Chic Chignon Bun Hairstyle Ideas You Should Try

There are different hairstyle ideas you can try. But chignon bun hairstyle ideas suit the majority of hair types. However, this simple and elegant updo hairstyle is a low bun placed at the nape of the neck. Further, the name for this cute hairstyle originally comes from the French words “chignon du cou”, which gives the meaning of “nape of the neck”.

Fortunately, the chignon bun hairstyle ideas suit a lot of occasions such as parties, weddings, proms, and even work. Also, this popular hairstyle for centuries becomes the most popular appearance on the red carpet nowadays. Anyway, we have found some elegant and chic chignon bun hairstyle Ideas you will love to try. Just keep browsing!

1. Bridal Chignon Bun with Pearls

Bridal Chignon Bun with Pearls
Credit: Instagram@victorialouisebridalhair

Indeed, this simple and elegant hairstyle proves that less is more. So, you can choose to try something simple like this a beautiful chignon with pearls for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Braided Low Chignon Bun

Braided Low Chignon Bun for Wedding
Credit: Instagram@semra_38

Most braided buns are perfect to wear as prom hairstyles. So, if you are a fan of braided chignons then this one is perfect for you. This chic hairstyle will turn heads.

3. Messy Chignon Hairstyle

Messy Chignon Bun Hairstyle Idea for Wedding and Prom
Credit: Instagram@atelier_coquette

A chignon is a style of hair that is typically low, tucked under, or wrapped around itself. While all buns are technically chignons, a chignon is different. So, this perfect, unfinished look that this bun has is an easy formal option for you!

4. Simple Wrapped Chignon Bun

Simple Wrapped Chignon Bun for weddings and other elegant events
Credit: Instagram@sophie_scissors

A bun can vary in placement and also involve wrapping hair around itself. However, this wrapped chignon bun is ideal for weddings and other elegant events.

5. Boho Chignon Hair Bun

Boho Chignon Hair Bun
Credit: Instagram@lemelshairboutique

At a wedding, a chignon can be worn by a bride or a wedding guest, and the look is perfect for the occasion. So, you can try this boho chignon bun and enjoy the compliments on this occasion.

6. Classic and Classy Chignon Bun

Classic and Classy Low Chignon Bun for Your Big Day
Credit: Instagram@zwhairmua

The chignon bun is a classic hairstyle that can wear in different occasions. But, this classy low chignon bun is perfect for your big day. Also, you can accessorize with a flower, fringe, or even hair accessory to enhance its look. Further, this simple yet elegant hairstyle will last for years.

7. Smooth Chignon

Smooth Chignon Bun for Formal and Casual Events
Credit: Instagram@lapagemakeupofficial

The chignon bun is an elegant formal hairstyle that is reminiscent of a traditional bride’s bun. Where the bun rests low at the nape of the neck and has a defined twisted section that feeds into it. It can look chic and sophisticated but doesn’t take long to style. But this style is appropriate for formal and casual events alike.

8. Braiding Chignon Hair with Bangs

Braiding Chignon Hair with Bangs for A Party

This braiding chignon hair with bangs suits your formal and casual occasions too. So, this hairstyle is perfect for situations where you don’t want winds to blow it away!

9. Mother of Bride’s Chignon Bun

Mother of Bride’s Chignon Bun
Credit: Instagram@bridalhairbyjuju

This chic upstyle chignon hair bun with natural grey hues is perfect for “mother of brides” who have fine shoulder-length hair. Besides, adding some hair accessories will increase the elegance of this hairstyle.

10. Soft Textured Chignon Hair Bun

Soft Textured Chignon Hair Bun
Credit: Instagram@hairartbyjude

Chignon buns can be created with any kind of hair. Additionally, they are easy to create and require minimal styling. So, you can style this classic soft textured chignon bun with a little effort.

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