Simple Christmas Nails That You’ll Love to Try in 2022

During the holidays, you will want your nails to be festive and jolly. This can be achieved with a few easy and simple Christmas nails. You can either paint them yourself or visit a nail salon for a festive design. The classic Christmas colors are reds, greens, and silvers. However, if you’re looking for a nail design that is a little more unusual, you can create a cute reindeer design.

You can also get creative and add funky Christmas designs to your nails. For example, you can paint the tips in silver glitter or use a dotting tool to draw a gift knot. This is a fun idea and will be sure to impress your friends. Another Christmas nail design is the snowflake. This is an old-school holiday motif. A cute snowflake is a fun way to celebrate the season. This nail design features a white base with silver and green ornaments.

The Christmas tree is another classic Christmas motif. You can paint your nails in a classic shade and decorate with boughs of holly or mistletoe. The winter season is a great time to get creative with your nail art. Snowflakes are popular, and the festive French tip is always in style.

There are also a few Christmas nail art stickers you can buy. This includes a snowflake, a Christmas tree, and a teddy bear. Besides, you can find a lot of festive and fun Christmas nail stickers on the web. Christmas nail art is the perfect way to show off your festive spirit. You can have a few Christmas characters on each nail, or you can use different shades to create a unique design.

1. Grinch Green Simple Christmas Nails

Short Grinch Green French Simple Christmas Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailhustle

Whether you want to get into the festive mood or try something simple, these short Grinch green French Christmas nails are for you. Also, this nail design is sure to turn heads.

2. Festive Short Christmas Nails

Festive Short Nude Simple Christmas Nails with red, green, gold glitter, and white vertical lines in random patterns
Credit: Instagram@_by_shelley

Whether you are looking for a fun holiday look for yourself or someone special, these short festive simple Christmas nails will suit anyone. Besides, all you need is to apply a nude base coat. Then, add red, green, gold glitter, and white vertical lines in random patterns. At last, apply the top coat.

3. Polka Dot Christmas Nails

Medium Square Shaped red, green, white, and brown Polka Dot Simple Christmas Nails over Nude Pink Base Color
Credit: Instagram@uvnailsbylena

If you’re celebrating Christmas or you just want to try something festive and simple, then these polka dot nails are perfect for you. Because you can do it easily using a dotting pen tool.

4. Red and Green Simple Christmas Nails

Red and Green Simple Christmas Nails with Glitter on Two Dark Green Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@taylorpolished

Indeed, adding red and green to your Christmas nail design is a great way to make your nails look festive and fun. Whether you’re a Christmas beginner or a seasoned pro, these red and green Christmas nails are sure to add some holiday cheer to your hands. Besides, you can apply this manicure yourself.

5. Candy Cane Simple Christmas Nails

Short Candy Cane Simple Christmas Nails over Matte Blue Base Color
Credit: Instagram@anna.and.nails

Of course, creating candy cane Christmas nails can be a fun and easy task if you are prepared to put in a little time and effort. Instead, you can use a nail sticker to apply the candy canes, after applying the matte blue base color.

6. Red Christmas Nails

Long Almond Red Christmas Nails with Candy Cane and Christmas Present Nail Art on Two Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@thenailboutiquehersham

Indeed, red Christmas nails are an elegant and festive way to celebrate the holiday season. These festive nails can be easy to create at home. Just make sure to have Candy Canes and present nail art Vinyl Stencils. Besides, red and white nail polishes.

7. Simple Christmas Lights Nail Art Design

Short Simple Christmas Lights Nail Art Design with White Base Color
Credit: Instagram@polishedmarissa

Creating Christmas lights nail art can be a fun way to bring the spirit of the holiday season to your nails. You can make simple designs that tie in with the holiday season, or you can go all out and deck your nails with Christmas lights and sparkles. Besides, you can recreate this nail design above using nail stickers. Whatever you decide to do, Christmas lights nail art can give your nails an extra sparkle that will last until New Year’s Eve.

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