The Hottest Summer Hair Colors of 2022

If you’re searching for new summer hair colors in 2022, no worry! This article will give you an overview of the hottest hair colors to choose what suits you for summer 2022. We’ve covered platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, red copper, and more. This summer, embrace the lighter, brighter color palette.

Whether you’re opting for a subtle highlight color or a vibrant red or purple, summer hair color ideas are here to stay. Also, this summer’s hair color trends are brighter and bolder than ever before. If you’re not ready to commit to all-over color, try adding several different colors to your hair. Of course, these trends are sure to stand out and make you look amazing this season.

The Hottest Summer Hair Colors of 2022
The Hottest Summer Hair Colors of 2022

Read on to find out which of these colors is perfect for you. Also, we’ll explain how to go about selecting one that will look great on you and last the whole season!

1. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair - Summer Hair Colors 2022 Trends
Credit: Instagram@vestihairstudio

This season, take a cue from celebrities who are already wearing this color: actresses Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Olsen, and Georgia May Jagger. Besides, these actresses have just been spotted with perfect platinum tresses that will turn heads this summer. Meanwhile, Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director at Color Wow, and Alex Brownsell, Creative Director of BLEACH London, are already raving about this hair color.

2. Brunette Hair

Multidimensional balayage brunette hair for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@muresalonnyc

The shades for summer are richer, glossier, and more dimensional than they were last year. However, Luxurious brunette hues will have a natural blonde reflection and give you a posh, expensive feeling.

3. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights is One of The Cutest Summer Hair Colors 2022 to Try

Chestnut brown, leather brown, and mushroom brown with blonde highlights will be other hot color to try. Indeed, these shades are ideal for summer and will suit every skin tone. So, you can choose from shades like leather brown, rust, and mushroom brown.

4. Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde balayage highlights on brown hair for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@dogangokay_turkmenbasi

If you’re considering a bolder shade for summer, go for a balayage technique. Of course, a balayage technique is an ideal way to get a bold, yet subtle result, which is not too harsh. So, don’t hesitate to achieve a natural-looking finish using babylights and foils. And, don’t forget to keep your base soft and neutral as your hair grows.

5. Red Copper Hair

Long Wavy Red Copper Hair for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@dreamhairbycelaa

This light red-copper shade is one of the cutest spring hair colors and for summer too. The hair color works well on both light and dark skin and is perfect for au naturel hair styling. This hair color complements light skin with green or gold tones and also accentuates dark black or brown eyes. This shade has been compared to bronde. But is much lighter than brown. However, if you want a slightly darker shade, you can try reddish copper.

6. Aubergine Hair Color

Long Wavy Aubergine Hair Color is One of the Summer Hair Colors 2022 to Try
Credit: Instagram@salonjouk

There are a variety of summer hair color trends for spring and summer 2022. Unlike the hair trends of previous seasons, this one focuses on highlighting natural hair color. You can either go with a subtle highlight or a bold shade that will make a statement outside the pool. So, you can opt for aubergine red hair to stand out this season.

7. Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@alix_hair_stylist

Another hair color for summer 2022 is Gilded Ash Blonde. Also, this ash color is an awesome choice for lazy peeps with busy schedules. This ash-blonde will add some dimension and sparkle to your hair. This new color trend is also easy to maintain and will last all summer long. Of course, this color trend can give you a dramatic and subtler look together.

8. Strawberry blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde Hair Color for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@hairby_nicki_

Strawberry blonde is a popular shade for summer 2022. A lighter shade will flatter most skin tones, but it can also be tailored to suit other skin tones. Blonde balayage is an attractive technique that adds dimension and highlights the natural texture of your hair. The color is applied in sweeping patterns across the entire head, creating a sun-kissed look. Unlike highlights, balayage is very low-maintenance.

9. Sunset Hair

Sunset Hair for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@laurenastylist

Sunset reds are a more sophisticated version of the ginger reds of previous seasons, and they are reflective, shiny, and have hints of gold and copper. If you’re thinking of adding this hair color to your summer wardrobe, you can bet that this one will look stunning on you! Just remember to wash it at least 2 to 3 times every week for maintaining its vibrant sheen. The reds in this summer hair color trend will also suit any complexion!

10. Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Hair Color for Summer 2022
Credit: Instagram@ghdhairgreece

For the hottest summer hair color of 2022, consider auburn. The warm auburn tone of terracotta is flattering for all skin tones, and its multi-dimensional shades will add depth and dimension. And, while auburn is a bit pricey, it is one trend that will last you a long time!

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