The Best Red Nail Designs That You’ll Love to Wear

If you want to wear red to a party, or just want to add a little glam to your manicure, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate red nail designs. You can choose a simple cherry manicure, or create a more intricate look with tiny hearts and gold accents. Of course, these designs can add a little extra oomph to any outfit.

In addition, if you want to create a romantic look or go for a simple office outfit, red nails are a perfect choice. Besides, you can use different shades and textures for a unique look. So, it’s time to get inspired by these stunning red nail designs that we have found for you!

1. Red Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Indeed, adding rhinestones to your red nails can bring out the inner diva in you. Also, you can choose from a variety of red color shades and styles to enhance your look. You can use the rhinestones on your thumbs, ring fingers, or even all of your nails. You can also use the gold or silver rhinestones with red nail polish for a fun and sophisticated look.

Medium Square Red Nails With Gold Rhinestones and Crystals are One of The Cutest Red Nail Designs to Try
Credit: Instagram@mrandmrsnailbar_szgd
Medium Round Red Nails with Silver Rhinestones and Gold Glitter on Accent French Tips
Credit: Instagram@fridanailsroma

2. French Red Acrylic Nails

Having long, red acrylic nails is a surefire way to add style to your look. Whether you choose a classic French manicure or opt for a trendy coffin-shaped design, you will have a look that will complement your attire.

Long Coffin French Red Acrylic Nails with Glitter on Two Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@eden_beauty_house

3. Matte Red Nails

Whether you are looking for a classic look or want to experiment with color, matte red nails will make you feel sexy and put you in the holiday spirit. So, you can add a matte top coat to your favorite red nail polish shade to get a unique finish. Besides, the silver rhinestones on the ring fingernail will amp up your red nail design.

Short Matte Red Nails with Silver Rhinestones on Ring Fingernail
Credit: Instagram@mrandmrsnailbar_szgd

4. Red and White Marble Nails

If you are looking for a bold and colorful accent nail or just want to add a bit of glamour to your red manicure, you can get the look you want with white marble nail art. This type of nail is elegant and will look great with almost any nail shape.

Medium Almond Shaped Red and White Marble Nails on Two Accent Fingernails are a Great Option of Red Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@we_nail_you1

5. Red Nail Designs with Swirl Nail Art

Whether you are looking for a romantic look for Valentine’s Day, or you are preparing to attend a holiday party, red nails with swirl nail art designs can give you the wow factor you are looking for. Indeed, they are a bold statement that never goes out of style.

Long Square Shaped Glitter French Red Nails with White Swirls
Credit: Instagram@most_extra_nails
Red nails with orange, white, and red swirls on nude accent nails

6. Dark Red Nails

If you want to make a statement or just want to show off your hand, dark red nails are the way to go. Also, this classic shade is a sophisticated color that complements any outfit, especially during the Holiday season.

Short Square Shaped Dark Red Nails with Glitter and a Heart Shape on Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsbypaulin

7. Red Coffin Nails

Indeed, red coffin nails with a white accent nail are the perfect way to add a bit of allure to your manicure. Additionally, they are a great option to be ready for a night on the town or to plan a romantic date. They seem edgy, but they are also extremely chic and stylish.

Medium Red Coffin Nails with an Accent White Coffin Nail Adorned with Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@srruud

8. Red Nail Designs with Plaid Nail Art

Whether you are attending a party, or simply having a leisurely day with friends, plaid nail art is a great way to make your red manicure stand out. Furthermore, these red nail designs have been around for a few years now, and they are one of the most popular nail styles.

Short Almond Shaped Matte Red Christmas Tartan Nails with Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@ticketyboonailsandbeauty
Glossy Red Christmas Nails with Plaid Nail Art on an Accent Nail
Credit: Instagram@rubin_nailart

9. Gel Red Nails with Gold Glitter

If you’re going for a festive or feminine look, gel red nails with gold glitter are a great way to add some flare to your manicure. Of course, this nail design suits the Holiday season.

Long Almond Shaped Gel Red Nails With Gold Glitter That Suit the Holiday Season
Credit: Instagram@motylove_paznokcie

10. Glitter Red Valentine Nails

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day nail art, or just want to show off your nails, red is a great choice. In addition, it’s the color of passion and romance, and it also represents luck in many cultures.

Short Square Shaped Glitter Red Valentine Nails are Simple but Cute
Credit: Instagram@nails_studio_vitakucherenko

At last, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or attending a holiday party, you can’t go wrong with red nail designs. The color red is symbolic of love, romance, and adventure. But it’s also a color that can look good on all skin tones.

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