Cameron Diaz Beauty Secrets Revealed

You’re not the only one if you’ve ever wondered about how the actress, who is 49, seems like a teenager. Her age-defying aesthetic is the result of a regular beauty routine. Even though the routine isn’t lengthy or complicated. But it’s effective and consistent. Cameron Diaz is so good at looking young that she wrote a beauty book, The Body Book, that shares her secrets.

Cameron Diaz Beauty Secrets Revealed
Credit: Instagram@cameron_diaz_daily

Cameron Diaz has a minimal beauty routine

After years of dealing with Hollywood’s misogyny, Cameron Diaz has retired from the spotlight. She’s since become a cosmetic legend, creating the minimal beauty trend. As per the actress, she does not wash her face.┬áIn a BBC podcast, Diaz revealed her minimalist skincare routine. It’s refreshing to see such a famous actress ditch the fads. Typically, you’d pay at least $75 for a bottle of foundation or a jar of cream. But now, you can buy the same product for less than $54 on Amazon.

Although many Hollywood stars spend hours applying makeup and blush to look glamorous. But Cameron Diaz has a minimal and basic beauty routine. She says she’s no longer concerned about her appearance after her daughter Raddix was born. Also, she says that having a baby changed her notion of aging. Even if you’re in your 40s, you can still look glamorous. But if you’re looking for a less glamorized look, the key is to make the most of your skin’s natural radiance.

Her anti-bathing philosophy

When it comes to beauty, celebrities don’t always have time to bathe. Cameron Diaz, for instance, does not wash her face very often. On the BBC podcast Rule Breakers, she is candid about not washing her face. Although she may be in the anti-bathing camp, she is certainly not the only one. Many other celebrities are now following a similar philosophy.

In the past, celebrities in Hollywood complain about privacy and felt like they live in a bubble. In addition, they complain about societal injustices and gossip regarding their lives during interviews. Cameron, on the other hand, doesn’t kiss and tell. She doesn’t care what the media thinks about her marriage or even dating life. It’s her decision and she is the only one who is responsible to take it.

Her no-makeup makeup tricks

It’s no secret that Cameron Diaz is a fan of no-makeup makeup tricks. The actress recently published a book called Body, which shows off her no-makeup makeup style. Cameron had been a model before she was an actress. Also, her classic light blond hair and sparkling blue eyes have remained untouched over the years.

Among the celebrities who wear no-makeup makeup tricks, is actress Ashley Tisdale. She is a stand-up comedian with a no-holds-barred talk show on E. Her latest #NoMakeup photo on Twitter is the roughest. It’s an intentionally un-made-up photo, and it almost looks like she’s promoting a substance abuse awareness campaign.

Cameron Diaz no-makeup makeup tricks
Credit: Instagram@cameron_diaz_daily

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