The Coolest and Trendy Matte Grey Nails to Wear All Year Long

Will the season of grey nail trends ever end? Nope, not in our wildest dreams. After all, Grey is the new black. It’s more versatile and classy, fits with everything, and will never go out of fashion. If you have been thinking of going to choose a matte grey nails design this season, you have come to the right place.

Indeed, you can add to the hype with your matte gray nails style, which can be a great way to stand out at work, school, or the beach. Besides, grey nail polish is all the rage this season, and it seems it will only be getting more popular! The style lends itself to all seasons with thousands of shades, and grey nail designs to choose what suits you.

The Coolest and Trendy Matte Grey Nails to Wear All Year Long
The Coolest and Trendy Matte Grey Nails to Wear All Year Long

1. Checkered Coffin Grey Nails design

The beauty of life is that we can never be too old to learn new things. That’s why we want to introduce you to a new trend in the world of nails. Of course, checkered Grey coffin nails are one of the season’s hottest trends, so check them out.

Checkered Extra Long Coffin Grey Nails design with Two Crystals On Grey French Tip Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyandy.devine

2. Classy Stiletto Grey Nails design

Indeed, grey is a super cool color for manicures. Additionally, it’s not just the trendy nails that pop; it’s the modern designs as well. As you see, the most common grey nail design is the grey stiletto. But the great thing about this design is that you can do it on any nail color. Also, these grey stilettos are not just for professionals, and you can get yours done at home if you’re in a rush.

Grey Stiletto Matte Grey Nails design with Rhinestones and Accent Glitter Nail
Credit: Instagram@alinahoyonailartist

3. Stiletto Matte Grey Nails with Flecks design

One of the hottest trends across the board is the golden shade nails. Today, gold nail patterns are all the rage, with people taking a look to a whole new level using gold nails accessories like cufflinks, necklaces, and rings.

Stiletto Matte Grey Nails with Black Flecks, Golden Lines, A Golden Rhinestones, and Accent Glitter Nail design
Credit: Instagram@matuszewsk.a

4. Classy Coffin Matte Grey Nails design

Indeed, grey nails are always in style, and there are different ways to wear them. So, some people prefer plain nails with a French tip. Besides, others like their nails to have an exciting color, and some like to have a simple trim. Like us, you have always wanted to have a fabulous and stylish look on your nails.

Classy Coffin Matte Grey Nails with Accent Nude Pink Nail with Silver Glitter on the Nail Tip
Credit: Instagram@merlin_nails

5. Round Matte Grey Nails with Gold design

Of course, it is a fact that the best nail art designs are only limited by the amount of imagination that inspires you. Whether it’s wild shapes, intricate designs, or even more abstract creations, a good nail art image is rare.

Long Round Matte Gray Nails with Gold Foil Patches Design
Credit: Instagram@_sknails_

6. Classy Almond Matte Gray Nails with Silver Glitter design

Still, many people want to go with a grey nail color with a little bit of silver to give them that contrast. So, many women love to try this long almond matte grey nails design below.

Classy Almond Matte Gray Nails with Silver Glitter design
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

7. Matte Neon Pink and Grey Nails Design

Of course, white, neon pink, and grey nail colors would make a unique and cool nail design. Additionally, it might be challenging to try out at first, but the result would be both pretty and stylish.

Matte Neon Pink and Grey Nails Design with Striped and Leaf Nail Art on Accents
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

At last, you have some great matte grey nails designs above to inspire your next manicure. In addition, matte grey manicures are always classy and really worth wearing maybe all year long.

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