The Best Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas to Try in 2022

Halloween eye makeup ideas can range from sinister to colorful. This year’s trends include neon colors and glowing eye makeup. If you are looking for an impact this Halloween, try these eye makeup ideas. Whether you want to look like a ghost, witch, or vampire, there’s a Halloween eye makeup idea out there for you.

For scary eye makeup, consider using white Halloween contacts to complete the look. Black and purple eyeshadow can be used for the eyes and lashes. Black satin liquid lipstick gives an authentic ghostly look. In addition, you can add a pink wig to complete the look. Of course, these Halloween eye makeup looks that we have found, will help you to get inspired this year.

1. Colorful Neon Cobweb Halloween Eye Makeup

Colorful Neon Cobweb Halloween Eye Makeup with False Eyelashes
Credit: Instagram@lilyhamptonmakeupartist

Halloween is coming, and you can get ready with colorful, glowing eye makeup that looks just like a spider web. Of course, this look is perfect for parties and trick-or-treating! This year, try out some of the hottest trends in eye makeup such as this colorful neon cobweb eye makeup.

2. Bloody and Scary Eye Makeup

Bloody and Scary Eye Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram@anncia_

If you love horror movies, you should try bloody eye makeup for Halloween. Because this makeup style will make you act as if you’ve just gotten out of a scary movie. Besides, the effect is great for photos and movie sets. In addition, you should avoid contact lenses when wearing this makeup.

3. Spooky Moon and Bats Halloween Eye Makeup

Spooky Moon and Bats Halloween Eye Makeup
Credit: Instagram@cats.hairdoos

For the Halloween season, try some spooky eye makeup inspired by the moon and bats. Also, this Halloween look will be great with purple and shimmer blue eyeshadows. Additionally, the purple lips can complement this look.

4. Cute Clown Eye Makeup

Cute Clown Eye Makeup with Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@eris.noir

If you’ve been looking for an eye makeup look for the upcoming Halloween party, red and black clown eye makeup may be right for you. Because this makeup is a classic look, and it’s easily recreated at home. Just remember to wear black lips to complete this look. Indeed, the clown makeup look is one of the cutest Halloween makeup looks that you will love to try.

5. Black Halloween Eyeliner Makeup Look

Black Halloween Eyeliner Makeup Look Consists of cobweb and Hanging Pumpkins
Credit: Instagram@yesenia.stevens

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween makeup look, consider using black eyeliner. So, you can use a black gel liner or pencil to get a bold look. Also, you can add a hanging pumpkin look.

6. Creepy Spider Web Eye Makeup

Creepy Spider Web Eye Makeup with Green Eyeshadow
Credit: Instagram@makeupandinked

Still, spider web eye makeup is a fun way to create a unique look. So, you can create this look by using black eyeliner and green eyeshadow and applying it all over the eyelid and underneath.

7. Goth Ghost Halloween Eye Makeup

Goth Ghost Halloween Eye Makeup with Purple Eyeshadow and Dark Witchy Lips
Credit: Instagram@luna.lindslooks

You should have a steady hand to wear goth and ghost eye makeup. Because, it’s a look that is a little sophisticated to do, and requires some effort. Of course, purple color shades are stunning for Halloween makeup ideas whether for eyeshadows or lips.

8. Colorful Ghost Eye Makeup

Colorful Ghost Eye Makeup with Metallic Green Eyeshadow
Credit: Instagram@emmaahp

Ghosts are eerie creatures. They lack sleep and are often depicted with dark circles under their eyes. In order to make your face look ghostly, so you can try these colorful little ghosts over your eye makeup look. Of course, this simple and fun eye makeup look will make your eye catchy where ever you go at Halloween.

To Conclude

At last, if you are on a budget, you can try some makeup ideas that are more affordable. So, the best option to save some money is to order eyeshadows and eyeliners in bulk. In addition, you can even mix and match colors with the help of a makeup palette like morphe the James Charles palette.

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