ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors

The ColourPop Mane Event range of hair tint colors is a great option for people who are looking for a more affordable way to experiment with hair coloring. The collection includes six different tint hair color shades and coloring conditioners. Each of these hair products is available in a plastic jar with a flip-top cap. Which makes it easy to use.

The Colourpop Mane Event Hair Tint is a semi-permanent hair dye that is made from iconic pigments. Colourpop hair tints are safe for use. Also, you can mix hair tint colors for creating a customized hair color look.

ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors
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This range of hair tints can add intensity to lightened or pre-lightened hair. But, you should use it on dry hair. Hair tints should be left on for a minimum of half an hour to get an intense color pay-off. Also, the hair tint formula offers vibrant color without damaging hair. It features ionic pigments and super conditioning ingredients to prevent fading. The coloring conditioner also helps to keep the tint looking fresh between dye sessions.

1. ColourPop Peach Hair Tint

ColourPop Peach Hair Tint
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A ColourPop peach hair tint is an easy way to add a subtle, flattering pop of color to your hair. Also, this color is perfect for all skin tones. And is very low commitment. A semi-permanent peach tint will give you a vibrant hair color that is long-lasting.

2. Chestnut Hair Tint

Curly Hair with Colourpop Chestnut Hair Tint
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A ColourPop semi-permanent chestnut hair tint is a great way to give your hair a new look. Besides, this unique color is very versatile. And can work well with most base hair colors. Also, this color is great for balayage techniques. It is maintainable and does not need frequent touch-ups.

3. ColourPop Raspberry Hair Tint

ColourPop Raspberry Hair Tint
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If you’d like to give your hair a beautiful raspberry hue, ColourPop raspberry hair tint is your way to go. So, you can use this raspberry hair tint as a temporary hair color. Furthermore, semi-permanent hair color tends to fade faster than other permanent hair dyes. Also, the key to keeping the color vibrant is to follow the instructions carefully.

4. Semi-Permanent Violet Dye

Semi-Permanent Violet Dye - ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors
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If you want to dye your hair a purple hue, consider using a semi-permanent Colourpop violet hair tint. Indeed, this vibrant hair color dye is a great option especially, for the autumn season.

5. Turquoise Hair Tint

Indeed, this semi-permanent turquoise hair tint is an excellent way to give your hair a bright pop of color. It’s an original semi-permanent conditioner that’s easy to apply with rubber gloves. Apply the hair tint evenly from your hair roots to its ends. Also, it needs 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Additionally, the color should last anywhere from five to forty washes depending on the hair type. And should not be used on hair that’s been bleached or permed.

Turquoise Hair Tint Color - ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors
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6. ColourPop Silver Hair Tint

ColourPop Silver Hair Tint
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This stunning silver hair tint is a wonderful choice for those who wish to get the silver look. Without sacrificing the length of their hair. Besides, these ColourPop hair tints are safe for all hair types. In addition, they don’t strip the hair of its natural oils. Also, they’re a good option if you’re new to changing your hair color.

Inspiring Hair Tint Color Looks

Colourpop’s Mane Event Hair Tint Collection is a line of vibrant hair tints. That you can mix for creating a unique look. Whether you want to have an edgy look or a fiery one. Of course, you can have the look you’ve always wanted by mixing hair tint colors.

Black hair with raspberry hair tint color

using Hair Tint in shade raspberry ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors
Credit: Instagram@colourpopcosmetics

Violet and raspberry hair hint colors

Mane Event Hair Tint in shades violet and raspberry - ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Colors
Image Credit: Instagram@colourpopcosmetics

Chestnut + peach + turquoise

Using ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint shades chestnut + peach + turquoise
Credit: Instagram@colourpopcosmetics

Cotton candy vibes

ColourPop The Mane Event Hair Tint Color Shades
Credit: Instagram@colourpopcosmetics

To Conclude

At last, semi-Permanent Hair Colors can give you the bold color you desire without the hassles and expense of a salon visit. Additionally, the benefits of ColourPop hair tint colors include durability and rich color. That is easy to maintain. Indeed, these hair tints use supercharged iconic pigments to create vibrant shades. Also, they contain conditioning ingredients for hair. So, it’s time to decide your hair tint color to apply!

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