10 Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Looks to Copy ASAP

Blue eyeshadow looks are stunning bold choices, but they can be tricky to apply. But, when used sparingly, blue can be a great way to highlight the eyes. Also, it works well when blended with complementary eye shades. However, you can use blue eyeshadows sparingly and subtly if you don’t have brown eyes. Finding the right shade is the key to enhancing the look of blue eyeshadow.

Once you find your shade, blue will be a gorgeous accent for your eyes. Here are ten stunning blue eyeshadow looks that you will love to wear!

1. Miley Cyrus’s blue eyeshadow look

Miley Cyrus's Glitter blue eyeshadow look and Blue Eyeliner with Pink Lips
Credit: Instagram@mileycyrus

It’s challenging to split teen-appropriate makeup from red carpet glam, but Miley Cyrus managed it. The teen singer wore a blue eyeshadow look that made her eyes pop, and she paired it with a matching sleeveless blue jean shirt. Her makeup artist struggled to complete the look work with her thick hair, which is a few months thicker than when Cyrus filmed the video.

2. Matte Blue Eyeshadow Looks

Matte Blue Eyeshadow Look with White Eyeliner and Thicker Eyelashes
Credit: Instagram@tellolemus

To create a glam eyeshadow look, you must use blue eyeshadow. Besides, The Cool Breeze Eyeshadow Palette is perfect for creating this look. In addition, you will need an electric cake liner in a shade of opaque white to complete the look. To make the look, choose an appropriate shade of eyeshadow from the palette and then apply it to your lids.

3. Blue and Green Eyeshadow Look

Blue and Green Eyeshadow Look with Glossy Pink Lips - S-Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Looks
Credit: Instagram@arlenemua_realtor

If you’re looking for a unique eye makeup look, try this blue and green eyeshadow look! It’s easy to do and works great on any eye color. If you want a subtle color splash, add a line of bright green eyeliner. Of course, teal is a gorgeous shade of green in the blue and green family and works beautifully with blue. Also, it’s a stunning shade for spring and summer.

4. Blue Angel Wing Eyeshadow Makeup

Blue Angel Wing Eyeshadow Makeup - Gorgeous Blue Eyeshadow Looks
Credit: Instagram@makeupartistrybypaige

Blue angel wing eyeshadow makeup is an attractive way to add some sultry flair to your eyes. It works with all eye colors and looks stunning when paired with grey or white. To complete the look, apply black and white liquid liners. Of course, this beautiful makeup is a must-have for sultry evening looks.

5. Shimmery Blue Eyeshadow Looks for A Brown Skin Tone

Shimmer Blue Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Skin
Credit: Instagram@trimatize

If you’re looking for a stunning eye look, try this shimmer blue eyeshadow makeup. While this look can be tricky to master, it can be just as easy to create as any other. Also, you can complete this look with glossy nude lips and wild cherry lip liner.

6. Gradient Blue and Turquoise Eyeshadow Look

Gradient Blue and Turquoise Eyeshadow Look
Credit: Instagram@ghazalmua

If you are feeling enterprising, try using a gradient of turquoise and blue eyeshadows on your lids. This eyeshadow look is incredibly modern and gives you a great color payoff. You can use a palette that features several shades or experiments with one hue at a time until you find the right mix.

Also, you can apply yellow and green eyeliners to achieve one of the cutest summer makeup looks for 2022. Besides, make sure to wear mascara, too. And as always, wear a glossy pink lip color to complement your eye look.

7. Cut Crease Green Blue Eyeshadow Looks

Cut Crease Blue Green Eyeshadow
Credit: Instagram@makeupodtery

If you love the classic look of cat eye shadow, you’ll probably be interested in a Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look. This makeup look features a line of eyeshadow extending from the crease and blending to the outer edge. Also, you can place glitter to add more beauty to your makeup look.

8. The Blue Smokey Eye Look

The Blue Smokey Eye Look with Deep Red Lips
Credit: Instagram@rosannavillani_

The ‘Blue Smokey Eye Look’ has become a popular makeup trend that celebrities use to give themselves a stunning look. So, you can try matte blue eyeshadow and then top the look with deep red lipstick.

9. Ocean Blue Eyeshadow Look

Ocean Blue Eyeshadow Look with Thicker Lashes, Pink Lips, and Light Blue Nails for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@olyavinnichuk

A popular makeup trend that has taken the beauty world by storm is the Ocean Blue Eyeshadow Look. This look is a gorgeous choice for any summer party, whether a beach party or a formal event. Also, many celebrities have been spotted rocking this shade, and it’s easy to see why! This eyeshadow color is worth trying this season.

10. Blue Eyeshadow Looks for Dark Skin

Blue Eyeshadow Looks on Dark Skin with Thicker Lashes and Glossy Nude Lips
Credit: Instagram@pearlluxis

Finding the perfect blue eyeshadow can be challenging, especially for dark skin. Furthermore, there are many blue eyeshadow hues out there; some were not created with dark skin in mind. Start with a warm undertone for the most flattering makeup for your dark skin. Also, cobalt blue looks incredibly gorgeous when paired with copper eyeshadow.

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