10 On Trend Haircuts You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2023

The year 2023 is about to be a great one for women’s hair trends. Many of the styles will be familiar from previous years, but there are also some new trends to look forward to. One of the biggest on trend haircuts of this year is the super shortcut. A short pixie or bob cut, with a fringe, is a good choice for the new year. Similarly, a curtain bang, which softens a longer layered haircut, is another trend.

For women who love to tame their locks, the mullet and pixie mixie haircut will be a popular choice in the next few years. The two styles combine retro and modern vibes for an updated look. It’s an easy hairstyle to maintain. So, it’s time to change your hairstyle. With so different haircuts to select from, you may be wondering which trends will dominate 2023. Now, Check out these top hairstyles that will make waves in the coming years.

10 On-Trend Haircuts You'll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2023
10 On-Trend Haircuts You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2023

1. The Pixie

A Pixie cut is one of the most popular hair trends of the year 2023
Credit: Instagram@kurzehaarstylenn

Indeed, the pixie cut is one of the on-trend haircuts of the year. In addition, it can be used to style your look in many different ways. Aside from looking gorgeous, it also provides an ideal opportunity to experiment with hair color.

2. Octopus Haircut

Long Octopus Haircut style is one of the biggest on trend haircuts for 2023
Credit: Instagram@hypnotique

The octopus’s haircut is a fusion of two iconic haircuts, the shag, and the mullet. It’s a great hairstyle for anyone with thick, straight, or wavy hair. Although octopus haircuts have been around for a while, they are slowly gaining in popularity since 2022.

3. Butterfly Hairstyle

Long Butterfly hair trends are perfect hairstyles to try in 2023
Credit: Instagram@daniellediazhair

Butterfly haircut is one of the most popular hair trends since 2022. Additionally, this layered haircut gives the illusion of longer lengths and texture. It also adds movement to your style. You can wear it with curtain bangs for added style.

In addition, the butterfly hairstyle has exploded on social media. You can find plenty of pro stylists and influencers posting tutorials. This cute style looks chic and playful. With tons of layers, the cut adds tons of volume.

4. Blunt Bob

A short blonde blunt bob haircut is one of the best on trend haircuts for all year round
Credit: Instagram@passion_carre

A blunt bob is a short haircut that creates instant fullness and texture. Besides, this hairstyle is versatile and suits both thin and thick hair. With a variety of styles, a blunt bob is a great choice for any woman.

Also, you can wear blunt bob haircuts in different lengths, colors, and styles. Whether you prefer a chin-length blunt bob or a shoulder-length one, there’s a style to fit your personal taste. Furthermore, you can add fringe, bangs, or highlights to your style for a more edgy look.

5. Flippy Bob

Short flippy bob with choppy bangs
Credit: Instagram@bareeminimum

The flippy bob was one of the most popular hairstyles during the 2000s. It is a short haircut with flipped ends. This style is perfect for women with smoother hair. Furthermore, a bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle that can frame your face and add extra volume. Also, you can add bangs and layers, color, and texture to create a look that’s uniquely you.

6. Short Shag

The short shag hairstyle is a trendy haircut in 2023
Credit: Instagram@uh0hemma

Short-shag haircuts are widespread among women of all ages. Also, these haircuts add bounce, a light feel, and texture. They can be styled to look spiky or straight, and they can be used to disguise thin hair. Unlike other styles, short shag haircuts do not require curling irons.

7. Shoulder Length Hair

Wavy shoulder length hair with choppy layers adds volume and shape while waves add texture
Credit: Instagram@laceyjameshair

The best shoulder-length haircuts for women with wavy or curly hair feature a layered cut. Besides, choppy layers add volume and shape while waves add texture. Of course, this style is also perfect for any woman who has thin or fine hair. Also, it flatters all types of faces.

Furthermore, shoulder length hair has become a popular trend for celebrities. It’s a versatile hairstyle that you can maintain easily. No matter your hair texture, you can find the right shoulder-length cut to suit your personality and needs.

8. Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs long hair is a trendy haircut during 2023
Credit: Instagram@hirohair

Long hair with curtain bangs is one of the most coveted styles out there. This is because the curtain bangs look is versatile and flatters everyone. Because curtain bangs are a fringed look that is soft and subtle. Fortunately, they can suit any hair type. Moreover, the bangs can be part of the front or parted across the forehead to appear like a face-framing layer.

9. Bottleneck Bangs

Shaggy mullet with bottleneck bangs is a cute and low-maintenance haircut
Credit: Instagram@hollygirldoeshair

Bottleneck bangs are a 70s-inspired style that works well with a variety of hair types. They are also easy to style. Especially if you don’t have much time to spare to style your bangs. In addition, bottleneck bangs can also work on a variety of face shapes. While they’re great for round faces, they’re especially flattering on oval and square faces.

So, if you are looking to change your style or just trying to keep up with the latest trends, you may want to try a shaggy mullet with bottleneck bangs. Indeed, this hairstyle can be incredibly cute and low maintenance. In fact, it is becoming so popular right now that many people are wearing them on Instagram.

10. Wispy Bangs

Short haircut with wispy bangs is one of the cutest on trend haircuts 2023
Credit: Instagram@selenagomez

Wispy bangs are a great way to freshen up your look without making it too drastic. This style is easy to manage, also they suit almost any hair length. So, if you are looking for a fresh new look, wispy bangs can help you get there. Additionally, they come in a range of styles, so there’s no need to worry about whether they’ll work with your existing hairstyle.

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