Stunning Spring Hair Colors You’ll Love to Try ASAP

Spring has come, and with it, many welcome changes. It signals the end of winter, but it also signifies the return of warm weather and a chance to wear shorter hemlines! Also, it means picking one of the trendy spring hair colors to lighten your hair color in the beauty department. And while lighter hair fans have long enjoyed rich, golden tones like honey, chestnut, and caramel, they now have more options.

Start your hair transformation with new hair color to welcome the new season! This year, try a pastel hair color to make a statement. Whether you go for a soft, pastel pink or opt for vibrant, electric blue, these spring hair color ideas will make you look as fresh as the flowers bloom! Here are the seven stunning spring hair colors or cool hair colors that you can try:

1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Indeed, getting your hair colored can be a great way to express yourself and look different. One popular option for spring hair colors is strawberry blonde hair color. Besides, this warm-toned, multi-tonal hair color is one of the more daring looks you can go for. And once you have it, transitioning out of the color can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. But with the right tips and tricks, you can make the most of your new strawberry hair.

Long Hair Dyed with Strawberry Blonde Hair Color which is one of the cutest spring hair colors 2022 to try
Credit: Instagram@hairby_nicki_

2. Bubblegum Pink Hair Color

Bubblegum pink hair might be one of the cutest hair color ideas, but have you ever thought about dying your hair a different shade? If you want to add some pink to your hair, going bubblegum pink is probably your best bet. But, it’s not as simple as going to the drugstore and grabbing some hair dye. Make sure to use high-quality products to achieve the right hue.

Short Hair Transformed to Bubblegum Pink Hair Color that suits spring time
Credit: Instagram@ryanpearl23

3. Baby Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair color is everywhere, whether it’s a whispy dye job or high-contrast highlights. And its appeal goes way beyond looks: bright colors offer tons of versatility so that blondes can sport anything from a natural look to a balayage to a full head of bold streaks.

Long Hair Dyed with Baby Blonde Hair Color is the cutest spring hair colors transformation
Credit: Instagram@kaespacobelezabebedouro

4. Beach Blonde Hair

Beach blonde highlights are an excellent option for low-maintenance hair color. The highlights are streaky and subtle, so they don’t disrupt your natural hair color. And you can’t go too overboard. A blonde highlight look is too light to be considered platinum or ash-blond hair color. Instead, this look often has a golden or light blonde tone.

Gorgeous long Hair Dyed with Beach Blonde Hair which is one of the Stunning Spring Hair Colors to Try
Credit: Instagram@emrenicee

5. Copper Balayage Hair

Indeed, copper balayage is a hair trend that is becoming popular, and it isn’t too hard to understand why. Additionally, copper balayage is a combination of two colors: blonde and copper.

Long Hair Transformed to Copper Balayage Hair - Spring Hair Colors 2022
Credit: Instagram@joannaghair

6. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color has faded from a bit boring color to a hot trend in the last few years. So, it gives you the appearance of having shorter, thicker hair. The transformation effect of this color looks more on women with blonde hair than on women with dark hair. If your hair is blonde with natural highlights, these highlights will be more prominent, making the brown chocolate effect even more noticeable.

Long Hair Dyed with Chocolate Brown Hair Color for Spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@ells_marie

7. Jet Black Hair

Jet black hair is a distinctive new style that has swept the blogging world in recent months. This darkest shade of black color can transform your hair into an elegant statement. the good news it suits any skin color, hair length, and hairstyle.

Long Hair Dyed with Jet Black Hair Dye which is a Perfect Hair Color for Spring 2022
Credit: Instagram@morganjane_b

8. Blonde Balayage Highlights

blonde balayage highlights on brown hair for spring 2023
Credit: Instagram@mariammakeupart_

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