7 Creepy and Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas 2021

Halloween is almost upon us, and if you are anything like me, you are planning to have fun with some ghoulish makeup ideas. The Best Halloween Makeup is the only one that fits your face, that you don’t have to run to the store to buy it. Furthermore, Halloween makeup ideas are something you should all try out, whether you are a girl or a boy.

One of the most popular trends on the streets at the moment is the creepy makeup look. But, if you are looking for some genuinely horrifying makeup ideas, you will not be able to beat these Halloween makeup ideas.

1. Spooky but glamorous Halloween spider web makeup

Halloween is the spooky holiday of the year, so who wouldn’t want to get in the mood for something ghoulish? Many people pack up their face paints, costumes, and other accessories to get into the spirit of “Halloween.”

But what if you can’t decide on how to get into the Halloween mood? So, try this Halloween makeup idea by deezeemakeover. It’s a spider web makeup design on the eyes and a vampire with painted fangs on the lips.

Spooky but glamorous Halloween spider web makeup is one of the best Halloween makeup ideas 2021
Credit: Instagram@deezeemakeover

2. Catwoman Halloween makeup ideas

The world of Halloween makeup is full of weird and creepy trends, and it never ceases to amaze us. From ghoulish faces to vampire faces, the options are endless. Nonetheless, weird and creepy makeup trends may not always be very bright, and we have to wonder if cat makeup is a bright one.

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re also getting some good news for those who don’t celebrate the spooky holiday: you can wear those creepy costumes as long as you wear a wig, some scary makeup, and a pair of heels. But if you want to go the extra mile and make it look like you’re a Catwoman. So, try these makeup styles by brittanyydoll, and ksasko_makeup.

Pretty catwoman makeup for Halloween 2021
Scary Halloween catwoman makeup, try this creepy but cool Halloween makeup ideas 2021

3. The Butterfly skull and skeleton Halloween makeup ideas

Indeed, the butterfly ball is one of the most iconic Halloween makeup ideas ever. It is easy to make, yet it seems like it wasn’t. Most people use the same colors to create their butterfly ball. They choose a darker color like black or brown for the body, and then they will use light colors like purple or pink for the wings. The reason that people use this type of color scheme is that it is so easy to do. Also, it doesn’t take much time to create the butterfly ball as brookeellismakeup did.

The Butterfly skull and skeleton makeup, one of the coolest Halloween makeup ideas 2021
Glam Butterfly skull and skeleton makeup 2021
Stunning Butterfly skull and skeleton makeup just try this Halloween makeup ideas 2021

4. Caroline makeup idea

Halloween is just around the corner, and the best part of the holiday is you get to dress up as whatever witch, ghost, or monster you want to be. A popular trend among makeup aficionados is the “Caroline look,” a combination of dark makeup and a long black wig. The look is said to evoke a sense of mystery and creepiness.

Caroline makeup idea one of the coolest and creepy Halloween makeup ideas 2021

5. Devil makeup Halloween style

Of course, the devil makeup Halloween style is one of the most stylish and creative makeup ideas for Halloween. So, devil makeup is Halloween makeup done with black and white stripes and looks great with big eyes and red lips. Also, it is the perfect option for simple and scary Halloween costumes.

Devil makeup Halloween style - Halloween makeup ideas 2021

6. Broken pumpkin Halloween makeup ideas

Pumpkin makeup has always been a popular Halloween makeup style, and the type is gaining popularity as Halloween approaches. Try it like what lillyreyem did.

Broken pumpkin makeup idea for Halloween 2021, Halloween makeup ideas 2021
Glam pumpkin makeup with pumpkin costume for Halloween 2021

7. Pennywise makeup

Pennywise makeup is a fun way to celebrate Halloween, and it’s a great way to get a jumpstart on a new makeup look. It leaves you with a more finished look that’s perfect for a night out, and it’s easy to re-create with a bit of help. With a few minor changes, you can make Pennywise make up your own!

Pennywise makeup - Halloween makeup ideas 2021

At last, Halloween is almost here, so it’s time to get ready for the spooky season. If you’re like most people, you probably love Halloween, but you hate the hassle of getting ready for it. However, with just a little creativity, you can use makeup to create some spooky Halloween makeup ideas that’ll help you get into the Halloween spirit without all the work.

8. Pretty but Scary Clown Makeup

Pretty but Scary Clown Makeup
Credit: Instagram@isses_makeup

Makeup for clowns is fun, creepy, and easy to apply. Besides, you can make yourself appear gory or creepy by using a combination of colors, including smoky eye shadow, bold lipstick, and gold face paint. Also, you can add creative body painting to amp up this look.

9. Sparkling Half Skull Half Pumpkin Face Makeup

Sparkling Half Skull Half Pumpkin Face Makeup
Credit: Instagram@thetrashmask

A half-skull and-a-half-pumpkin makeup look can be quite cool and spooky. For this look, you will need white and orange paints and some detailing brushes. Besides, black rhinestones and gems for decorations. So, you can either paint the right half or the left half to get a cool half-skull look. Then, start painting the pumpkin half with black half face black lips. Finally, use craft glitter as a topper to achieve this Halloween look.

In The End

At last, If you want to be different this Halloween, you can use one of these Halloween Makeup Ideas above. First, purchase a few basic makeup supplies. These should include cream or powder makeup, grease paint, spirit gum, pencils, and a makeup remover. While some makeup substances can be removed with soap and water, others require special solvents.

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