10 Gorgeous Smokey Eye Ideas for All Occasions

Smokey eye makeup is one of the most classic and stunning makeup looks that you can try. But it doesn’t have to be reserved only for nighttime. So, this eye look can be worn all day long. Besides, you can easily create different types of smokey eye ideas to suit your mood and personality!

Traditional smokey eyes use a mix of shades of gray, black, and brown to achieve the dramatic effect. Also, if you want to add some color, try incorporating other shades into your look like green, blue, or purple. Without further ado here is a list of smokey eye makeup ideas for inspiration! But first, check out these makeup tips below to do smokey eye makeup!

How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is a popular style that gives the eyes a dramatic appearance. Though it is a bold look that is usually worn on special occasions. Additionally, this type of eye makeup can be easily recreated on your own using a few simple steps and products.

How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup Step By Step At Home
Credit: Instagram@_its__muskan

Step One – Priming your eyes (base eyeshadow)

The first step in creating a classic smoky eye is priming your eyelids using an eyeshadow brush before applying any shadow or liner. Also, try to add some base eyeshadow to your brow bone and eye inner corner to create a nice highlight. Of course, this will help prevent any fallout or smudging later in the day.

Step Two – Choose a shade that complements your skin tone (mid-color eyeshadow)

Another important step in creating this type of look is using the correct shade of eyeshadow. So, you should choose a shade that complements your skin tone, and avoid mixing colors together that are too dark or too light. Because, this can make the smoky eye appear overly harsh, which is not the look you’re going for.

Instead, try a soft shade of brown or cream to create a subtle effect. then, start applying the mid-color eyeshadow along your eyelid (above your lashes) and into the eye crease. But, try to make the mid shade a little bold on the eyelids and fade towards the crease area.

Step Three – Choose the darkest eyeshadow

Using an angled brush apply the darkest eyeshadow (above the mid-eyeshadow) along the nearest line to your lashes creating a loop towards your outer eye corner. Then, slightly smudge this line out

Step Four – Lining

Now, it’s crucial to apply your lining correctly to darken in between your lashes using an eye pencil (Kohl).

Step Five – Smudge and Mascara

Once you’ve applied your liners then use a pencil brush to smudge the kohl. Then, you’ll need to finish off your look by applying mascara. This will keep your makeup from running and will give your lashes a fuller, darker look.

Step Six – Highlighter

Finally, you can pop a little bit of the base eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes to highlight.

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

If you want to slay the night with a glamorous look, try a smokey eye. Besides, you can rock this look with any skin tone and eye color. Here are some stunning smokey eyes to inspire you!

1. Gorgeous smokey eye makeup and nude lips

Gorgeous smokey eye makeup with nude lips
Credit: Instagram@gulhankuafor_

2. Cute smokey eye look

Cute smokey eye look and nude lips that suit all occasions
Credit: Instagram@kamilee15

3. Shimmer black smokey eye

Shimmer black smokey eye makeup with nude lips
Credit: Instagram@quijismakeup

4. Beautiful smokey eye makeup look

Beautiful smokey eye makeup look
Credit: Instagram@renata.oczalska.makeup

5. Brown smokey eye makeup

brown smokey eye makeup and matte lips
Credit: Instagram@kittymadeofplastic

6. Glam smokey eyes

Glam smokey eyes
Credit: Instagram@isabelamarcumakeup

7. Classy smokey eyes

Classy smokey eyes
Credit: Instagram@denisaalbumakeup

8. Natural smokey eye makeup

Of course, natural makeup looks are the perfect way to get the look without using too much product or spending a lot of time. So, this natural smokey eye makeup can be a perfect option for everyday life.

natural smokey eye makeup
Credit: Instagram@hollymakeupartist

9. Red smokey eye makeup

Red smokey eye makeup
Credit: Instagram@kittyvont

10. Pretty brown smokey eyes

Pretty brown smokey eyes
Credit: Instagram@sebastiencamp_

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