The Best 12 Spring Nail Colors From the OPI Xbox Collection

Can’t wait for the sunshine of spring? To celebrate, this new nail polish collection with stunning 12 Spring Nail Colors: its OPI Xbox collection is finally out now. Also, it will be available for purchase at retail stores and online. OPI is one of the most popular brands in manicures and is known for its vivid and vibrant nail polish colors. They have one of the best beautiful, colorful, and creative spring nail polish collections.

The Spring Nail Colors of the OPI Xbox collection features 12 new shades from the OPI Spring Nail Collection. Furthermore, this collection features a bright range of hues primed to bring the season’s beauty all year round. So, check out the following fabulous nail polish color perfect for the Spring season:

The OPI Spring Nail Colors 2022 Collection Xbox
Credit: Instagram@opi_france

Pastel Spring Nail Colors of OPI Xbox Collection

1. OPI Nail Polish: Achievement Unlocked

Adventure awaits! Prepare for a nail experience with the OPI Spring Nail Colors’ Achievement Unlocked. The world of nail polish is bursting with color this spring, such as this shade. Also, it comes with a touch of digital lavender with light purple creme for that long-lasting nails.

Short purple nails use OPI Nail Polish Achievement Unlocked From Xbox Collection
Credit: Instagram@whitney.polished

2. The Pass is Always Greener

The warm weather has finally arrived in the US, and OPI has made a new Spring Nail Colors collection of crème nail polish to fit this occasion. Furthermore, this new shade of light green is perfect for spring. Indeed, the Pass is Always Greener nail color can add a splash of fun to your overall look. This nail color collection, available in-store and online, include this pastel color of matcha green that is perfect for spring or summer.

Medium almond-shaped matcha light green French nails use the Pass is Always Greener from the OPI Xbox collection
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

3. OPI Nail Polish: Racing for Pinks

The Pinks are coming! We’re getting delighted when it comes to the time of arrival of springtime. Of course, one of the first indications of warmer temperatures is the return of the pink-colored look. To celebrate, fortunately, the OPI Xbox collection has the Spring Nail Colors that you will love to wear. such as these pretty Pinks in different shades in this new collection.

Medium round shaped dusty rose nails use OPI Nail Polish Racing for Pinks from Xbox Collection
Credit: Instagram@opi

Vibrant Spring Nail Colors of OPI Xbox Collection

4. Suzi is My Avatar

Indeed, Suzi is one of the many beautiful spring nail colors that you can wear. Additionally, the coral pigment is a perfect choice for those who like bright and vibrant shades in the spring.

Medium round shaped coral nails use Suzi is My Avatar from OPI Xbox spring nail colors Collection
Credit: Instagram@opi

5. Trading Paint OPI Nail Polish

Today, OPI announced one of its amazing Spring Nail Colors, Trading Paint. This polish is a crème nail polish with a softer orange tone than traditional oranges. Of course, it is just the perfect color for spring. OPI Spring colors are inspired by the Xbox gaming world. Besides the colors and textures of the Earth and the universe.

Medium coffin shaped orange nails with leaf nail art use Trading Paint from OPI Xbox spring nail colors 2022 Collection
Credit: Instagram@ma.ri_nail.polish

6. N00Berry

Of course, with OPI there are countless categories of nail polish to choose from, and there’s a lot of variety within each. But if you’re looking for something fun and different, you might try OPI’s Spring Nail Color N00Berry which is a long-lasting purple crème nail polish.

Short purple nails use N00Berry OPI Nail Polish from OPI Xbox spring nail colors 2022 Collection
Credit: Instagram@opi

Shimmery Spring Nail Polish Colors of OPI Xbox Collection

7. Quest for Quartz

When it comes to nail polish colors, there are specific colors that are always popular, and then there are the classics. However, one nail color has become a classic in its own right: quartz, plus it comes with a shimmery rose. Of course, this amazing nail polish makes its way between the rest shades of this new OPI Xbox collection.

Short shimmery rose quartz use Quest for Quartz OPI Nail Polish from OPI Xbox spring nail colors 2022 Collection
Credit: Instagram@opi

8. OPI Nail Polish Sage Simulation

If you are looking for a unique nail polish to wear this spring and maybe all year round then the OPI sage simulation is for you. Indeed, this shimmery sage green nail polish will turn heads wherever you go this season.

Short square shaped shimmery sage green nails use Sage Simulation OPI Nail Polish from OPI Xbox spring nail colors 2022
Credit: Instagram@emmaheartssnails

9. Can’t CTRL Me

The stunning Spring Nail Polish Colors of the OPI Xbox Collection are out, and it has some great colors that are perfect for spring and summer. One of them is a light blue, and it goes by the name “Can’t CTRL Me.”Indeed, this shade is a nice color, with a lovely shimmer.

Long Round Shaped Shimmer Blue Nails with Abstract Nail Art uses OPI Can’t CTRL and You Had Me at Halo
Credit: Instagram@pop_polished

Pearlescent Spring Nail Colors of The OPI Xbox Collection

10. OPI Nail Polish You Had Me at Halo

Today’s nail colors are more vibrant than they used to be. Further, the Spring Nail Polish Colors of the OPI Xbox Collection include light-blue nail polishes and deep-purple/mauve, and bright pink for a unique look for your nails. Besides, these unique colors are reminiscent of the light-blue halo you see in the sky on a clear day. So, the shade You Had Me at Halo is a great way to be playful and still get your pedicure done simultaneously.

Long pearlescent light blue nails use OPI nail polish You Had Me at Halo from OPI Xbox Spring Nail Colors
Credit: Instagram@OPI

11. Heart and Con-soul

This nail polish has that strong yet mellow and soft red shade. In addition, it got that long-lasting iridescent color – it takes your nails to the next level. Well, OPI tends to have a bit of a goth vibe to them, and the color is so bold. But wearing this color on any occasion, we can say that it’s worth the splurge!

Medium pearlescent red nails use OPI nail polish Heart and Con soul from OPI Xbox Spring Nail Colors 2022 collection
Credit: Instagram@OPI

12. Pixel Dust – One of the cutest spring nail colors

Look at the colors featured in the OPI Spring Nail Polish Colors Collection, highlighted by a new pink color called “Pixel Dust.” This long-lasting pearlescent pink nail polish features a pearl finish and is excellent for an edgy look that is sure to last.

Medium round shaped pearlescent pink use OPI nail polish Pixel Dust from OPI Xbox Spring Nail Colors 2022 collection
Credit: Instagram@OPI

OPI Xbox Collection Spring Nail Colors Conclusion

At last, the OPI Spring Nail Colors 2022 Xbox Collection is my favorite new collection of colors, and I’ve already got one on my nails. The colors are perfect for spring nail designs. So, any nail polish lover who likes to keep up with the trends will want to try these new colors.

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