatic and striking hue with a few hints of reds here and there. Besides, selecting the right shade of this color should be based off on your skin tone. So, with those who have a very warm or fairer skin tone, you can try shades of warm red hair colors as well, like copper, ginger, or auburn.

For cooler or darker skin tones, the shades recommended for you can be red velvet, ruby, or red-violet. Selecting the shade, choose what you think would suit you. It is crucial because this hair color is strong, and if the choice is right, it will make your skin come alive. In contrast, the wrong choice can make you look ill and swallow.

5. Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Stunning auburn balayage long hair idea for summer 2020!
Stunning auburn hair color idea for women!

If you think that red hair is too strong for your liking, maybe you’d like to be its cousin. Auburn shade for hair is not just super flattering but a vibrant hair color too. Auburn hair color instantly adds warmth, spark, and a perfect amount of depth to your whole look. Whether you prefer shades that embrace orange or a hair color leaning closer to shades of brown, auburn would be perfect for you. It is a hair color that is easy to pull off because it can look flattering with any skin tone.

For more inspiration, just keep scrolling and check out the most beautiful hair color ideas to try this season for an eye-catching look!

Fabulous strawberry blond hair colour idea for women!

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