Color Street Nails Neon Nights Collection 2021

Summer is full of stunning nail art ideas such as rainbow, star, and palm nail art. But what about trying a simple manicure with bold neon colors? Fortunately, color street nails neon nights’ strips have come with different flashy colors you will love them.

Now, every fashion girl can enjoy summertime with neon nail colors that popping up everywhere this year. But the quickest and easiest way to wear this manicure is color street nail strips. So, we have collected a diverse assortment of bold neon manicures besides some neon color street combos to act as an inspiration for you.

Color Street Nails Neon Nights Collection 2021
Photo Credit: Insta@prettynailsbyjessika

1. Supercharged Color Street Nails

Short purple nails 2021 with Supercharged Color Street Nails Strips
Photo Credit: Insta@polished_perfect_with_charlin

Of course, this vivid neon purple shade is stunning and every fashion girl will love to wear it. Moreover, you don’t need any manicure skills to apply this shade. Just pull off the clear film that covers the supercharged strips then start the application.

Color street supercharged mixed mani (Supercharged+Cool Beans Color Street)

Color street supercharged mixed mani featuring Supercharged and Cool Beans strips

Supercharged color street combo Ideas

Supercharged, Spot on, and Mind Matters color street combos
Color street combos glamsterdam, paint the town, spot on, and supercharged color street nails
Color street combos of Supercharged, ️Swiss and Tell, ️Oslo and Steady, and ️Glittersweet strips

2. Shockwave Color Street Nails

Shockwave Color Street Nails 2021 from neon nights collection
Photo Credit: Insta@ambers.nail.polish.obsession

Indeed, this neon power pink shade would be perfect for any summer occasion. Furthermore, this feminine shade works great with any skin tone. It’s time to set up your new nail game with shockwave nail strips.

Shockwave color street mixed mani (Shockwave+Check Yourself  Strips)

Shockwave color street mixed mani with Check Yourself  Strips

Shockwave color street combo ideas

shockwave with tiny and shiny color street combo
Best of color street combos consist of shockwave, spot on, midnight in Manhattan, Chelsea ya later, swiss and tell color street nail strips
Gorgeous color street combo of Shockwave, Swiss and Tell, Spot On, and Clear as Day nail strips

3. High Voltage Color Street Nails

Long neon orange nails 2021 with High Voltage Color Street Nail strips

Still, the electric neon orange shade is a perfect and fun choice for the summer season. As well, whether you choose to wear just high voltage strips or blend them with other animal print strips like the spot on you will enjoy. Also, you can create your nail art by mixing your favorite nail strips with high-voltage neon orange stripes.

Stunning high voltage color street combo Ideas

Cute Color street combos of short neon orange nails high voltage strips with As It Ferns Out nail strips
Color street French nail tips with neon orange high voltage with spot on, and Chelsea ya later strips
Color street combos summer 2021 idea consists of high voltage, show and shell, and mind matters strips
Cute Color street combos summer 2021 idea consists of swiss and tell, polka dot com, tinseltown, and high voltage

4. Kilowatt Color Street Nails

Kilowatt Color Street Nails from neon nights collection 2021

Level up your next manicure with these neon green shade stripes. Don’t hesitate to try this cute neon shade separately or mixed with other color street nail strips. Moreover, you will find below some color street combos to copy.

Kilowatt color street mixed mani Ideas

kilowatt color street combo of spot on and kilowatt for summer 2021, best of color street combos summer 2021
Cute color street combos 2021 idea of kilowatt, and glittersweet strips for summer season
Color street combos 2021 Idea of shockwave, kilowatt, between the lines, and polka dot com strips
Gorgeous color street combos summer 2021 idea consists of kilowatt, flamingo, and key west is best strips

To conclude

At last, the color street nails neon nights collection has a diverse assortment of neon colors that really worth wearing. In addition, color street nail strips definitely have easy application comparing to any nail polish. Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy your favs via and start your creativity. Additionally, for more color street combos inspiration visit our previous post “Cute Color Street Nail Combo Ideas” and enjoy those inspiring nail art designs.

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