The Coolest White Nail Designs and Ideas for Spring/Summer 2023

If you want to make your nails turn heads on a special occasion, just try white nails. This style will not only look elegant, but it will also be a striking feature. It is awesome nail color for a wedding day, especially for the bride who is wearing a red dress. A white manicure will be a stunning touch, and you can even wear this for your everyday work.

Sometimes, you just want classic white nail designs, and sometimes you looking for modern ones. Indeed, there’s something appealing about white nails. regardless of the design they appear sleek, stylish, and flatter nearly any skin shade. Whatever the upcoming occasion you will find the best white nail design that suits you! Here are some ideas to make your nails look extra special.

1. Coffin White Nails with Pink Glitter

This manicure is simple but elegant. Also, the subtle addition of pink glitter on the nail’s accents feature elevates the overall appearance without doing too much. Begin to see how everyone is praising your stunning fingernails.

Long Coffin White Nails with Two Pink Glitter Accents for Spring and Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@_claudianails__

2. Matte White and Orange Nails Design

Indeed, most women love to wear flower nails, especially in this elegant white, orange, and olive green color combination to create a masterpiece. Also, this orange and white nail design is a cool option for women who love short nails. Indeed, this pastel nail design suits springtime.

Short Square Matte White and Orange Nails Design for Spring 2022

3. Fancy Gradient Blue to White Nails Design

When it comes to the summer season the blue color comes to our mind when we remember the clear sky and seawater. So, this blue-to-white ombre nail design is a perfect summer nail design to try. Further, the rhinestones and aqua blue glitter add a fascinating sparkling glam to this nail design.

Long Square Fancy Gradient Blue to White Nails Design with Glitter and Rhinestones on Accent for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@leczfalvirebeka_nails

4. White Marble Nails with Gold

If you want something classy that suits all-year occasions this white marble nail design is for you. Also, the design features perfect marble nail art on long stiletto nails. Also, the gold decoration especially the bling accent gives the design a classy statement.

Long Stiletto White Marble Nails with Gold and Bling Accent
Credit: Instagram@nailstudiobytom

5. Butterfly French White Nails Design

Indeed, French tip nails are the most fashionable manicure that suits almost any occasion. But when you add a little elegant touch of beauty such as a colorful butterfly shape the result will be a masterpiece as you see below.

Long Square Butterfly French White Nails Design for Spring and Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@leczfalvirebeka_nails

6. White Nails with Black Swirls

Still, swirl nails are on trend! So, why not try this nail trend in a simple way? Just grab your white nail polish and apply two coats to your favorite nail shape. But a coffin nail shape is recommended. Then, copy this black swirl pattern after that add the silver glitter.

Long Coffin White Nails with Black and Silver Glitter Swirls for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@tiffanynguyen2019

7. Matte Speckled Milky White Nails

This rubber base milky white nail design is a great option for women who love simple but elegant nails. Of course, the speckled nail art turns plain nails into a stylish nail design.

Medium Square Matte Speckled Rubber Base Milky White Nails for Spring and Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@ingridnailscorner

8. Elegant Matte White Coffin Nails

White Coffin Nails can be an exciting, bold color to wear on your fingernails. The glossy or matte finish will depend on your taste. But, matte white coffin nails like this design above will catch your eye to try.

Elegant Matte White Coffin Nails with Rhinestones, Glitter, and French Accent Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsnoun

9. Glossy White Coffin Nails With Gold Decorations

For your special occasions, consider a gorgeous set of white coffin nails. If you’re indecisive about which color to go for, this blank canvas style can provide endless design possibilities. You can opt for a glossy white with gold rhinestones and glitter decorations. In any case, whichever color you choose, you’ll look great. You’ll also have plenty of options for enhancing the look of your white coffin nails with the addition of black accent nails.

Glossy White Coffin Nails with Gold Decorations and Accent Diagonal French Nails with Gold Glitter
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

10. Short White Nails with Glitter

The trend of wearing white nails is on the rise this summer and with good reason. Because short white nails are fun and look good with any jewelry you may have. So, if you’re going to your first salon experience, short square-shaped nails are a great start. For more elegance, you can try silver glitter on one or two accent nails. Also, you can even wear silver rings with white nails to add some flair.

Square Shaped Short White Nails with Silver Glitter Two Accent Nails and Silver Rings for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@nailcocktail

11. White Nails with Abstract Black Nail Art

If you want to keep your fingernails white this summer, you have an amazing option. You can opt for white almond-shaped nails then add black & gold abstract with leaf nail art on your white nails. Of course, white and black nail colors are complementary.

Long White Nails with Black Abstract and Leaf Nail Art with Gold Touches
Credit: Instagram@nailsbytim

12. Milky White Nails with Marble Effects

If you’re looking to give your nails a classic vintage look, you can always opt for a milky white manicure. Also, you can go for a marbled effect on accent nails, you can also create an intricate design by lining the nail’s surface with silver glitter. Besides, you can add silver rhinestones to look like the design below. Of course, the design will look elegant on your hands and will definitely brighten up your whole outfit.

Long Square Shaped Chic Milky White Nails with Two Marble Accent Nails and A Rhine stoned Nail
Credit: Instagram@_bettynails_

13. Dazzling White Chrome Nails

Achieve a dazzling shine with white chrome nails. These nails are a unique twist on a traditional manicure. Indeed, the chrome effect will give you unique nails.

Short Round Shaped Dazzling White Chrome Nails for Summertime
Credit: Instagram@_bettynails_

14. Coffin White Pearl Nails

Indeed, pearly white nail quality depends on the pearly white polish that you will choose. Of course, with good pearl nail polish, your nails will look gorgeously pearly. So, pearly White should be a staple in any woman’s nail kit. Alternatively, you can purchase an entire collection of pearl nail polish shades, including a variety of whites and a few other shades.

Long Coffin White Pearl Nails for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@millysittinpretty

15. Pink and Off White Nails with Black Zebra Prints

If you’re looking for a nail design that’s both fun and fashionable, you can achieve white and pastel-pink nails with black zebra prints. Of course, this nail idea is perfect for summertime and vacations.

Medium Square Shaped Pink and Off White Nails with Black Zebra Prints for Summertime
Credit: Instagram@semilac

16. Ombre Glittery Pink and White Nails

One of the cutest ways to achieve a stunning ombre nail design is by using glittery pink and white. Besides, it’s not a traditional nail look it’s so fabulous because of the pink glitter.

Square Ombre Glittery Pink and White Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@flow.nailz

17. White French Tip Nails With Daisy Flowers

Indeed, French tip nails with daisy flowers for springtime is a fresh and delicate nail design that is perfect for the spring season. So, these matte white French tips create a clean and classic look, while the addition of daisy flowers adds a touch of nature and beauty to the overall design.

Long square-shaped matte white French tip nails 2023 with daisy flowers for springtime
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

18. Long Milky White Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Long milky white coffin nails with rhinestones and glitter are a stunning and glamorous nail design that is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fingernails. Indeed, the milky white color of the nails creates a soft and delicate look, while the coffin shape adds a touch of boldness and sophistication to the overall design.

The addition of rhinestones and glitter adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to the nails, making them perfect for a special occasion or event during the spring and summer seasons.

Long Milky White Coffin Nails with Rhinestones and Glitter
Credit: Instagram@paradisenailsinc

19. White Nails With Gold Decorations

These medium square-shaped white nails with tiny floral nail art and gold foil decorations on two accent nails are a delicate and feminine nail design that is perfect for those who love a subtle yet sophisticated look. The white color of the nails creates a clean and fresh canvas for the tiny floral nail art, adding a touch of nature and beauty to the overall design.

The gold foil decorations on the two accent nails create a luxurious and glamorous effect, making the design perfect for formal events or special occasions. Of course, this nail design is perfect for spring and summer, and the delicate floral pattern can be customized to match any personal style or preference.

Medium square-shaped white nails with tiny floral nail art and gold foil decorations
Credit: Instagram@misteromilano_official

To Conclude

White nails are a timeless and classic design that can be customized to fit any personal style or occasion. Whether it’s a simple and clean look or an intricate and detailed design, white nails are versatile and practical for any event or setting!

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