The Cutest Fruit Nails Designs to Try in Summertime

If you love fruits, then fruit nails are a great choice for summer. Fruit-themed designs can be simple or elaborate, and they look delicious! For example, a lemon nail design can be very boring if the lemon is the only color used. However, by choosing the right color and a clever design, the lemon can stand amongst the other fruits. Fortunately, this post contains several summer fruit nail design ideas to choose from.

For the summer months, fruit-inspired nail designs are a great way to get the season started right. Choose colors inspired by melons, strawberries, limes, and more for a vibrant, summer-ready mani. Neons and bright shades of pink are also popular summer colors, and these designs will bring a burst of cheer to your look. For more inspiration about nail designs based on fruit, check out these stunning ideas.

The Cutest Fruit Nails Designs to Try in Summer 2022
The Cutest Fruit Nails Designs to Try in Summer

1. Summer Watermelon Nails

To create your watermelon nails, first, trim your nails. Then, apply a white base coat. Let the nails dry completely. Next, apply red and green nail polish, leaving a white stripe at the tip. Use a dotting tool to draw watermelon seeds onto the nails. Finally, use green nail polish to make the bottom of each slice. Repeat with the remaining nails.

Watermelon nail art with glitter

Coffin Shaped watermelon nail art with glitter for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@jet_set_beauty_nails

Trying to find a unique nail design for summer? Then these summer watermelon nails are for you! Of course, watermelon nails are a refreshing twist on classic summer nail designs.

Cute watermelon fruit nails

Long Round Shaped matte Cute watermelon fruit nails 2022 with watermelon slices on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@paulina_migdalek

Whether you are in the mood for a fun festival look or want to spice up your normal mani with something a little different, the watermelon nail design such as the one above is the way to go!

Glittery short watermelon nails

Square Shaped pastel green and red short watermelon nails with glitter for summertime
Credit: Instagram@nailcocktail

A great way to show off your personality is to have watermelon nails. So, try using pastel green, red, and white nail colors to recreate this nail look. But don’t forget the black seeds and the glitter effect.

2. Kiwi Nails

You can have fun with different types of fruits by creating a manicure on your nails. Additionally, kiwi is the most common fruit to create a manicure on, and you can get many different variations on how to recreate this favorite fruit on your fingernails. Also, you can use bright colors or stickers to make the fruit look as real as possible. Besides, kiwi is one of the easiest fruits to recreate on your nails.

For a Kiwi nail art design, you’ll need some green polish. To make it look like slices, paint the center of the fruit a pale yellow color. Then, you can add the black seeds.

Matte neon green kiwi fruit nails

Long almond matte neon green nails with black speckles and two accent kiwi fruit nails
Credit: Instagram@malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

Summer Kiwi Nails is an adorable, fruity way to add some pizzazz to your summer wardrobe. So, these long neon green nails with black speckles are really adorned with the Kiwi nail art on accents.

Kiwi nails with water droplets nail art

Medium round shaped kiwi nails with water droplets nail art for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@lunaetnina_nails

The Kiwi nail art design is a fun and unique way to dress up your nails for summer! With its warm and tropical feel, kiwi nails are perfect for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and even a casual day out with friends. So, this design is a great choice to try Kiwi nail art and water droplets nail art together.

Luscious Kiwi nail art design

Long almond shaped matte luscious kiwi nail art design for summertime
Credit: Instagram@nailssbykate

Forget the normal manicure – you can get a matte look with the matte Kiwi nails. Of course, this manicure will leave your nails looking like slices of a kiwi!

3. Orange Fruit Nails

With the right colors and design, you can create your own unique designs using orange nail polish. While some designs require you to go to a nail salon for these unique looks, you can create them at home in no time at all. So, try filing an almond-shaped nail on your fingernails. Then, you can paint orange fruit shapes or slices as you prefer. Also, you can use nail stickers to achieve the fruit nail shapes.

Elegant and luscious orange slice nails

Elegant coffin shaped orange slice nails on nude base color for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@vo.tino

For a fun manicure, try adding orange slices to your fingernails. So, you can add some slices of orange to a nude nail base color. Of course, this is a sophisticated nail art so you may need a nail salon’s help.

Cute orange fruit nails

Long square shaped orange nails with orange slices on two navy blue accents for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@olcixixnails_slowianka

For a summery look, opt for orange fruit nails. They can be easy to replicate and are a fun summertime theme. So, you can try this perfect nail art idea for summer which is a combination of neon orange with blue navy nail accents. But don’t forget the orange slices on the blue navy nails.

4. Citrus Nails Ideas

There are several ways to incorporate a citrus nail design into your daily look. Depending on the style you are going for, you can choose from solid or patterned colors, as well as varying degrees of citrus hues. Indeed, these shades will stand out against the bright sun in the summertime. Other popular citrus nail designs include a fruit slice French tip or a pattern that features citrus fruit slices on the nails.

Short citrus fruit nails

Short bright yellow nails with two accent citrus nails for summertime
Credit: Instagram@nailartbyamyblair

Using a variety of nail art techniques, you can create the look of short citrus nails. So, you can paint your nails a bright yellow. Then, add a variety of citrus fruit shapes on accents.

Glow in the dark French citrus nails

Glow in the dark French citrus nails
Credit: Instagram@arya.dip.nails

If you love the taste of citrus, you might be interested in wearing glow-in-the-dark French citrus nails. The French manicure features yellow tips with lemon fruit nails that look delicious on nails. Of course, the accent citrus nails will impress your friends and family.

5. Avocado Nails Ideas

One of the hottest trends this season is the use of avocados as nail art. Of course, these fruits make great nail designs and are easy to apply. To create this unique manicure, start with your favorite base coat of polish. Then, use dark green stripes (slightly curved and staggered) across the nails. These stripes should resemble the skin of an avocado. Then, use brown nail polish to paint the avocado pit.

Pastel and dark green avocado fruit nails

Long pastel and dark green avocado fruit nails for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@lakierowerewolucje

One of the hot trends for summer is avocado nails. Besides, this luscious fruit is not only tasty but also looks adorable. Whether cut in half or multiple, the fruit’s skin and pit are an adorable motif for your nails. So, this design that features pastel and dark green nails with avocado fruits will be a great selection for summertime.

Long matte avocado nails

Long matte neon green and peach nails adorned with avocado fruits for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyalma

You might have noticed the avocado nail trend sweeping the Internet lately. Inspired by the luscious berry, these nail designs are simple and fun. So, you can recreate this design above that features neon green nails with peach nails adorned with avocado fruits.

6. Delicate Strawberry-themed Fruit Nails

Long nude almond-shaped nails adorned with tiny strawberries with two accent white classic French tips
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyjanine.x

Enhance your style with these stunning long nude almond-shaped nails, beautifully decorated with tiny strawberries and two accent white classic French tips. Indeed, this cute nail design adds a touch of elegance to your fingertips.

To Conclude

While summer nail designs often have a girly girl theme, you can make your nails even more summer-worthy with fruit images. Indeed, these designs above look great on both long and short nails. Choose complementary colors and textures to create an overall summer look.

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