Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women

If you have blessed naturally curly hair, there are different cute hairstyles for short curly hair. There are side bangs, curly bobs, and even the ever-popular Mohawk. These styles are still popular, but they do require constant brushing. If you are not a fan of the frizzy, dry look, you might want to consider other styles. The right style can even make you look years younger.

To keep the short hairstyle in good condition, try using a shine serum and conditioning it every day. Also, you should have a color top-up every six to eight weeks. A regular trim is also recommended to prevent split ends. You can also try different hair shade colors and textures to style an edgy look.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women
Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women

If you have a round face, try to find the right curly hairstyle to flatter your face shape. Further, this can be tricky with different curl patterns because they differ in bounce and volume. Fortunately, you’ll have more options if you have an oval face. However, you still want to maintain an overall balance. To fill in any narrow areas, use curl patterns that add volume.

Short curly hairstyles are also easy to maintain. These styles are great for women with busy schedules. If you don’t want to spend hours daily styling your hair, try a short pixie or a short bob. This look will make you look stunning without losing too much time.

1. Cute Pixie Short Curly Hair with Headband

Short Curly Pixie Cute with Headband - Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women
Credit: Instagram@lynnettessilhouettes

This curly pixie cut is an easy way to give your pixie cut an extra boost of volume. Of course, the headband will add a sassy vibe and add a playful feel to your look. So, trying to add a headband to your pixie cut will help you achieve this style.

2. Beautiful Short Curls

 Beautiful Short Curls - Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair
Credit: Instagram@gabiwithcurls

Short curly blonde hair is in, and it is easy to manage and very versatile. You don’t need to invest in expensive styling tools, but there are a few products that can give you the look you want. Simply cut your hair to just below your chin and side-part it. Then use a small-barreled curling wand to add nice curls to your short hair. Once your hair is in the right shape, finger-comb it to help keep the curls in place.

3. Cute Messy Bun for Short Curly Hair

Cute Messy Bun for Short Curly Hair
Credit: Instagram@a1_fleeky

A short curly messy bun can be an easy and cute style to wear. Besides, the key to a great messy bun for short curly hair is to not pull it too tight. A satin scrunchy can help make a messy bun look good without destroying the curls.

4. Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Short Curly Hair with Bangs
Credit: Instagram@alaysialbayrak

If you have short curly hair, bangs can be a great way to spice things up. They add a fun touch to the front of your hair, frame your forehead, and balance out your face shape. If your hair is curly, some curls will sit tightly on the sides, while others will fall freely in the front.

5. Short Curly Mohawk

Short Curly Mohawk - Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women
Credit: Instagram@arispella

The short curly Mohawk is a great short hairstyle for black women who want to look modern and stylish. The cut can have the top and sides shaved while the rest of the hair stays long. You can also add highlights to the top part to make it look more stylish. Besides, this style is especially good for women with oval faces.

6. Chic Faux Hawk

Chic Faux Hawk - Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Women
Credit: Instagram@cristinaassiis

If you have short hair, a faux hawk can be a stylish style. So, you can try wearing it to the office or while a night out. Just pin up your hair sides to get this chic curly hair Mohawk.

7. Cute Short Silver Curls

Cute Short Gray Curls - Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair Older Women
Credit: Instagram@sweet.simple.something

Indeed, if you’re thinking about letting your hair go silver, there are a few things you should consider. First, it’s probably best to avoid dye for at least a while. Colorants can strip your hair of moisture and shine, and the upkeep of coloring your hair regularly can be costly. Secondly, going gray or silver will give you a completely different look. You can eventually achieve a beautiful head of snow-white hair that has many hues.

8. Deep Side Part Curly Hair

Deep Side Part Short Curly Hair
Credit: Instagram@lyssamariexo

If you want to add a bit of volume to your short curly hair, a deep side part is a great option. Besides, it works with all types of hair textures and can give your hair a bit of instant volume. Just make sure you use a product that will wake up your hair and give it some hydration.

9. Naturally Short Curly Hair with Bangs

Naturally Short Curly Hair with Bangs
Credit: Instagram@say_lindsay

If you have naturally short curly hair and would like to add bangs, of course, it will look great. In addition, a bang style can make short curly hair look more edgy and trendy.

To Conclude

At last, naturally short curly hair is not limited to pixie cuts – try adding choppy layers to short curly hair. Or, add a waterfall effect with balayage to create an edgy look. Either way, it is a versatile style that won’t require much maintenance or styling. Also, you can go for one of these cute hairstyles above!

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