30 OPI Nail Polish Colors—OPI Nature Strong Collection

OPI is a brand that I’ve always adored for its smooth tones and dynamic shades. The brand has a wide range of colors to choose from, ranging from the fun and bright colors like “It’s A Girl!” to the bold and daring shades like “Barbecue” to the sultry and seductive gel colors like “The Sirens Collection”. What makes OPI different from the rest? It’s their wide range of colors, of course. Since the brand’s inception, they’ve continued to expand its range and introduce new colors and patterns through a new Nature Strong Collection line. So, these 30 New OPI nail polish colors shades of the OPI Nature Strong Collection will indeed act as inspiration for you.

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OPI has released a new collection of nail polishes in honor of the new Original Paints brand. The new collection is named “Nature Strong,” and the thirty shades come with inspiration from the elements of water, land, air, and sky. According to OPI, the collection’s colors have natural hues, which traditionally brands use to create women’s beauty products. Considering all the 30 options available, you will indeed find your favorite. If you are looking for a suggestion, try the fall nail colors. They are adorable and can make your nails a lot more attractive.

Stunning Fall Nail Colors—OPI Nature Strong Collection for best fall nails 2021
Credit: Instagram@opi

Here are the best nail color pictures of this new collection to inspire your next manicure:

1. Dark OPI Nail Polish: Onyx Skies

Of course, this black nail shade is so elegant and suits most of the fall and winter occasions. So, try onyx skies polish that is dark as a night sky, and elevate your next manicure look. [Buy on Amazon]

Cute short black nails 2021 with OPI Onyx Skies - OPI Nature Strong Natural Origin Nail Polish

2. OPI Raindrop Expectations

This is a stunning light blue nail polish shade that’s right as rain. So, you can add Raindrop Expectations to your nails alone or in a cute nail art idea. [Buy on Amazon]

Cute short light blue nails 2021 with OPI Raindrop Expectations nail polish - OPI Nature Strong Natural Origin Nail Polish

3. Raisin Your Voice OPI Nail Polish

This is a gorgeous red raisin-colored natural origin nail polish that really suits Christmas nail looks. Of course, two coats of this stunning nail color will boost your mood! [Buy on Amazon]

Raisin Your Voice Natural Origin Nail Polish from Nature Strong OPI Nail Polish Collection

4. Thistle Make You Bloom OPI Nail Polish

Indeed, this magenta natural origin nail polish hue can add elegance and attraction to any skin tone. [Buy on Amazon]

Short magenta nails with thistle make you bloom OPI nail polish

5. Shore Is Something Natural Origin Nail Polish

Such a beautiful blue color shade that can provide you with a calm and natural feeling once you apply it over your nails. Also, this shade can work perfectly with grey outfits as you see below. [Buy on Amazon]

Round Blue Nails with Shore Is Something Natural Origin Nail Polish

6. For What It’s Earth OPI Nail Polish

Embrace the beauty of earth tones with this stunning nail polish shade that suits all skin tones. Also, you will definitely love your style that will be attractive wherever you go. [Buy on Amazon]

Short earth tone nails with For What It’s Earth OPI Nail Polish

7. Intentions are Rose Gold

Of course, this shiny rose gold nail polish will give you positive energy all day long. Now it’s time to try this shade and show your beauty. [Buy on Amazon]

Short Shimmer Rose Gold Nails with Intentions are Rose Gold OPI Nail Polish

The majestic OPI Nature Strong Collection comes with inspirational beauty and diverse colors of nature. Also, this collection features 30 distinct shades, which reflect the beauty of the animal kingdom and pay tribute to nature’s most stunning and powerful elements. So, this collection is the best nail polish set that you must have. Try this, and you will surely be amazed. Additionally, the OPI Nature Strong Collection has a formula that lasts nearly two weeks on your nails.

At last, all the OPI Nature Strong Collection nail polishes come in a sturdy bottle with a wide cap that is perfect for applying nails. These bottles design can keep nail polish protected and look great for longer, especially for those who love to paint their nails repetitively.

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