Stunning and Trendy Fall Hair Colors That You Must Try

Fall hair colors are the perfect transitional color to summer’s washed-out strands. They are rich and ethereal, echoing the softer, earth tones of autumn. Warm and deep shades are a classic choice and are often paired with highlights, lowlights, or balayage color to add depth and dimension.

If you are looking to stay on trend this fall, try one of these stunning fall hair colors. These include a rich brunette, auburn hair color, salt and pepper color, and champagne blonde hair. Also, you can try a darker color like red brown hair color, which is a classic for fall. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely have fun with these hair colors!

Stunning and Trendy Fall Hair Colors That You Must Try
Stunning and Trendy Fall Hair Colors That You Must Try

1. Rich Brunette Hair

Rich brunette hair is a popular color trend among celebrities, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to achieve the look is by using a balayage or freehand painting technique. You can also go for a natural regrowth look and add gloss and lowlights to achieve the desired effect. This look is also easy to maintain, and you can use products that protect the color.

One example is the L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step In-Shower Toning Gloss in Rich Brunette, which deep conditions and enhances the tone for a more vibrant mane.

Rich brunette Fall hair colors with a hint of copper

Rich brunette Fall hair colors with a hint of copper
Credit: Instagram@aprils_houseofcurls

A rich brunette is a medium to dark brown shade with a splash of color and dimension. This type of color suits brunettes that want to add color but also want it to last. The highlights are usually thinner than balayage and do not need to be ultra-bright. Instead, they can be made from caramel or mushroom tones, which are both neutrals and can give the hair depth.

Rich chocolate brown hair

Rich chocolate brown hair one of the cutest fall hair colors
Credit: Instagram@hair_by_izzykotecki

If you are considering dying your hair a rich chocolate brown this fall, you’re definitely not alone. It’s a chic and sophisticated color that is worth trying. Besides, darker brown can also revive a lighter brown hairstyle that’s starting to look washed out.

Pretty rich brunette hair color

Long Hair Dyed in Rich Brunette Hair Color
Credit: Instagram@addisonraee

Rich brunette hair is a low-maintenance hair shade that has gained in popularity as many mane muses have turned to this shade. During the quarantine years, this trend gained momentum, as people were no longer able to access harsh lighting services. They realized that their hair would be in better condition if they left it natural.

2. Champagne Blonde: The Best of Fall Hair Colors

If you’d like a more subtle color for your hair, try a champagne blonde. This light blonde shade is easy to maintain, but it does require touch-ups on a regular basis. For best results, visit a colorist every six to eight weeks. You’ll also want to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to lock in moisture and healthy oils. Of course, champagne blonde is one of the best fall hair colors that you can try.

Stunning shag haircut with champagne blonde hair color

Stunning shag haircut with champagne blonde hair color for the fall season
Credit: Instagram@mane_ivy

A shag haircut in champagne blonde is a classic and flattering haircut. It is a soft and smooth shade that complements fair skin tones and light eyes. In addition, it creates a voluminous look that is perfect for special occasions. Also, it is a great color for long, loose curls. Besides, it can be worn with a hat to conceal the roots.

A champagne blonde hair color idea for the fall season

Gorgeous champagne blonde hair color idea for the fall season
Credit: Instagram@xcellent_jessie

If you’re interested in a beautiful hair color idea, consider the champagne blonde shade. This shade of blonde is considered one of the most flattering on fair skin and gives your locks a soft blonde color. While this shade does require frequent touch-ups, it can last for at least six months.

3. Red Brown Hair

Red Brown Hair is one of the trendy fall hair colors right now. Besides, it’s a gorgeous multi-tonal blend of red and brown shades, bringing an instant boost to your look. Additionally, this hair color is also very versatile, complementing most skin tones. Also, red-brown hair color can range from light to warm and is universally flattering.

Wavy red brown: Best Fall hair colors

Long Wavy Red Brown Hair color for the Fall Season
Credit: Instagram@amanies_hairart

Whether you’re looking for a bold, new look or simply want to add a little red to your complexion, wavy red-brown hair is a perfect choice. This vibrant shade can be achieved by using a variety of different hair color products. Which one you select will rely on the type of finish you want and your commitment level. Also, there are a variety of different ammonia-free options available.

Long red brown hair

Long sleek red brown hair for the Fall Season
Credit: Instagram@madelainemedia_

If you’re tired of your natural color, consider dyeing your hair a rich red-brown. In addition, red-brown hair looks great on many different skin tones. Indeed, this warm red-brown shade will look great, especially in autumn.

4. Auburn Fall Hair Colors

Whether you’re going for a natural look or something a bit more dramatic, auburn hair color is a popular choice this fall. Additionally, the color is flattering for any skin tone and will add a splash of luster to gloomy fall days. And now there are several new auburn hair colors to try.

Long hair dyed auburn color

Long hair dyed auburn color for Fall 2022
Credit: Instagram@bleachedmanes

If you want to try a hair color that’s not as extreme as brunette hair, you should consider opting for auburn hair. Indeed, this light auburn hair shade offers a sophisticated shine and will hide any damage. Also, you can experiment with balayage highlights to brighten up your auburn hair.

Autumnal auburn hair

Autumnal long auburn hair color
Credit: Instagram@cottageapple

The auburn hair color is one of the hottest hair colors of fall. Besides, this color is flattering for most skin tones and adds luster to dull fall days.

5. Salt and Pepper Fall Hair Colors

If you’re thinking of experimenting with a salt and pepper-hair color, you’re not alone. This trendy look can be maintained easily, as long as you know what you’re doing and you like the outcome. It’s also fun to experiment with whatever your skin tone.

Curly hair with salt and pepper hair color

Curly hair with salt and pepper hair color for Fall 2022
Credit: Instagram@greytransitionproject

Beautiful salt and pepper hair

Beautiful salt and pepper hair for the Fall Season
Credit: Instagram@silvergingerbrina

At last, it’s time to switch up your hair color to a warmer shade. Autumn is the perfect time to go with one of the above fall hair colors, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Besides, you can always try something more subtle.

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