The Cutest Simple Spring Nail Ideas to Try in 2023

Spring nail designs are fun and fashionable, and they can be adapted to a wide variety of styles and occasions. Also, they come in rich colors that aren’t too bright and are perfect for any outfit. Even better, these simple spring nails are easy to paint and maintain. Here are some of the most popular nail designs to try this year. These are the most versatile spring nails you can try this year!

The Cutest Simple Spring Nail Ideas to Try in 2023
The Cutest Simple Spring Nail Ideas to Try in 2023

1. Pastel Simple Spring Nails Designs

Indeed, pastel colors are always in style during spring, so consider using white or yellow flowers to make your nails look beautiful. If you want to make your nails look even more attractive, add a touch of sheer nail polish to the design. The design also looks great with a silver ring. If you have never tried these pastel colors on your nails, now is the ideal time to try them.

Short round white flower with dipping powder spring nails design
Credit: Instagram@nailbyjv

2. Spring Pattern Nail Art Ideas

Pattern lovers will love these spring nail designs. A cheetah print, a polka dot, or a bumblebee pattern will look fantastic. You can even create a mountain-like shape on your nails if you’re more into nature! You can also use a light grey-ish white for shadows against yellow. This design will stand out among all the other spring manicures you’ll be wearing!

Polka dot multicolor nails design for spring time
Credit: Instagram@vikfan4

3. French Polka Dot Simple Spring Nails

Whether you’re looking for something bold or simple, a French manicure is a fun choice. Also, you can pair it with a polka dot accent or even on all nails for an understated, elegant look. Of course, these simple spring nails are perfect for any season.

Round Spring White Polka Dot Over Glossy Red French Tip Nails Design
Credit: Instagram@nailsby_joy

4. Neon Green Simple Spring Nails

Among the other trends for spring, neon green nails look fresh and are a perfect choice for businesswomen. Additionally, the color is also a symbol of new beginnings and growth. These green nails are perfect for everyday wear and are easy to wear on any nail shape. The most fabulous nail designs for spring will be timeless. You can wear them all year round, or choose a design for special occasions.

Long Round Spring Neon Green Nails with Sugar Effect Glitter and French Accent
Credit: Instagram@olcixixnails

5. Spring Red Black and White Nails Design

For a spring-themed nail design, try a black and white pattern. Both these colors are common spring colors, but black is a more conservative option that can look old-fashioned and dated. A classic almond nail shape is a popular design for this season. Of course, you can use a red and white nail design to create various patterns such as flowers with a rose nail stamp. Indeed, the color combination will be very striking, and it is also suitable for any skin tone.

Short Spring Red Black and White Nails Design with Two Accent Black Roses Nails
Credit: Instagram@deluxe_nails_sely

6. White Swirl Simple Spring Nails

The cutest spring nails can be simple and elegant. So, you can go for an abstract design with white swirl nails for an artistic look. Of course, the swirl design can be as detailed or as plain as you want it to be. Regardless of your color choice, you can be sure your nails will look great!

Short White Swirl Nails Design with Pink Base Color for Spring Time
Credit: Instagram@urbanicole

If you are looking for a spring nail design that looks modern, try an abstract design. This trend features bold geometric shapes, which are perfect for spring. The colors will add energy and sunlight vibes to the whole look. In addition to this, abstract designs are easy to try and can be very playful. Moreover, they’re easy to create and apply. So, this trend is ideal for beginners in the field of art.

7. Pastel Yellow Nails with Flowers

If you’re looking for a fun spring nail design, try using yellow. Of course, this color is perfect for spring and will look great with various flowers and leaves. In addition, if you’re looking for something subtler, you can go for metallic geometric artwork. Besides, the yellow flowers will add a touch of color and texture to your nails. At last, this trend is a great way to add a pop of color to your spring manicure.

Short Pastel Yellow Nails with Flowers Accents for Spring Time
Credit: Instagram@narges_nailartist1995

8. Pastel Green and Blue Simple Spring Nails

Short Pastel Green and Blue French Spring Nails 2023 with Swirls on Two Accent Nails

Indeed, pastel colors suit springtime! So, it’s a great idea to recreate these short French nails with your favorite pastel colors such as pastel blue and green. Also, you can use these pastel nail polish to paint some amazing swirls on one or two accent nails.

9. Glittery Nude Simple Spring Nails with Tiny Flowers

Short square-shaped glitter nude spring nails 2023 with tiny daisy flowers
Credit: Instagram@nailsbypaulin

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