Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Are you ready for the upcoming Halloween? If you’re into trick-or-treating, you get excited about another thing around this time of the year– Halloween parties! Yes, Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a spooky gathering. Don’t forget! When it comes to Halloween parties, people always are excited to wear costumes. But wait – you don’t have a budget to make or borrow a scary dress. The only things you have in your drawer are foundations, eyeliner, and other makeup kits. Now, you have some creepy Halloween makeup ideas to try!

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019 to Try
Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Create a natural Halloween makeup idea that would make you look scary and impressive at the Halloween party. Are you game to do it? If yes, here are the best Halloween makeup ideas this year that would make you look scary and amazing. Get ready to dive into the luxurious Halloween makeup you would learn from this article.

1. Spider Web Makeup for Halloween

Care to draw a spider web makeup on your face? Now is the time to become creative by drawing a spider’s web across your cheek.

Spooky spider web makeup on cheek which is 3d spider makeup for Halloween 2019 - Halloween makeup ideas
Credit: Instagram@makeup_by_verena

You need eyeliner to make sure the design is excellent. Make sure the spider’s web design is brilliant by drawing a big spider web on the top of your cheekbone. Then, you connect the small lines with dashes from a spider’s web.

Once the design is complete, you can use an ink liquid liner to prevent smudging the makeup.

2. Be Funny (or Scary) with Bumble Bee Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween isn’t only about the scary stuff but cute and funny ones as well.  Are you familiar with the Killer Bumble Bee? If not, you’re welcome to apply the Bumblebee makeup for Halloween now.

Creepy Bumble Bee Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019 - Halloween face makeup, scary Halloween makeup
Credit: Instagram@rimvilejuo

But don’t forget the basics once you’re already applying the makeup.  Here are the basics or beginner guides to remember:

  • Use the Primary Colors yellow and black with your face makeup. Put the makeup center on the eyes.
  • Use black eyeliner and yellow eyeshadow in applying the makeup.

Practice every day until you achieve the Queen or Killer Bumble Bee look. I’m sure you would capture everyone’s eye at the Halloween party.

3. Venom Halloween Makeup Ideas

Spiderman’s archnemesis isn’t only in comic books but also in your face! What? Is venom makeup for Halloween? Why not? Venom’s appearance is terrible and scary. So, why not recreate the famous supervillain right before the Halloween celebration? It’s simple, and everyone would love to try it.

Half face Venom Halloween Makeup Ideas - venom face paint easy - simple venom face paint - venom face paint half face - venom half face paint
Credit: Instagram@glamnfxbycassie

Here’s how:

Create a white base on your face by using white paint. Then, fill your eyebrows with brow retractable. You draw web-like gums and use a small pointed brush to draw the sharp fangs on your mouth. You’ll be surprised and scared with the venom Halloween makeup this year!

4. Go Wild with a Cheetah Makeup

Give your neighbor and friends a few scares with the cheetah makeup for Halloween this year. Is it simple?

Cute cheetah makeup for Halloween 2019 -Halloween face makeup, scary Halloween makeup
Credit: Instagram@hayleyshanksmakeup

Yes, and it wouldn’t cost you extra bucks to buy a liquid eyeliner. That’s not all. You would also need the following to create the impressive cheetah makeup:

  • Foundation or powder
  • Pure gold eyeshadow
  • Brown eyeshadow
  • Bronzer

Of course, you can be creative by adding small designs that make the makeup scary and yes, fit for the Halloween season. No problem If you haven’t done cheetah makeup before. There are simple guides online that are easy to follow, so come now and try them!

5. Easy Halloween Cat Makeup: The Cutest Halloween Makeup Ideas

Cat costumes are a classic during Halloween. So, why not level up your cat costume by applying natural Halloween cat makeup? That sounds like a good idea.

Easy Halloween Cat Makeup, cat eye makeup Halloween, scary cat makeup, and cat face paint - Best Halloween Makeup Ideas
Credit: Isntagram@looksbyliss

Well, you can start by sweeping bronze powder under your cheekbones and along your forehead. Then, apply matte-orange eyeshadow using a small brush to deepen your creases. Remember to focus on your eyes’ outer corners for you to build the cat-eye effect.

Use a liquid eyeliner to outline e cat’s nose. Then, smudge the edges of your bottom lashes to make your eyes look bigger. You can be creative by topping your lashes with falsies and mascara. For the mouth, draw outward lines 2 to 3 cm from the corners of the mouth. Last, use a white liner so you can add lots of whiskers and dots!

Stay on the Weird and Gory Side

One of the more fun things about Halloween than wearing spooky Halloween makeup is everyone has the chance to be weird. Dress up in your best costume and apply the right makeup that you prefer. It’s best to match the makeup with accessories on your face that make you look gruesome.

Never Use Makeup You See on a Halloween Store

It’s not wrong to look terrible and horrifying on Halloween but don’t use or buy makeup from Halloween stores. Keep in mind that products in Halloween stores can cause clogged pores and breakouts even with a single use.

Halloween Makeup Fact:

Most Halloween makeup sold in costume stores is more cost than quality. So, it means that these makeup products could cause harmful effects on users. Also, some buyers might experience clogged pores due to the toxic ingredients from the makeup sets.

Some useful tips when applying Halloween makeup ideas:

  • Wear Loose Clothing

You don’t want your makeup to become messy even before the Halloween party starts. So, wear loose clothing that you can remove easily. Also, if it’s a simple Halloween makeup look you want or not, it’s best not to ruin your creation yet.

  • Don’t Use Your Best Clothes

(What are you kidding me?) I know you want to dress up for Halloween wearing your best clothes. But please don’t wear it. Why? It’s Halloween and expects that you would messy when you arrive home.

  • Use a Grade Barrier Cream

It’s still best to protect your skin from all that makeup. So, a grade barrier cream does the work for you. Don’t forget to apply this cream to prevent stains on your skin.

To Conclude

At last, there is a lot of makeup you can try this Halloween, and all of it reflects a spooky vibe. Whether it’s Halloween cat makeup or spider web makeup, you would look excellent with these makeups. If you need more ideas you can check out the Halloween makeup ideas of 2018 by tapping HERE. Now, are you ready to choose the best Halloween makeup now? Come and make Halloween scarier!

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