The Cutest Thanksgiving Nail Ideas for 2022

Thanksgiving is the occasion time to express appreciation and gratitude, and your nails can help you do just that. You don’t need to go overboard with your Thanksgiving nails to look cute and festive this year, and there are tons of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional fall color palette, or something more modern, you can find the perfect Thanksgiving nail ideas to fit your style.

For traditional Thanksgiving nail designs, you can use traditional colors such as red, brown, and orange. So, you can use one of these colors separately, or combine two colors to create a festive design. You can also go for a Thanksgiving nail design that combines red and green for a Christmas-themed look.

Thanksgiving Nail Ideas
Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Nail designs in contrasting colors are a popular Thanksgiving nail trend. To add extra style, use accent nails with vibrant metallic foil. You can also try Y2K-inspired designs paired with warm-toned Thanksgiving nail colors such as brown, tan, or cream. The warm-toned color palette will make you feel festive and modern at the same time.

Nail designs for Thanksgiving are just as versatile as those for Halloween. The fall season and beautiful foliage provide inspiration for creative nail designs. In addition to fall-inspired designs, you can add a fall theme by going with a pumpkin or turkey decal.

1. Turkey Nails

Turkey Nails with polka dots Design is one of the cutest Thanksgiving Nail Ideas for 2022
Credit: Instagram@taytays.creationss

If you are looking for a unique manicure this Thanksgiving, consider doing white thanksgiving nails with a turkey and polka dot design. Of course, this festive design is simple and fun and is perfect for first-timers. All you need is white nail polish and a dotting tool besides, yellow, red, orange, and light brown nail polishes. A clear top coat is also a must for an easy design.

2. Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nails

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nail Art Design on Nail Tips
Credit: Instagram@cherrybombnailss

The autumnal color scheme is a great inspiration for nail art this Thanksgiving. Colors like orange and brown are traditionally associated with Thanksgiving, but you can use other colors as well to give your manicure a fall feel. So, try applying pumpkin nail art on your nail tips with cute thanksgiving nail colors. Also, try using thinner nail-art brushes for a more precise application.

3. Thanksgiving Nail ideas with Maple Leaves

To create your Thanksgiving nail design, start by applying a base coat. Next, use two or three thanksgiving nail colors. Then, use your dotting tools to add the leaves to your nails. Also, you can use nail decals for applying the maple leaves. At last, to finish, apply a clear top coat.

Black Nails with Glitter, Maple Leaves, and Turkey

Black Thanksgiving Nails with Maple Leaves
Credit: Instagram@toeparadise

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to wear nail art inspired by the colors of fall. This simple yet elegant black nail design is perfect for the holiday and is easy to recreate. Also, maple leaves and turkey are cute thanksgiving themed nail art to incorporate into a nail design.

Elegant Nude Pink Thanksgiving Nail Design

Short Square Nude Pink Thanksgiving Nail Design with Glitter and Maple Leaf Nail Art
Credit: Instagram@nailedby.srf

Whether you’re going for subtle Thanksgiving nail art or a bold design, you can find the perfect shade of nail polish for the holiday. So, this adorable nail art is a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation and gratitude to all your family members and friends. Also, it will look great during the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

If you’re heading to a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, you can make your nails look festive with fall leaves. You can make these nail art designs easily at your home using red, brown, and light brown polishes.

Matte Orange Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Nails

Matte Orange Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Nails
Credit: Instagram@cutienco

This season, orange is in vogue and so are fall leaf nails. So, you can try a gradient of fall leaves for a look that coordinates with Thanksgiving foods. To make your autumn manicure even more attractive, you can add leaf decals to each nail. Also, you can add a thanksgiving harvest basket to accent nails.

Long Thanksgiving Nail Ideas Are Unique

Long Orange Thanksgiving Nails with Fallen Leaves
Credit: Instagram@xolynnailz

Of course, Fall nails are the best for Thanksgiving, and this nail art is perfect for the occasion. Also, it’s simple to create, too. For your base color, apply orange nail polish. Then, add two accent colors that contrast with the base color such as yellow and red colors for fall leaves.

5. White Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

Thanksgiving is a holiday when family comes together to share meals and give thanks. Traditionally, the Thanksgiving color palette has been based on the colors of nature, like richly colored leaves, pumpkins, persimmons, and pomegranates. Besides, fall-themed nail art such as fall leaves. So, white nail color is a great base color for these thanksgiving nail art designs.

White Nails with Maple Leaves

Short Almond Shaped White Thanksgiving Nails with Maple Leaves with Gold Chrome and Light Brown Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@editionvicki

This nail design is easy to do and will be perfect for Thanksgiving. First, start applying a white base coat. Next, you’ll need light brown and gold metallic nail polishes. You’ll also need fall leaf decals and a clear top coat to protect your nails.

Cute Thanksgiving Themed Nails

Cute Thanksgiving Themed Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsbymayup

When choosing colors for Thanksgiving nail designs, you have many options to choose from. So, you can go for a solid white nail color. Also, you can use other colors, such as brown, red, yellow, and green to paint thanksgiving foods and some forest pets. Of course, these colors are a perfect way to create Thanksgiving-themed nails that look fresh and beautiful all year long.

6. Garden Gnome Thanksgiving Nails

Long Stiletto Matte Garden Gnome Thanksgiving Nails with Leaf Nail Art and French Tip Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailz_by_cindy

To create these Thanksgiving nails, you’ll need a base coat of olive green nail polish and brown, yellow, and white nail polishes. Of course, the gnome accent is so cute, and amp up these thanksgiving nail designs. But, this nail design needs some effort for achieving. Lastly, after your nails have dried completely, you can apply a clear topcoat to protect them.

7. Minnie Mouse Thanksgiving Nails

Long Square Shaped Minnie Mouse Thanksgiving Nails with Brown Plaid and Flame Nail Art
Credit: Instagram@nailartistalisha

Minnie mouse’s nails are incredibly cute! Wearing matching nail art is a great idea to prepare yourself for special events, like Thanksgiving Day. Also, this nail art will be amazing when incorporated into thanksgiving nail art like chocolate bars! You can buy press-on stickers to help you get this look. If you want to go for a more natural look, you can also book an appointment at a salon to get your nails done.

8. Brown Thanksgiving Nails with Glitter

Medium Coffin Brown Thanksgiving Nails with Glitter
Credit: Instagram@evs16_manis

Whether you’re looking to get creative with your Thanksgiving nail design or just want to have fun with it, these brown thanksgiving nails with glitter will fit your personal style.

9. Matte Brown Plaid Thanksgiving Nails

Matte Brown Plaid Thanksgiving Nails with Leaf Nail Art and Pumpkins on Two Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@tessa.lyn.nails

If you love celebrating Thanksgiving this year and looking for a cute Thanksgiving nail design. Then, these matte brown plaid thanksgiving nails with pumpkins and leaf nail art on accent nails are for you.

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