20 Best Valentines Nails to Express Your Love with Style

Valentines nails are perfect for a romantic, fun, or funky look. You can choose to do your nails with metallic, candy colors, or classic black and white. The options are endless, and it’s easy to find a nail design that will suit your look and personality. For Valentines Day in 2023, the best nail art ideas include a variety of color schemes, designs, and textures.

Indeed, you can make your nails look stunning with glitter, pastel, and even classic colors. However, your favorite nail art can also be simple. Many Valentine’s Day nail art designs use hearts. Hearts can be bright and colorful or subtle and neutral. But whatever the design, you want your nails to be playful and unique.

The Best Valentines Nails to Try in 2023
The Best Valentines Nails to Try This Year

1. Long Valentines Nails with Heart Glitter

Long square-shaped nude valentines nails 2023 with different pink shade heart glitter
Credit: Instagram@grabbersbymiks

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for celebrating and showing love. Moreover, there are many ways you can show your loved ones how much you care. One way is with a simple manicure. So, you can try these long nude acrylics with different shades of pink heart glitter to express your love.

2. Baby Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Long Stiletto Pink Valentine’s Day Nails 2023 with Red Hearts and Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@dreanailzz

Valentine’s Day is a holiday devoted to love. So, it’s a great time for celebrating with a cute, sexy look. Of course, the best way to do this is by adorning your nails with a pretty, Valentine’s day nail design. So, don’t hesitate to recreate these long stiletto light pink valentine’s day nails with red hearts and rhinestones.

3. Pastel Valentines Nails

Medium round shaped lavender and pink matte pastel valentines nails 2023 with heart shapes on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@paznokciewkolorzemarzen

Indeed, the perfect Valentine’s nails with hearts are easy to achieve. You can use a variety of pastel nail polish shades and add a special touch with glitter. Indeed, pastel nails are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the need to go overboard. They’re also a cute and classy option.

4. Valentine’s Day Ombre Nails

Long square shaped french ombre valentines nails 2023 with heart glitter on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsby_niki94

If you want to have an elegant and romantic look on Valentine’s Day, you can try to apply French ombre nails. Indeed, these nails are a perfect choice and can look great on any occasion. However, you have to use the right nail kit and polish. Besides, the heart glitter will add a romantic touch to your design.

5. Creative Valentines Nails

Long Leopard Print French Tip Valentines Nails 2023 with Pink Hearts and Lips on them
Credit: Instagram@grabbersbymiks

Leopard print nails are a fun and festive way to dress your nails for Valentine’s Day. But, with a little practice and some leopard print nail supplies, you can create your own adorable and trendy design. Also, you can add some pink glitter on accent nails with leopard print lips on them.

6. Bee Mine Valentines Nails

Long nude acrylic valentines nails 2023 with white and red hearts, rhinestones, yellow glitter, and bee mine words
Credit: Instagram@polishedandglamorous

Whether you’re going for a sophisticated manicure or just a simple manicure, nude acrylic valentines nails are the perfect way to get ready for this romantic holiday. In addition, these simple, clean, and wearable nails are easy to recreate at home. Also, you can recreate this nail design with your favorite nail colors such as red and pink.

7. Black French Tip Nails with Pink Hearts

Long black French tip valentines nails 2023 with glitter pink hearts
Credit: Instagram@brisnailroom_

Valentine’s Day is a time of heart, kisses, and love. It’s also a perfect excuse to wear nail art that is inspired by love. If you already have black French tip nails, then you can add some little glitter pink hearts using heart nail stencils.

8. Short Red Valentine’s Day Nails

Short red valentines nails 2023 with pink and red heart shapes on two accent nails besides a French tip accent nail
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyg____

Whether you are going out or staying home, you can add a touch of love to your look. Besides, you don’t need long nails to create an interesting design. So, you can opt for short red nails. Also, you can use a nail sticker or a sticker stencil to create a unique heart-shaped look.

9. White French Valentines Nails

Long square shaped white French tip valentines nails 2023 with red hearts and stars
Credit: Instagram@beenailzz

A great idea is to do a white French manicure with red hearts and stars. It is a cute look that you will love to wear. Besides, this design uses a nude base color. Also, if you’re new to nail art, this design can be easy to do at home. With this nail design, you can make a statement without covering your nails with a thick coat of polish.

10. Matte Pink Valentine’s Day Nails

Long coffin pink valentines day nails 2023 with French tips, plaid nail art, teddy bear, and heart shapes
Credit: Instagram@polished_nails_of_knoxville_tn

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it is time to start thinking about a new and unique manicure. While the official color is red, there are many options to select from such as matte pink. So, you can try these coffin matte pink valentine’s day nails with French tips, plaid nail art, teddy bear, rhinestones, and heart shapes.

11. Simple Valentines Nails

Short square shaped white simple valentines nails 2023 with red hearts
Credit: Instagram@charsgelnails_

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day nail design that is simple yet elegant, then these white valentines nails with red hearts are for you. Fortunately, these are easy to create at home and all you need is white and red nail polishes, and heart nail stencils or nail stickers. Besides, this nail design will catch all eyes especially short nail lovers.

12. Glossy Red Valentines Nails with Hearts

Long square shaped red valentine’s day nails with red heart shapes on two accent ombre nails
Credit: Instagram@cmad_moiselle_t

Indeed, red nails with hearts are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Also, they’re fun and romantic and you can apply them on both natural and artificial nails. Besides, you can choose this look that can recreate at home. So, you can use two ombre accent nails to elevate your nail look.

13. Shimmery Red Valentines Nails with Pink Hearts

Medium almond shaped shimmery red valentines nails with pink hearts and stars
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

Red valentines nails with pink hearts can be a fun and easy way to show your love. Besides, the red and pink combination is eye-catching and elegant. Of course, this nail look can be a special choice for this year.

14. Swirl Red Valentines Nails

Medium almond red and pink swirl valentines nails on a nude base color
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

Swirl nails are one of the hot trends of the season. Because, they look chic, feminine, and fun! While they may seem like a bit of a gimmick, this is a simple idea that is growing in popularity. So, it’s a great idea to use red and pink nail polishes to create swirl red valentine’s nails.

15. White French Nails with Red Hearts

Medium Almond Shaped White French Valentines Nails 2023 with Overlaid Red Hearts
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

If you love minimal looks but want to add a little pop of color for Valentine’s Day, consider this design. It features classic white French nail tips that and topped with some cute little red hearts.

16. Dark Red Valentine’s nails with Gold Glitter

Long coffin dark red valentine’s nails with gold glitter and white hearts
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day and let your nails show some love. So, you can try these elegant dark red valentine’s nails with gold glitter and white hearts.

17. Lovely Red Valentines Nails

Red valentines nails with an accent nude pink nail adorned with gold “love” word with a red heart shape
Credit: Instagram@agata_hojka

For a sophisticated yet romantic look, opt for medium-length square-shaped red nails. These nails exude elegance and pair perfectly with any outfit. To add a touch of flair, consider choosing an accent nail in a nude pink shade. Adorn it with a delicate gold “love” word and a red heart shape, symbolizing the timeless bond of affection.

18. White French Manicure with Red Lip Nail Art

Cute classic white French manicure with many red lip nail art all over the nude pink area
Credit: Instagram@nails.diamondshine

If you’re a fan of the timeless French manicure, why not give it a Valentine’s twist? Opt for a classic white French manicure with a nude pink base and add a playful touch by incorporating red lip nail art all over the nude pink area. Indeed, these cute and flirty nails will surely make a statement and complement any Valentine’s Day look.

19. Matte Pink Valentine’s Nails

Long almond-shaped matte pink valentines nails with two light nude pink accent nails adorned with pink and black hearts
Credit: Instagram@sylwia.ka_1982

For those looking to embrace a softer and more romantic style, long almond-shaped matte pink nails are an excellent choice. These fingernails exude femininity and elegance. Also, you can create a charming contrast by adding two light nude pink accent nails adorned with pink hearts and black dotted hearts. Indeed, this gorgeous design will capture hearts and make you feel truly special.

20. Glossy Red Nails with Heart Nail Art

Glossy red nails almond shaped and adorned with heart nail art designs and a nude accent adorned with pink and red hearts
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

For a bold and passionate look, opt for glossy red almond-shaped nails adorned with heart-shaped nail art. These unique nails are perfect for expressing your love and passion on Valentine’s Day. To add a touch of variety, consider having a nude accent nail adorned with pink and red heart shapes. Another accent nail with a pink and red heart-shaped French tip will add a unique twist to this striking design.

Finally, Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to showcase your love and creativity through your nails. Whether you prefer a classic French manicure with a romantic twist or want to make a bold statement with glossy red nails adorned with heart-shaped designs, there are countless options to choose from. Embrace the spirit of love this Valentine’s Day and let your nails speak volumes about your affection and style.

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