The 10 Best Trendy Summer Makeup Looks to Try This Season

Trendy Summer Makeup Looks are all about color! From artfully placed face gems to color-blocked eyes, you’ll find some of the latest trends in makeup here. And you’ll get a few tips on how to create them, too! Whether you want to create an under-eye eyeshadow look, a monochromatic look, or a bold eye look, we have the latest looks for you! So get ready for the hottest summer season!

1. Under-Eye Eyeshadow Trend

Under-eye eyeshadow is all the rage, but did you know that this trend has a more serious side? The latest fashion shows proved this trend can be used for more than just the waterline. At the Givenchy show, models wore XXL bottom lashes drawn onto their skin, obnoxious falsies, and rosy blush underneath. However, you can wear this trend with suitable eyeshadow colors for your skin tone.

Colorful Warm Under-Eye Eyeshadow Makeup look For Black Skin
Credit: Instagram@spotlessjoy

2. Nude Glossy Lips

There are many ways to create the Nude Glossy Lips makeup trend. Some celebrities have mastered this look while others have opted for a different approach. No matter what your preference is, there is a nude lip shade that will complement your features and your skin tone. Also, you can opt for bronzed eyeshadow.

Bronzed eyeshadow makeup look with nude glossy lips is one of the cutest summer makeup looks 2022
Credit: Instagram@alina.isachi_

3. Tightlining Eye Makeup Look

If you’re new to the world of makeup, a tight-line eye makeup look might be the right choice for you. This style of eye makeup emphasizes the lash line and emphasizes individual lashes. But How to Achieve a Tightline Eye Makeup Look? To achieve this look, you should select a color that matches your lashes, either black or brown.

When applying tight-line eye makeup, you can also opt to add some weight to the waterline. Once the tight lining of eye makeup is complete, you can remove it using a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover.

Tightlining Eye Makeup Look with Glossy Nude Lips for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@zoeisabellakravitz

4. Add a Pop of Color to Your Summer Makeup Looks

The summer season brings with it new colors. Traditionally, summer makeup looks have been light and natural. This season, however, you can add a pop of color to your makeup with bold, bright shades. This season, you can play with bright hues and a rich bronzed skin tone to make your look pop. So, you can try such a gorgeous makeup look below, using dusty rose eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, and glossy nude color lips.

Add a Pop of Colors to Your Summer Makeup Looks
Credit: Instagram@haileybieber

5. Inner Corner Pop Makeup Trend

The inner corner pops makeup trend is not your typical graphic eyeliner look. Instead, it’s all about color impact. You’ve probably seen this look on Instagram or TikTok lately. There are no rules to the look, so you can mix and match any additional elements you want. It works on any eye shape and style. Also, you can use other colors to complement the look!

Blue Inner Corner Pop Makeup Look for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@jonetwmakeup

6. Monochromatic Summer Makeup Looks

Monochromatic look makeup is a trend that has gotten a lot of attention lately. This makeup style uses only one color palette, which makes it easy to match. Indeed, monochromatic summer makeup looks are especially appealing for those who want to make a simple yet effective makeup change. Additionally, the beauty of monochrome makeup is that it complements all skin tones.

Nude Monochromatic Makeup Look One of the Cutest Summer Makeup Looks 2022 to Try
Credit: Instagram@taylorruhe

7. Green Bold Summer Makeup Looks

When applying bold eyeshadow, you can use Matte Green as your base. Besides, this cool green shade melts into the skin, creating a soft, diffused look. It is a matte-finish liquid-to-powder eyeshadow. Also, the matte nude color lips work great with the green eyeshadow. At last, Green eyeshadow is a perfect choice for creating fresh and playful summer makeup looks.

Green bold eye makeup look and nude lips for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@caitlynharmsemakeupartistry

8. White Fun Eyeliner Look

You’ve probably noticed a huge spike in searches for white eyeliner on Pinterest. Up until recently, there was a clear absence of this kind of trend. This summer, it’s set to become the hottest look of the season, with tens of thousands of searches made. So, it’s not just makeup lovers who are flocking to the white-liner trend. Of course, white eyeliner is a fun and unexpected way to add a touch of brightness and interest to your summer makeup looks.

White Fun Eyeliner Look with Shimmer Rose Gold and Blue Eyeshadows for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@bottleofhappiness

9. Try a No-Makeup Makeup Look

Still, a no-makeup makeup look is a great way to show off your natural beauty. In addition, longer days mean more time outdoors, and lighter makeup can be fuss-free and easy to apply. Plus, your skin will breathe, and you will have a fresh canvas for applying your makeup. Indeed, natural makeup looks attractive and flattering to any skin tone.

Alternatively, try Dermaplaning. This procedure removes the top layer of your skin and peach fuzz, leaving you with a clean canvas to apply your makeup on.

No makeup makeup look with Blush and Nude Lips for summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@monica.up

10. Eye Makeup With Gems

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your eye makeup, consider adding some rhinestones. Besides their obvious beauty benefits, gems can also enhance the appearance of eyeshadow or liners. Indeed, you’ll be glad once you apply this awesome eye makeup look. Indeed, summer makeup looks with gems are a great way to add some sparkle and glamour to your makeup routine.

Eye Makeup With Gems with Matte Yellow to Pink Eyeshadows and Glossy Nude Pink Lips for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@modernlover.jpg

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