20 Stunning and Trendy Spring Nails to Try This Season

Spring inspires people with many things – spring fever, spring cleaning, and yes – trendy spring nails! Well, I’m sure you’re excited to try different trendy spring nails this year, and you have a reason to do it. The warm weather invites women to add color, designs, and patterns to their nails.

Trendy Spring Nails designs with trendy spring nail colors for eye-catching looks
20 Stunning and Trendy Spring Nails to Try This Season

The good news is that it doesn’t end there! Do you want to know awesome ideas for trendy spring nails? Then, keep reading, and you’ll be amazed by the colors and designs that are perfect for your nails.

Diverse Nail Shapes that Fit You

One great thing about trendy spring nails is that women can choose different nail shapes. You’re free to choose diverse nail shapes that fit your personality. For example, a square meets an oval in the almond nail shape.  Have you seen a “nut-inspired” nail shape? Then, you have the almond shape to spice up the Spring Season. Give a little detail on your nails in choosing the detail brush shape.

This almond shaped spring nails design is one of the cutest almond nail designs for spring with two floral accent nails
Credit: Instagram@thelittlethingsbyania
Cute nude short spring nails 2020 with white flowers and glitter design
Credit: Instagram@keep.on.polishing

Here’s a new twist – the French manicure. Yeah, some of you haven’t heard this before. But trust me, it’s worth trying after you switch dimensions and color combinations.

Short french tip nails for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@betina_goldstein
This negative space white french tip nails set is the best white tip acrylics for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@misspopnails

Minimalist Trendy Spring Nails

Your spring acrylic nails look amazing! But be ready because you can make it even better. Hit the salon right now and try minimalist art for your nails. Let modern nail art have its take on the French manicure choice, and you’re stunned!

Stunning minimalist nail art 2020 design for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@nehirderyanailspa
Cute minimal nail art for short nails 2020 with white tips is the trendy choice for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@nehirderyanailspa
Cute matte almond minimalist nail art design with white French tips and rhinestones, make it your spring nails 2020 choice
Photo Credit: Instagram@beautify.yourday

Fun with Nail Art

Thanks to the latest fashion trends, people have many ideas to make their nails cool and unique. Yes, your guess is correct if sparkles, polka dots, line nail designs, and squiggly lines go together with spring nail colors.

the trendy sparkly pink over teal square nails 2020 set with glitter for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@_manic_mani
Cute matte polka dot nails is the trendy spring nails 2020
Credit: Instagram@sammykirkwoodnails
Purple marble almond shaped with black curved line nail art design with gold foil for spring 2020
Photo Credit: Instagram@sammykirkwoodnails
So vibrant round nails colors with glowing ombre purple effect and some black dots for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@lacqueredloft
Gorgeous bright pink almond nails with colorful almond nails paired with some fine black lines for spring 2020 nail ideas
Photo Credit: Instagram@nails_cv_ua
Baby blue spring almond nails 2020 with black curved line nail art design and stamping leaves and blue glitter for spring 2020
Credit: Instagram@nails_cv_ua

That’s what we call fun at a new level. Discover beautiful, fun, and stunning nail looks that would attract you and many people. Women can be innovative when it comes to nail appearance. Be prepared to see that and more as you have fun nail art.

The Best Nail Colors are Here

You can choose from Nail Polish colors such as Blue Gray, True Black, Hunter Green, and other amazing colors. But experts choose Classic Blue as an awesome color for trendy spring nails, and everyone agrees.

Cute spring nails 2020 with pantone color of the year 2020 and rhinestones on accent nail
Credit: Instagram@annes_nails
Gorgeous matte leafy spring nails 2020 with Pantone Color of the Year 2020
Credit: Instagram@caticorn_nails

I think the choice has no connection that Classic Blue is named Pantone color this year. I guess Classic Blue is a fun color that makes trendy spring nails a blast!

Short and Beautiful Trendy Spring Nails

Women with short nails would ask, “what’s the best color for short nails?” Well, that’s easy – you can apply solid and dark colors.

That’s not all.

Did you know that dark colors make short nails appear longer? You can also achieve the right nail shape by choosing rouge, dark blue, and black colors.  Once the nails are cut and shaped perfectly, the best outcome is yours!

Dark blue short spring nails 2020 with round tips
Credit: Instagram@nailsby_kerrie
cute black short nails for spring 2020 with green leaves and gold foil on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@sanctuaryspatradition

Trendy spring nails are much more fun and exciting than anyone can imagine. Lots of designs, shapes, and colors make nail trends as exciting as possible. Give your butterfly acrylic nails a new look by adding intricate designs and more!

Inspiring Trendy Spring Nails

Spring nail art designs are a lot, so we have cherry-picked the most beautiful sets to act as inspiration for you to copy the design that you like or make a combination between two or more, just keep browsing!

Pink French manicure stiletto nails with floral design tips and rhinestones for spring 2020
Pink stiletto nails spring 2020 with rhinestones and floral art tips design!
Cute multicolor spring nails with two accent floral coffin nails design!

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