Olive and June the Fall Nail Polish Set 2021

Olive & June is an indie brand that brings unique and colorful polish colors to the nail polish world. Of course, this nail polish set will feature full-size bottles and will be unique and bright shades. Each nail polish will be unique and different and will be a little different from the other ones.

This Fall Collection comes with gorgeous fall nail colors. Not only are the colors shiny and beautiful, but also the quality is perfect. Also, you can find Olive & June paid attention to every detail to make their nail polish stand out. So, remember that even though they’re charming, you should still treat them like nail polish.

The Fall Nail Polish Set 2021 By Olive & June
Credit: Instagram@glowing.with.jen

That means not soaking them in water or putting them in the sun too long. Additionally, The Olive & June’s polishes are flake-free, but that doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to chipping. Make sure to take care of your nails and nail polish. Then you can be assured that Olive and June will last for a long time. It will prove efficient. Try it now. If you want to know more about the available shades for this Olive and June, the Fall Box Collection, here’s the complete list for you to check out and enjoy:


This nail polish is a sun-bleached navy blue, and if you like hues of blue, this is perfect. So, wear this nail polish, and you will surely give the impression that you are ready for school.

Credit: Instagram@gopolished

2. GEOMETRY – The Coolest of Olive and June the Fall Nail Polish Set

The geometry nail polish comes in a hunter green shade. Show your love for math by painting your nails with this green nail polish from Olive and June, the Fall Box Collection. Additionally, this nail polish shade will work perfectly for the most attractive fall nail ideas. So, try this hue and enjoy your nails where ever you go!

Hunter green short nails with GEOMETRY - The Coolest of Olive & June The Fall Nail Polish Set
Credit: Instagram@sarahlucynails


Show your craftsmanship and creativeness by check out the muted eggplant nail polish, Art Class. Of course, this polish is the perfect hue for you.

Muted eggplant short nails with Olive & June ART CLASS nail polish for best fall nails 2021
Credit: Instagram@gopolished


Do you like time travel and exploration? Then this nail polish, World Lit, is the one that you will love to have on your nails. Indeed, it comes in True Mauve color that is very classy, elegant, and perfect for your fingers.

Nude short nails with WORLD LIT polish of Olive & June The Fall Nail Polish Set
Credit: Instagram@s.nails93

5. STUDY HALL – The Feminine Shade of Olive and June the Fall Nail Polish Set

Another stunning hue For library ladies like you, this vintage rose nail polish called Study Hall is good for you. Besides, it will show your personality, and definitely, the color will match your feminine nails.

Short pink nails with STUDY HALL polish of The Fall Nail Polish Set 2021 By Olive & June
Credit: Instagram@gopolished

6. CHEMISTRY – The Elegant Shade of Olive and June the Fall Nail Polish Set

Do you like mixing and experiments and love chemistry? Well, there’s the perfect nail polish for you, the Chemistry from Olive and June. Furthermore, this nail polish comes in an almond cream color that will look nice on any fingernails.

Cream and green Short nails with CHEMISTRY & GEOMETRY polishes of The Fall Nail Polish Set 2021 By Olive & June
Credit: Instagram@gaby_polish

7. Super Glossy Top Coat

At last, to get the best finish look of your nail polish, make sure you have this super gloss topcoat. Of course, this topcoat provides a long-lasting shine. Also, it will also help ensure that your nail polish will stay longer.

Olive & June Super Glossy Top Coat
Credit: oliveandjune.com

At last, what are you waiting for to get your bottle? Start painting your nails now and be ready for school. Indeed, this collection will surely give you lots of options. So, make sure to pick all your favorite shades and hues and excitedly apply them as soon as you get your bottles.

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