The Best Prom Hairstyles For Inspiration

You’ve got your dress with your shoes, your dress, accessories, and even your makeup all planned. But only one more thing to make sure you are prom-ready – your hair! Here are some adorable prom hairstyles that will help you pick the right hairstyle for this wonderful occasion.

You’re gorgeous regardless of the hairstyle you choose to wear, or the makeup or attire you decide to put on. Be sure to have fun at prom and make beautiful memories with your friends that you can remember. Then, dance the night away wearing some of these adorable prom hairstyles that suit short, medium, and long hair lengths!

The Best Prom Hairstyles For Inspiration
The Best Prom Hairstyles For Inspiration

1. Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Since high school began you’ve probably envisioned your perfect look at prom. There’s a chance you have your dress, date shoes, makeup, and dress however, you are thinking that there’s nothing you could do to enhance your appearance because you have short hair.

No worries, here are some classy, elegant chic, stylish, and chic short hairstyles you can flaunt at your prom. After you’ve seen them all the other girls will wish that they had hair shorter.

UpDo for Short Hair

If you’re looking for an elegant, stylish, or classic style to wear for Prom this year, we’re sure you’ll find a hairstyle that will fit! Indeed, there are Updos to suit different lengths of hair, and each one is different from the other.

This is a soft, easy updo for shorter hair that is simple to style and looks elegant. Just prepare for your special occasion and try this cute prom hairstyle.

Soft Updo for Short Hair is One of The Best Prom Hairstyles to Try
Credit: Instagram@andrea.mce_hairatno1

Half Up Half Down Bun

Okay, the short hair may be a bit more difficult to style into hair buns however it’s certainly achievable. Start your half-bun hairstyle by slicing the hair in two parts. Next, you can gather the top portion of your hair into a long ponytail. Once you have secured your hair using the band of elastic, tie tiny sections of your ponytail onto the tie to make the look of a cute bun.

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half up half down bun for prom
Credit: Instagram@irene.r.q

Wavy Asymmetrical Long Pixie Haircut

Another cool prom hairstyle option that you can try is the wavy asymmetrical long pixie haircut with two side braids. So, you can try this luscious, touchable asymmetrical haircut that can be achieved by cutting your hair pixie with texture. Also, you can leave your natural curls intact.

Wavy Asymmetrical Long Pixie Haircut with Two Side Braids Is a Cute Prom Hairstyle
Credit: Instagram@texascouturehair

2. Medium Length Prom Hairstyles

Looking for the perfect medium-length hairstyle for prom? Of course, there are so many options, that it can be overwhelming. But below are some prom hairstyles that will suit all types of personalities. You should try at least one or several.

High Volume Double Braided Chignon Updo

This is a cute soft chignon updo with a loose boho braid and another mini braid. This is an elegant prom hairstyle that you can rely on.

Soft chignon updo with a loose boho braid and another mini braid for prom
Credit: Instagram@jcssalon

Half Up Braided Boho Prom Hairstyles

Indeed, this braided boho hairstyle with loose wavy hair is an outstanding prom hairstyle to try. Go for this boho hairstyle and you will never regret it.

Medium length half up triple braided boho hairstyle with loose wavy hair for prom
Credit: Instagram@lastingimpressionssalon

3. Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Are you excited to go to prom, but don’t know what to do with your hair? Fortunately, we cherry-picked some amazing styles that are great for long hair. So, you can show off your hair length or pull it back. Indeed, with these prom hairstyles for long hair, you’ll be the talk of the town on your big day.

Half Up Half Down Loose Hairstyles

Half up half down hairstyles can look stylish and elegant or messy and casual. This can be accomplished by choosing a more loose style when you are putting the top portion of hair.

Half Up Half Down Loose Braid Hairstyle for Proms

Also, this can include loose braids that are not structured or buns and leaving hairpieces falling on the face. Indeed, this is a gorgeously romantic look that is perfect for semi-formal events, or wears it every day.

Half up bun half down long hairstyle for prom
Credit: Instagram@evapautov

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