The Best Valentine’s Day Nails to Celebrate Love

Valentine’s day is a special day that brings couples together to share romantic gestures. If you think that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with many traditions and rituals, then you are right. But if you believe that we need only a small number of traditions, you are entirely wrong. The world of Valentine’s Day is much more than just traditions; it is about love, emotions, and Valentine’s day nails too.

A Valentine’s Day that is filled with love, sweet words, and surprises is the ideal way to spend your day surrounded by the people you care about most. But what if you want to make the day extra special by getting a gorgeous nail design? If so, you’re in luck because we have got you some pretty sophisticated Valentine’s Day nail designs that will make your Day extra special.

1. French Red Valentine’s Day Nails

One of the best ways to celebrate love is by making a nail art design in a lovely way. With the help of a Valentine’s Day theme and some polish in delicate pink base color, you can also make a nail design display like this one. So, you can choose a heart-shaped design or choose it as an elegant French tip nails design. You can also try adding tiny red hearts to complete your lovely valentines nails.

Long Round French Red Valentine's Day Nails with Red Heart Nails On Two Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

2. Be Pink and Be Mine! Valentines Nails

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you ready to announce your love to the world or send a card? How about showing it through your nails? Whether you are looking for classic and straightforward pink nails or you prefer to try something more adventurous. Of course, your nails will look gorgeous and unique, especially if you put some heart-shaped glitters on your accent nail.

Long Square Pink Valentines Day Nails with Red and Hot Pink Glitter and Accent Clear Nail
Credit: Instagram@prettynailsbyrissa

3. Long Love, Heart, and Fire Valentine’s Day Nails

Beauty and glitter collide in this year’s Valentine’s Day nail trend, which is likely the cutest trend of our modern times. Besides, the nails are a unique way to express love for one significant other with hearts, flames, and glittery exteriors.

Long Red Valentines Day Nails 2022 with Red Love, Heart, and Fire Glitter on Nude Accents
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyandy.devine

4. Chucky x Tiffany Valentines Nails

Of course, on 14 February every year, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in a big way with a nail design to try. So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re suggesting a horror movie-inspired acrylic nail design with decals and heart crystals to go along with it.

Long Square Shaped Chucky x Tiffany Valentines Nails 2022 with Hearts and Red Kisses
Credit: Instagram@nailedbychristiana

5. Pink and White Love Valentine’s Day Nails

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate the color of love and Valentine’s Day into your nail art. So, it’s time to consider including the use of pink and white polishes. Also, you can add unique nail designs, such as tiny hearts or heart-speed dandelion seeds.

Long Pink and White Love Valentines Day Nails 2022 with Small Pink Hearts
Credit: Instagram@a_angelika31

6. Bling Strawberry Milk Valentine’s Day Nails Acrylic

Hearts are the most loved designs to wear on Valentine’s Day, and they are often made out of Crystal. If you are looking for a perfect look for your Valentine’s Day Party, then let’s go with the heart’s bling nails – a fabulous and adorable nail design you will love to wear.

Long Square Shaped Bling Strawberry Milk Valentines Day Nails Acrylic with Crystal Hearts Bling Nails
Credit: Instagram@dreasnails

7. Red Snowflakes Valentine’s Day Nails

Snowflakes. We all love them; it’s hard to look at a white, fluffy snowflake and not get all warm and fuzzy inside! What better way to celebrate than with cute red hearts and a blizzard of red snowflakes? That will look stunning! Of course, Red and white gel polish will let your almond-shaped nails look awesome.

Long Almond Shaped Red Valentines Day Nails 2022 with Red Snowflake Accents with Hearts
Credit: Instagram@marcipazur

8. Short Black and Red Heart Valentines Nails

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, if you are looking for chic and classy Valentine’s Day nails for this occasion, you should try this nail design. As you see below you can use black and red glossy nail polishes to create a heart motif as a French heart tip style.

Short Square Shaped Black and Red Heart Valentines Nails 2022 Design
Credit: Instagram@anetaujwary

9. Romantic Kisses Valentine’s Day Nails

Of course, pink nail polish is all the rage this year, and we’re not just talking about your average French manicure. There’s even a new trend using pink nail polish. So, this gorgeous and classy nail design uses pink nail polish and is decorated with strips and even minor kiss marks. Also, you can add colorful stripes on one of your nails, and voila! Now your nails are ready for Valentine’s Day.

Long Almond Shaped Nude Pink Romantic Kisses Valentines Day Nails 2022 Design
Credit: Instagram@majamarkowicz

10. Valentines Nude Almond Nails with Red Hearts

Valentine’s Day nails are always a hot topic, and this year, they’re going to be extra hot and spicy. You see, the bright red and white checkered heart pattern we’re doing here is the perfect touch for the occasion. There’s nothing better than having a heart-to-heart moment with your unique Valentine, and this design is the ideal way to do it. (Of course, if you prefer a different color scheme, do it!)

Long Valentines Nude Almond Nails with Red Hearts and White Checkered Accent Nail
Credit: Instagram@majamarkowicz

11. Stunning Matte White and Bright Red Valentines Day Nails

Who loves doing nail art? We are! Whether it be a cute floral design, a patterned nail, or a simple red nail, it’s always a good idea to indulge in a classic. Whether you show your love with a simple red heart or with a white striped design. So, you can always count on a simple Valentine’s Love nail design.

Stunning Almond Matte Bright Red Valentines Day Nails 2022 with Red Hearts on Two White Accents
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

12. Champagne Red Valentines Nails with Hearts Design

Champagne red is a great Valentine’s Day color. Of course, it is a shade of red that can stand on its own, but it is also a great way to celebrate the season. So, if you are looking to add a pop of red to your Valentine’s Day nails for Valentine’s Day, the best way to do so is by copying this awesome design below.

Champagne Red Valentines Nails with Red , Black, and Gold Glitter Hearts Design
Credit: Instagram@anetaujwary

13. Can’t Stop The Love Nails

Of course, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and nothing says love like nails. So, whether you’re looking to paint your nails in a new color or want to do something different for February 14, we’ve got this simple French nail design for you to try.

Medium Almond Shaped Pink and Red Valentines Day Nails 2022 Design with Accent Heart Nail
Credit: Instagram@amberjhnails

14. Gorgeous White Valentines Day Nails with Hearts and Rhinestones

Indeed, white nails make a statement without drawing attention away from your manicure. White is an excellent option for making nails look polished and elegant for any day of the week. Additionally, this crisp white color looks fantastic with both heart French tip accents.

Gorgeous Long Almond White Valentines Day Nails 2022 with Hearts and Rhinestones on Two French Tip Accents
Credit: Instagram@alinahoyonailartist

15. Lilac Devotion Valentines Nails

Indeed, lilac is an amazing color that most girls and women love to wear. But this year, try a purple color inspiration for your nail art. So, you can pick a full-on color or use a light pastel shade that still gives off a strong sense of color.

Long Round Lilac Devotion Heart Valentines Nails Over Nude Color Base Design
Credit: Instagram@thehotblend

16. Red and Pink Valentine’s Day Nails with Hearts

Of course, heart shapes are always a classic choice for Valentine’s Day nails, but you can also try to incorporate them with some more unique nail art. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, try using some fun white polka dot and striped nail art on accent nails to make your Valentine’s nails a bit more unique.

Long Almond Shaped Red and Pink Valentines Nails 2023 with Red Hearts, Polka Dots, and Striped Nail Art
Credit: Instagram@a_angelika31

17. Velvet Pink Valentines Nails

If you are looking for a cute Valentine’s Day nail design, then, these matte pink Valentine’s Day nails with white polka dots and small heart shapes are for you. Of course, the pink and white combination is a subtle choice for Valentine’s Day.

Long almond-shaped matte pink valentine’s day nails 2023 with white polka dots and small heart shapes
Credit: Instagram@nailssbykate

18. Pink Valentines Nails with White Hearts

If you are looking for a cute and eye-catchy nail design to celebrate Valentine’s Day then, pink nails with white hearts are a perfect choice. Besides, the color of this nail design is very beautiful, and it will make your day memorable. You can also add some fun to your Valentine’s Day by adding an ombre style on accent nails.

Long pink valentine’s nails 2023 with white hearts on two pink ombre accent nails
Credit: Instagram@gandziuchaa

Time for More Inspiration

Of course, Valentine’s nail designs are endless, but we chose the most beautiful for Valentine’s Day. To be inspired whether you do the design yourself or go to the nail salon. Also, you can combine more than one design to get something unique.

Red Valentine’s Day nails with nude and glitter accents

Indeed, red is a commonly used color for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great choice for nails, as it complements all types of nail lengths. So, don’t hesitate to try these red valentines nails with nude and glitter accents.

Square red valentines day nails with nude and glitter accents and two tiny red hearts design
Credit: Instagram@linyaluxe
Nude and matte red valentines day nails almond shaped with small red hearts design
Photo Credit: Instagram@annagasienica_
Pink and red valentine's day nails almond shaped with black dots and heart shapes
Credit: Instagram@marcipazur
Long red and hot pink valentines day nails square shaped with dots and hearts on white accent
Credit: Instagram@olcixixnails
Sweet and candy long coffin pink valentines day nails with hearts and swirl accents
Photo Credit: Instagram@puro.nails
Long Almond White Gel valentines day nails 2022 with a Black Heart over each nail
Credit: Instagram@tiffanyabbigailebeauty
Matte French red valentines day nails 2022 with white letters of LOVE word design
Credit: Instagram@lakierowerewolucje
Short nude simple valentines day nails 2022 with red hearts design
Photo Credit: Instagram@carmens_______
Long White Glitter V French valentine's day nails with pink and red heart glitter and crystals over clear acrylics
Credit: Instagram@trinity_naillife
Long square glossy red valentines day nails 2022 with white and shimmer dark red accents
Credit: Instagram@olcixixnails
Long coffin matte purple ombre valentine's day nails with confetti glitter, rhinestones, and white heart shapes
Photo Credit: Instagram@zack_pn
Short square white and pink valentines day nails with hot pink heart shapes design
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu
Long almond royal blue and glitter pink valentines day nails with abstract white nail art
Credit: Instagram@olootka_nailart
Short square black and red valentines day nails with glitter and red heart shapes design
Photo Credit: Instagram@semilac
Long coffin matte nude and black valentine's day nails with glitter, metallic hearts, and rhinestones design
Credit: Instagram@hnnailsbyhoney

So, for this coming Valentine’s Day, which nail design will you get?

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