The Cutest Summer Neon Orange Nails to Try in 2024

If you’re looking for a fun, glamorous way to show off your nails this season, you can choose from several different shades of neon orange. From shiny to matte, you can get your nails looking anything you want them to be! No matter the length of your nails, you can choose between glossy and matte summer neon orange nails for your next mani.

And no matter what shape you choose, neon orange nails are sure to be a hit! Read on to discover the different shades and how to get them just right. Additionally, you can find tutorials online to learn how to do this. But we have found some easy-to-achieve neon orange nails that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. So, let’s get started!

1. Glossy Coffin Neon Orange Nails

Glossy Coffin Neon Orange Nails 2022 with Orange Glitter and White V Tip Accents
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

Glossy neon orange nails can be a bold and eye-catching way to spruce up your look. While you may be tempted to stick with a typical traffic-cone orange color, the truth is that neon nail polish is a tricky beast. So, these summer neon orange nails are a perfect choice for summertime.

2. Sparkling Neon Orange with Leaf Nail Art

Sparkling Neon Orange Nails with Black Leaf Nail Art on Two Accents for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@sylwia.ka_1982

The brightest neon polishes are actually fake and do nothing for your skin tone. This is because true neon pigments are hard to come by. While this nail design will show your beauty and elegance with any summer outfit.

3. Short Summer Neon Orange Tropical Nails

Short Summer Neon Orange Nails 2022 with Light Grey Nail, and A Palm Tree on Neon Orange Ombre Nail
Credit: Instagram@baciu.ioana.58

Alternatively, you could try a palm tree nail design, which is a fun summer-themed nail design. So, if you like the idea of a palm design on your nail, opt for this short neon nail design and enjoy it.

4. Neon Orange Nails with Animal Print Accents

Short Stiletto Neon Orange Nails with Two Animal Print Nails
Credit: Instagram@lapremierka

Another funky nail design is a neon orange matte manicure that has fun zebra, and cow prints on it. However, you may be worried that neon is too loud for your complexion. Of course, this nail art is one of the coolest summer nails to try.

5. Ombre Orange Neon Nail Design

Long Square Ombre Orange Neon Nails with Flowers, Butterflies, and Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@johnhnguyen94

Those who love bold, bright nail designs can opt for the glamorous neon orange manicure. But this bold, neon color will wow you with its conspicuous decorative elements and may even cause some disapproval from fashion mongers. Further, opting for ombre nails will be a perfect idea for spring and summer manicures.

6. Multicolored Matte Neon Orange Nails

Multicolored Matte Neon Orange Nails with with Beige and Yellow Accents and Adorned with Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu

If you’re unsure about how to use the color, you can experiment with other shades of orange. Also, you can use a combination of bright neon orange with a neutral tone like beige. So, this nail art above will help you achieve a bold neon orange mani.

7. Elegant Orange Neon Nails with Black Dots and Lines

Elegant Orange Neon Nails 2022 with Black Dots and Lines
Credit: Instagram@nc_nails_company

The craze for neon orange nails is not limited to summer. The neon color is also suitable for everyday wear, and pairs well with black and white clothing. Whether you’re wearing a white dress or a black mini-skirt, these nails will definitely turn heads.

In addition, neon orange nails will have you spotted at any party. Not only will they look stylish, but they will also be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party or summer wedding.

8. Fun Orange Coffin Neon Nails

Fun Coffin Summer Orange Neon Nails 2022 with Watermelon Slices on Two Nude Accents
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

If you’re looking for a new trend to add a pop of color to your hand and nails, then consider trying out fun neon orange nails! These bright and bold colors can give your look a special boost while being surprisingly easy to do.

9. Matte Neon Orange with Black Nail Art Design

Matte Neon Orange with Black and Blue Leopard Prints on Two Nails Besides One Matte Black Nail
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

If you don’t want to get your nails overly long, try going for a rounded shape. For a great, simple way to wear neon nails, try using a combination of bright orange, black, and blue to draw leopard prints. Finally, apply a matte top coat to complete the look.

10. Summer Palm Tree Nails

Summer Palm Tree Nails on Matte Coffin Neon Orange Nails for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

If you want to stand out this summer, why not go for matte bright neon orange nails? This “SAHARA SUNSET BUTTERCREAM COLOR GEL” between pink and orange nail polish is not only eye-catching. But also chip-resistant. Whether you’re going to a hot party, hitting the beach, or simply lounging by the pool, there is nail polish for you!

11. Summer Neon Orange and Green Nails

Short Round Summer Neon Orange and Green Nails with Glitter on Accent
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu

If you’re not feeling confident enough to create a dramatic neon orange manicure, try to mix it with green shades. Indeed, this color is flattering and goes well with a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors. It’s feminine, but still subtle, and looks fantastic when paired with glitter.

12. Long Neon Orange Nails

Long Square Neon Orange Nails 2022 with Gold Glitter, Rhinestones, and Watermelon Shape on Accent
Credit: Instagram@miralina_nails

Indeed, this summery neon shade is sure to be one of the most popular nail trends. And remember: don’t worry if you’re not an artist! You can create these fun, neon-y designs yourself at home! Just go for fruit nail stickers to make it easy.

13. Short Neon Orange Nails with Flowers

Short Neon Orange Nails with Colorful Flowers on Two Accents
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu

There’s nothing more exciting than summer! That means a new trend in nail art for summer! And it’s not just a summer-themed color! If you have a favorite summer nail design try to do it yourself. Also, you can save it to your mobile phone and bring it to the nail tech on your trip.

14. Neon Orange Crocodile Nails

Long Stiletto Summer Neon Orange Nails with Two Crocodile Nails Adorned with Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@minea.nails

Indeed, the neon orange croc nail design will be a hit this season! Here’s how to do it! And once you have the nail design down, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm sunshine without spending a fortune.

15. Neon Orange and Nude Nail Art Design

Neon Orange and Nude Nail Art Design with Glitter Touches
Credit: Instagram@_klaubeauty_

If you’re looking for a neon nail look, you can find one that matches your mood and style! You can choose a bright orange nail polish with a dark nude nail with glitter.

16. Neon Orange and Milky White Nails with Swirls

Long almond-shaped neon orange nails with two accent milky white nails adorned with white, silver glitter, and orange swirls
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu

If you want to make a bold statement opt for these long almond-shaped nails in a vibrant neon orange shade. Then, add two accent nails in a soft milky white to provide a striking contrast. Finally, adorn these milky white accent nails with a mesmerizing combination of white, silver glitter, and neon orange swirls.

To Conclude

At last, you’ve probably seen the gorgeous neon orange manicures, but you’re wondering if it’s possible to do your own! You can achieve a similar look at home with some easy-to-follow steps. First, apply a base color of neon orange, such as acrylic. Then, apply a matte finish. The next step is to add glitter or rhinestones, as desired. Now, the fun part!

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