TLB Skin Glow Highlighting Skin Serum

Hello gorgeous! Tired of finding the best highlighter and serum in the beauty store? Worried about spending a lot of money buying different face products? Want luminous glow skin? If yes, then the lip bar skin glow highlighting serum is for you!

The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Skin Serum
The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Skin Serum

Why are a Highlighter and Serum a must-have?

These two products are one of the most consumed in beauty stores. I bet that you can’t go a day without these as well.

Highlighters improve your skin complexion by giving highlights and making your cheeks more projected.

While the serum is good for our skin because of its moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid that keep your skin moisturized, smooth, firm, and dewy, and it makes your skin more radiant all day.

Who’s Behind This Product?

The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Serum PRETTY PENNY

If you’re wondering who’s the genius behind this amazing product, here’s a glimpse of who they are. The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand founded by Melissa Butler. Her company was launched in 2012 and first introduced her first-ever formulated vegan lipstick from her very own kitchen while being a worker on wall street.

The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Serum, A Makeup Junkie Must Have!

After several years of producing quality lipstick and face products in the market, finally, the Lip Bar introduces you to the Skin Glow Highlighting Serum. This product is formulated as makeup and skincare in one.

This skin-lightening serum comes with vegan ingredients and is cruelty-free, which ensures your health. It also gives a luminous and healthy-looking glow to the skin all day. How good is that, right?

The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Serum GOLDEN GLOW

The Skin Glow Highlighting Serum comes in 3 shades:

  1. Pretty Penny – this is the deepest shade included in the collection. If you have a deeper skin tone, this shade will best compliment your skin by giving highlights for dark skin—nothing to worry about your slightly dark skin tone.
  2. Golden Glow – this is the light-medium beige shade, this shade best compliment medium to fair skin tone.
  3. Rose All Day – Last but definitely not least, the Rose All Day is the fairest shade among all three products. This shade will best compliment rosy fair skin tone.
The Lip Bar Skin Glow Highlighting Serum ROSÉ ALL DAY
TLB ROSÉ ALL DAY Skin Glow Serum

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