7 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Trends for 2022

Fall makeup trends in 2022 will continue to focus on skin. This season, full coverage foundations will be replaced with tinted foundations, and cream products will become popular. Cream products include bronzers, blush, highlighters, and eyeshadows. Another fall makeup trend will be lighter brows. Colored brow gel is one way to achieve lighter brows. Natural shadow color will also be popular to highlight the eyes.

Blush will also be in fashion in 2022. Blush can be used in a variety of ways, including ‘blush strobing,’ which involves using bright pink lipstick under the foundation to create a flushed look. If you’re worried about looking too pink, try a bronzed lip for a natural-looking look.

7 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Trends for 2022
7 Gorgeous Fall Makeup Trends for 2022

The smoky eye look is still hot, and smudged eyeliner will continue to be a major trend. Eyeliner with a black base is an everyday makeup staple, but you can add color by using a yellow eyeshadow pencil. In addition, many celebrities ditched their black liquid liner and opted for more subtle eyeshadow wings.

Sparkly crystals are another beauty trend in fall 2022. Designers such as Burberry and Simone Rocha have already introduced this trend. In fact, there are seven beauty trends that are already being tracked for fall 2022.

1. Natural Eyelid Color Makeup Look

For a natural eyelid color makeup look, use matte or shimmery neutral eyeshadows. First, choose a base color that matches your skin tone. Then, apply it to the eyelid, crease, and lower lash line. Also, you can use richer lip color with a soft bronzy glow.

Indeed, natural makeup looks to highlight the best features of your face, rather than hiding them. Also, they use fewer cosmetics and take less time to apply. Of course, this makeup trend is a good option if you are in a hurry or don’t have much time in the morning.

Beautiful fall makeup with natural eyelid color

Beautiful fall makeup with natural eyelid color - Fall Makeup Trends 2022
Credit: Instagram@merle.norman.cosmetics

Pretty fall makeup look with autumnal lip color

Pretty fall makeup look with rich lips
Credit: Instagram@triciaclarkemakeup

2. Fall Makeup Looks with Bleached Brows

If you’re ready to try the bleached brow makeup trend, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s surprisingly easy to achieve. Using a concealer, full coverage foundation, and setting powder, you can achieve a dramatic yet natural-looking effect. To bring out the color, you can also use a pale eyeshadow to accentuate the bleached brows.

The bleached brow makeup trend is a great way to draw attention to a bold eye or a striking brow. However, if you’re prone to rashes or brittle brows, you may want to postpone the bleaching process until you’re a bit more prepared.

Autumnal makeup look with bleached brows, gems, and dark nude lip color

Autumnal makeup look with bleached brows, gems, and dark nude lip color
Credit: Instagram@kristenvbateman

Bleached brows, smokey eyes, matte fuchsia eyeshadow, and nude color lips

Bleached brows, smokey eyes, matte fuchsia eyeshadow, and nude color lips
Credit: Instagram@makeupbysamanthaharvey

3. Y2K Inspired Face Jewels Makeup Trend

The Y2K-inspired face jewels makeup trend has made a comeback and has become a huge hit among pop stars. Originally, face jewels were glam rock and grunge staples, but they’ve come full circle this year. Originally created by glam rock singer Gwen Stefani, the trend has gained mainstream popularity and is set to continue as we move towards the fall.

Y2K-inspired face jewels makeup look for fall 2022
Credit: Instagram@dovecameron

4. Minimalist Fall Makeup Trends

If you are looking for a way to dress up your face without a ton of makeup, try the minimalist makeup trend. This look is effortless and beautiful. Unlike the powder baking trend, it requires very little preparation. The products you use for this look should be skin-friendly and nourishing.

Trendy Minimalist Fall Makeup Looks for Autumn 2022
Credit: Instagram@ashley_little22

5. Metallic Lids and Red Lips

This new trend is making waves on social media and is extremely easy to apply. It gives off a natural, soft look that doesn’t require a makeup artist or a long application time. This look pairs perfectly with clear gloss, mascara, and cream blush. Red lipstick also looks fantastic when used with this look.

Metallic Lids and Red Lips Fall Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram@tina_eisen

6. Matte Makeup

Once viewed as a daytime-only make-up trend, matte makeup has emerged as a versatile option for everyday makeup and evening events. Known for their natural, smooth finish, matte lipsticks such as “MAC Cosmetics Ruby’s Crew” have become the new go-to look for sophisticated women.

Matte makeup look consists of matte cat eyes and matte nude lips for Fall 2022
Credit: Instagram@kaniamakeup

7. Black Graphic Liner

Black graphic liner is the perfect makeup trend for those who like to experiment with eye makeup. Indeed, you can combine it with winged eyeliner or use it as a lower eyeliner.

Black graphic liner with neon orange and yellow eyeshadows for Fall 2022
Credit: Instagram@cathartic_vanity

At last, when it comes to fall makeup trends, we’re seeing a lot of different trends this season. While the traditional colors of bare skin and muted tones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, we’re also seeing a lot more exciting and daring plays with color. From dewy skin to grungy dark lip colors, we’re seeing some great new ways to play with color.

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