14 Best Halloween Nail Art Designs for 2022

Are you ready for choosing a Halloween nail art design? Fortunately, there are many options out there. You can find designs that mimic famous Halloween icons, like pumpkins and bats, or create a completely original design using the same motif. If you’re unsure about what to do with your nails this Halloween, there are many tips and tricks that can help you come up with a creative design.

For an extra spooky vibe, you can try a pink and black combination or a black and red design. You can also give a skull and crossbones a try. Or you can try to resemble a famous horror movie character. You can make a spooktacular acrylic nail design that looks just like his famous red and black striped shirt. Stiletto nails are also a good choice as they give you more room to experiment with colors and designs. If you don’t like using bright colors, a sheer black mani will look equally effective.

Whether you’re looking for a simple design that expresses your personality or want something more intricate, you’re bound to find a Halloween nail design that fits your style. Whether you’re looking for a French manicure or a blood-spattered look, Halloween nail art is a fun way to make a statement and show off your unique personality.

1. Black Halloween Nail Art Design with Blood Drips

Long matte black coffin and stiletto Halloween nail art design with blood drips, skull, and rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@vincentnails

If you want to have black Halloween nails this year, you can go for black nails with blood-drip nail art. Also, you can add a red cemetery flower, rhinestones, and a 3d skull to amp up your nails. Additionally, you can hire a nail artist to do them for you, or do them yourself at home if you’re comfortable with a steady hand.

2. Boo Black Halloween Nails

Boo Black Halloween Nails with Ghost and Pumpkin Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@rockstarnailsaruba

There are a variety of different styles of Boo black Halloween nails. Also, Boo nails can be combined with other Halloween themes such as ghosts and pumpkins. Indeed, this design is suitable for the spooky season and can be matched with a Halloween costume for a stylish, scary look.

3. Black and Orange Halloween Nail Art Design

Black and Orange Halloween Nail Art Design with Gold Glitter and Accent Ombre Orange Nail
Credit: Instagram@paulina_migdalek

Black and orange nails are an excellent choice for Halloween. Also, you can add some gold glitter to the black nails to make them more festive. Indeed, the ombre style is a little intricate so you can create them on your own or ask someone to help you. Alternatively, you can visit a nail salon to get them painted by a professional.

4. Black with Pink Halloween Nails

Black with Pink Halloween Nails Features Ghosts, Blood Drip Nail Art, Bats, and Spider Webs
Credit: Instagram@foxicure

A girly scary Halloween manicure is a fun way to celebrate the season. Of course, using pink nail polish is a fun way to add a little girly spirit to your Halloween nail art design. Besides, light pink is an easy shade to find that works well with any costume.

5. Halloween Black Cat Nails

Long Almond Shaped Halloween White and Black Cat Nails with Cat Footprint
Credit: Instagram@pauletta.nails

Halloween black cat nails are a great way to add some fun to your Halloween nail art design this year. Further, the fun, black cat silhouette is easy to apply and will add a great finishing touch to your spooky black cat costume. So, to create this look, you’ll need white and black nail polishes and a thin nail art brush. Or you can opt for nail stickers to achieve this look easily.

6. Ombre Black Red Spider Web Nails

Long Almond Shaped Ombre Black Red Spider Web Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@pauletta.nails

If you’re looking for a spooky but cut Halloween nail art design, ombre red black Halloween nails may be for you. Besides, the white spider web design adds a touch of spooky flair.

7. Neon Pink, Purple, and Black Halloween Nail Art Design

Long Square Matte Neon Pink, Purple, and Black Halloween Nail Art Design
Credit: Instagram@vincentnails

If you’re going for a Halloween-themed nail design this year, you’ll want to go for a neon pink, purple, or black color scheme. Indeed, these matte and elegant colors are a unique option for a Halloween party without being too scary.

8. Short Stiletto Red Black Scream Nails

Short Stiletto Red Black Scream Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@prestigenailsss

Red black scream nails are a frighteningly beautiful nail design with a creepy aura. With a black gel surface and a white mask sculpted on top, these nails will send chills down any girl’s spine. Whether you are looking for a way to show your sexy side to your friends, or you’re just in the mood for some blood-stained nail art, these nails will not disappoint!

9. Elegant Neon Halloween-Themed Nails

Elegant Neon Halloween Themed Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@vincentnails

Indeed, these matte neon green, orange, and black Halloween Themed Nail designs are fun and cute and are great for Halloween. But, you can achieve the same look at home using press-on Halloween nails or Halloween nail decals. However, if you want to go for something more elaborate, you should consider having a professional do the job for you.

10. Creative Mickey and Bat Halloween Nail Art Design

Almond Creative Mickey and Bat Halloween Nail Art Design
Credit: Instagram@nailartbyjen

This Halloween, celebrate the spooky season by putting your creative spin on the traditional Mickey and Bat Halloween Nails. So, you will love this design that features a mickey and bat on twisted shimmer French tips.

11. Nude and Matte Black Halloween Nails

Long Coffin Shaped Nude and Matte Black Halloween Nails with Skull, Bones, Bats, and Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@nailparadisesop

If you want a dramatic nail design for Halloween, you can opt for a nude and matte black nail design. Of course, this contrast is not only eye-catching but is also on-theme. Also, the design features some spooky themes such as skulls, bats, and bones. Besides, the white rhinestones amp up the matte black nails.

12. Cute White Ghost French Nails

White Ghost French Nails for Halloween 2022
Credit: Instagram@bycheznails

Of course, white ghosts are perfect for Halloween nail art. Whether you choose to paint it on your entire nail or on nail tips, it will be sure to grab attention.

13. Simple Nude Halloween Nails

Short Square Simple Nude Halloween Nails Features pumpkin, blood drip nail art, corpse, bat, spider, and spider web
Credit: Instagram@nails.by.iz_

This is a simple Halloween nail design that can look cute and trendy while also spooky. The design is simple: all nails are nude base color but have different Halloween themes. Besides, you can buy stencils for applying these simple Halloween themes.

14. Cute Pink and Purple Halloween Nail Art Design

Long Almond Cute Pink and Purple Halloween Nail Art Design
Credit: Instagram@nylove_nail

If you’re not one of the scary Halloween nail art fans, try this look instead. It is classy and stylish. The key is to keep the design simple, by adding different Halloween nail art on each nail.

To Conclude

At last, whether you are dressing up in costume or just want to add a little spooky flair to your nails, you can recreate one of these awesome Halloween nail art designs above.

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