How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Stronger

Having longer, healthier, and stronger nails is considered a very important thing for every girl who is looking for beauty in all its details. But how to make your nails grow faster and stronger easily? No worry we will show all the causes and methods that may help to solve this problem. So, try these easy and proven tips and tricks to enhance your natural nail growth.

However, your natural nails can’t grow overnight. But how long does it take for nails to grow naturally? According to dermatologists, it may take up to six months to grow fingernails (3.5 millimeters per month). Besides, it may take double or triple this period for toenails (1.5 millimeters/month) for growing up. So, be patient and keep scrolling to know the best nail care routine to grow your nails in the fastest way possible.

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Stronger
Grow Nails Faster

1. Cuticle Oil for Nails Grow

The cuticle is a skin barrier above the natural nail growth matrix where your fingernail starts growing. So, keeping your cuticle intact will ensure healthy nail growth. Therefore, avoid cutting your cuticles with any nail care tools such as clippers or even with liquid cuticle remover.

So, try to use cuticle oils daily to nourish your cuticles. Additionally, cuticle oil can boost the blood circulation around your fingernails which stimulates natural nail growth.

Cuticle Oil for Nail Growth Faster
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2. Biotin for Nails Grow Faster and Healthy

Indeed, proper nutrition will lead to having intact fingernails with color consistency. However, B vitamin (Biotin) is responsible to enhance the strength of nails and even hair too.

Fortunately, you can find biotin naturally in cooked eggs, nuts and nut butter, and bananas. There are also biotin supplements that it is better to specify through the dermatologist to take the appropriate dose.

3. Use Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

In fact, acetone-free nail polish remover is slower than the acetone-based remover. But it keeps the hydration locked in the nail and its surrounding area. In addition, avoid prolonged soaks that cause nail brittleness and breakage which leads to slower nail growth.

4. Give Your Nails a Break

Whether you love to wear acrylics, color street nails, or gel manicures give your nails a break to boost nail health. But in this break, nail strengtheners are recommended to avoid nail chipping. Especially, if you always use your hands in rough activities such as sports.

Also, nontoxic nail polishes are the perfect choice for safe manicures that keeps your nails healthy and stronger.

5. Soften, Then File Your Nails

It’s important to keep filing your nails every a few days to get rid of any snags that cause splitting. The glass nail file is the perfect option to achieve this job because it leaves a clean nail edge. But first, try to use nail softeners then start filing your nails to get the best results.

To Conclude

At last, your nails reflect your general health. So, it’s essential to follow the right diet if are looking for strong, fast-growing, and healthy nails. Sometimes, nails require some assistance to get stronger and healthier. This is where nail homemade remedies can be helpful. Just, take the time to take care of your nails, and they’ll become more durable and longer-lasting.

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