The Coolest Pastel Nails Designs and Ideas for 2023

Whatever your love for winter times, enjoying a hot drink, and wearing a comfy sweater, you should be ready for the gradual transition to the warm spring weather. So, it would be best if you started taking out the bottles of pastel nail colors to wear the prettiest spring pastel nails.

The results will be great, whatever nail shape you prefer or the design you want to try using pastel nail colors. And of course, we have collected the best Pastel nail designs to help you choose what suits you; all you have to do is continue browsing!

1. Spring Multicolor Pastel Nails

Do you hesitate to wear a specific pastel nail color? So, feel free to wear a nail design in various pastel nail colors. Of course, everyone loves the pastel colors such as lavender, light blue, and baby pink, and this design combines them with the colors mint green and light orange. The colors of this design will make you feel the spirit of spring as soon as you wear it.

Medium square glossy spring multicolor pastel nails design
Credit: Instagram@byleah.x

2. Pastel French and Swirl Nails Design

Most girls love French tip nails. But what do you think about trying them along with swirl nails? As you can see, pastel nail colors like baby blue and lavender outlined in a white line give this design an attractive look.

Medium round pastel nails consists of French baby blue nails with lavender swirls outlined in a white line design
Credit: Instagram@heluviee

3. Short Classy Ombre Pastel Nails

Yes, we all love Ombre Nails! There is no doubt that the combination of light blue and baby pink always makes something remarkable. This design suits short nail lovers. Also, the blossoms on the accent nail add more attraction and beauty to this nail design.

Round short ombre pastel nails from baby blue to baby pink on nail tips with pink blossom on accent nail
Credit: Instagram@matkapolkahybrydowaa

4. Pastel Purple, Yellow, and Blue Swirl Nails

Swirl nails have become very popular among manicure lovers. Despite its simple shape, it needs care when applying it yourself at home. So, you can start by trying this design yourself, which combines three pastel nail colors. Of course, wearing elegant and modern nails like this design will increase your confidence.

Long Almond Pastel Purple, Yellow, and Blue Swirl Nails for Spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@vwnails_

5. Pastel Mint Green and Pink with Black Dots

Pastel Nails colors have their magic in calming souls by looking at them, especially when there is harmony between them. So, this matte nail design that combines light mint and baby pink is worth wearing. Besides, the black dots and the black rose on the accent nail add more attractiveness to these pastel nails.

Long Almond Pastel Mint Green and Pink with Black Dots and A Flower on Accent Nail for Spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@nails_by_evelyn9

6. Baby Pink Blossom Nails with White Butterflies

The pink color that women’s hearts yearn for, whether in makeup, clothes, or even nails. It is a color that deserves this attention because of its charm, attractiveness, and femininity. So, you’ll love this delicate pink design that is embellished with blossoms and gold glitter.

Long almond baby pink nails with two accent blossom nails besides gold glitter and white butterflies for spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@pati__nailart

7. Pastel Swirls Nail Art Design

You should try this swirl nail trend, and we promise you will love looking at your nails every few seconds. So, spring is a perfect time to wear this pastel swirls design and enjoy every moment among your friends.

Long almond pastel swirl nails with nude base color design for spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@monika__nails

8. Hybrid Multicolor Pastel Nails

If you have not tried multicolor on your nails, do not hesitate to try this art. Additionally, with pastel spring nail art, you will find that all your spring wardrobe is in harmony with your nails.

Long Round Hybrid Multicolor Pastel Nails
Credit: Instagram@nc_nails_company

9. Soft Pastel Swirl Nails

Pastel swirl nails don’t have to be boring. Choose the set of colors that you like, and play with them until you create the perfect pastel shades combo for you. Indeed, this nail art design looks great with summer dresses, and it contains the perfect colors for your swirl mani especially if you have short nails.

Short Soft Pastel Swirl Nails One of The Cutest Short Nail Designs 2022 to Try
Credit: Instagram@jark.nails

10. Short Pastel Blue Nails Design

When it comes to nail colors for spring, nothing says joy like a pair of pastel nails. These colors are soft and muted, so you can feel free to experiment with them, whether you prefer a plain manicure or a subtle pop of floral nail art on your nails like this design below. Pastels have a very long history as a favorite for art and design. In fact, they were first used as a medium in the 15th century and were popular in 19th-century Impressionist paintings.

Short Pastel Blue Nails Design with Purple Flowers On Two Accents
Credit: Instagram@pb_nails_poland

11. Long French Pastel Nails with Swirls

Pastel nails are an amazing way to add a splash of color to your mani. These nail designs can be done in a variety of ways, such as a geometric french manicure with swirl accents. However, if you are looking for a more subtle design, this pastel pink, blue, and yellow manicure below may be for you.

Long Almond Shaped French Pastel Nails with Swirls Accents
Credit: Instagram@nailssbykate

12. Blue and Pink Pastel Color Nails Design

The key to pastel nail designs is to match the nail color with your skin tone. You should choose a shade that is closest to your own skin tone. This will make it easier to hide any lines that may appear on your nail. If you’re unsure of what to wear, you can try applying a thin layer of pastel nail polish over the base of your nail. So, try this blue and pink pastel nails design if you have a dark skin tone and you’ll never go wrong.

Long Stiletto Blue and Pink Pastel Color Nails with Gold Stars and Transfer Foil
Credit: Instagram@make.ups_and_nails

13. Multicolor Pastel Nails

If you are looking for an eye catchy spring nail design these pastel multicolor nails are for you. Indeed, wearing different spring nail colors in one design is a great idea. Besides, this design will suit almost any spring outfit!

Medium almond-shaped multicolor pastel nails 2023 for springtime
Credit: Instagram@indigonails

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